How To Find Deleted Post On Instagram

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To view the deleted Instagram posts anonymously on iPhone, first of all, go to your device’s gallery and find the photo under the album section.

Mainly check it under ‘All Photos’, ‘Instagram’, or the edited app images folder. The uploaded posts get automatically saved on the gallery. 

If the post’s photo is not available on the album, then, it might have got deleted from the gallery. In this case, you can find the image under the “Recently Deleted” folder on the gallery.

iPhone gallery stores the deleted photos and videos for 30 days. Thus, the gallery is the best place to find the deleted photo. 

Second, try the “Archive” section. If you have not deleted the photo from Instagram, but still it is not showing up on your profile, that means, the post is archived.

To find the lost photo under archive, go to your Instagram profile page and click on ‘three horizontal lines.’ Select > “Archive” and then “Posts Archive”. All the archive posts will appear on the screen. Scroll and find it.

Lastly, you can use a ‘Deleted Image/Data Recovery” tool. Online there are hundreds of recovery tools available. Install anyone in your system and recover the image. 

For iPhone, “Dr. Fone” is the most popular and efficient recovery tool, which is very simple to use and gets the desired image back. 

There you have a few tools to recover deleted Instagram posts.

How To Find Deleted Post On Instagram:

Try the following option:

1. From iPhone ‘Recently deleted’ option

Generally, to upload a post on Instagram, the photos or videos are selected from the mobile device’s gallery. Also, Instagram has a very beneficial feature that it automatically saves the uploaded post on the mobile device’s gallery.  Hence, if you wish to see the deleted Instagram post again, that you have deleted by mistake, then, your iPhone’s gallery is the perfect place. 

You can either check the deleted post’s photo or video, either on the ‘Instagram’ folder or ‘All photos.’ Go to your iPhone’s gallery and search for the photo. You can also find the deleted Instagram posts under the editing app folder from which you have edited the post before the final upload. 

However, if you have lost the posted photo or video from the gallery, then, the last option is the “Trash” or “Recently Deleted” folder. iPhone stores all the deleted images and videos under the “Trash” or “Recently deleted” option for 30 days. 

From iPhone recently deleted option

In short, to view deleted Instagram posts on iPhone, the gallery is the best place. In your device’s gallery, you will surely get the posted image or video. Check all the possible folders on the gallery thoroughly and view the post. 

2. From the Archive option on App

On Instagram, there is an option, where you can hide your uploaded photos and videos. That option is called the “Archive” option.

If you haven’t deleted the posts, and have accidentally archived the post to hide it from your Instagram followers and following, then, nothing to worry about, because your photo or the video, that you lost is in a safe folder. Since it is not appearing on your account’s posts section, doesn’t mean, it got deleted. 

All the archived posts are saved under the “Archive Posts” section on Instagram.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: To view deleted posts you can find those from the Archive. First, tap on the three-line icon and then tap on ‘Archive’.

Tap on the ‘Three Horizontal lines’ icon

Step 2: To find the disappeared post, go to the Archive > Posts archive section on your Instagram account and find it.

Step 3: After finding the disappeared photo in the Archive section, phone it and tap on the ‘three dots’ icon, and then, select the ‘Show on Profile’ option.

select post archive
show on profile

The posts will re-appear on your Instagram profile page under the posts section.

Deleted Instagram Posts Finder: Dr. Fone

Nowadays there are tons of deleted data recovery tools available on google. Similarly, if by all means, you are not able to find the deleted photo or video, then, the last yet best option is to use a recovery tool. 

For iPhone, the safe and most popular image recovery tool is “Dr. Fone”. This is a great tool for recovering deleted photos from your iPhone device. No external connection is required to recover the lost data. You just have to install the software on your Mac book and connect the iPhone to it using a cable. Follow the recovery instruction and you will be able to get deleted image back. 

⭐️ Features:

◘ Can recover data directly from the iOS device, from an iTunes backup, or an iCloud backup. 

◘ The tool is quick and efficient.

◘ The user can easily recover the data in a few simple steps.

◘ It supports all iOS devices.

◘ This tool can recover up to 16 different types of data and works.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: First of all, on your MacBook or Windows System, download the “Dr. Fone” software.

“Dr. Fone” software

Step 2: Next, complete the login process.

Step 3: Thereafter, go to the “Data Recovery” option. Over there, read out the instruction to understand how and what you have to do.

Click to Data Recovery

Step 4: Then select your device and click on ‘Start Scan’.

Click to Scan

Step 5: Now, click on Camera Roll under this section you will see all images. Then select the image which you want to recover, and after that, you click on ‘Recover to Computer’.

Recover to Computer

Step 6: Next, choose the location where your file will be downloaded, and next click on the ‘Recover’ button.

Click to recover

Step 7: Now, your image will be recovered. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to get someone’s post deleted on Instagram?

For the post you wish to delete from Instagram, if you are the uploader then you can simply open the post and tap on the ‘Delete’ option and the post will be deleted from Instagram. However, if you are not the uploader, and someone else’s has the option to delete, then, you have to request them to delete that post.

You can DM them on Instagram and request them to remove the particular post from Instagram as it is violating the rights and terms of Instagram. Explain to them the consequences and ask them to delete, them as soon as possible.

2. Why can’t I find my recently deleted photos?

iOS as well as Android stores the recently deleted photos and videos only for 30 days. After 30 days of deletion, you would not find the deleted images under the recently deleted images folder. On the 31st day, the system permanently deletes the photo or video from the device and it becomes unfindable from the ‘Trash or Recently Deleted’ folder.

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