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To view a private Facebook group, you have to go to the notifications and see if any personal group invitation is there, and using that link you can join the group.

Now, to check the posts on a private Facebook group if you’re removed, then either you have to rejoin the group.

You can ask the other group members to let you know what is happening there.

If you’re looking for a few Facebook groups to join or view the posts then you should know that there are two types of groups, either it is public or private.

Mostly the secret groups are kept private from the public and a few people can join. On Facebook, if you have the information about the group you can request to join those private groups and once you’re approved, you are added.

Now, in case you’re removed from the private group, and to see the posts on that group you either have to rejoin or follow certain ways to know what is going on inside that group.

If you’re blocked then there are steps to get unblocked from a private Facebook group.

🔯 Public Vs. Private Facebook Groups:

◘ The Facebook groups have public and private settings. In a public Facebook group whatever post is shared is visible and also the members of the group are visible to other Facebook users who are not part of that group.

◘ Whereas in a private Facebook group, the posts shared by the group members are visible only to those who are members of that particular group. This is to maintain the privacy of the members of the group.

◘ Before creating a group make sure that if you make a private group you cannot turn it back into a public group however you can make it visible or hidden for other Facebook users when they search for your or similar groups on Facebook.

Private Facebook Groups Viewer:

How To View Private Facebook Groups:

If you want to view posts of a private Facebook group without joining that then there are a few ways that you can take in order to view the posts:

1. Create a Secondary Account and Join

The first method is creating your secondary Facebook account. All you have to do is create an alternate Facebook account for yourself and then follow the steps given below:

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Now that you’ve already created a secondary Facebook account the next thing you have to do is search for the Facebook group that you want to be part of the inbuilt search option of the Facebook app, and send a join request.

 send a join request

Step 2: Wait for your request to be approved.

Wait for your request to be approved

Step 3: As soon as your request has been approved your secondary account will be added as a member of that particular group.

Step 4: Now you can view all the posts shared in the group and also view the participants of the group.

2. Asking From other Members

If you wish to refrain from creating a secondary account there is an alternate method.

You can ask the other members of the group to know what exactly is happening in the group. They may keep you updated with respect to posts that are shared in the group and any other discussions in that group.

For this method to work, you must have at least one common friend who will let you know about the details and the discussions of the group

3. Using another Member’s Account

If your friends are generous enough you can take a helping hand from them but surely they should be part of the group you wish to know the details about.

You can use other members’ accounts to see private posts in a private Facebook group.

How to Find a Secret Facebook Group:

A secret group is the third type of Facebook group. The groups falling in this category which is hidden from other Facebook users. These secret Facebook groups cannot be found by searching through the search option. Your regular method of searching for a secret Facebook page doesn’t work with such groups.

To find a secret Facebook group,

Point 1: Open your Facebook account and go to the notification tab to check if you have received an invite from a secret Facebook group. Only you can join a secret Facebook group if you’ve received an invitation from the current members of the secret group.

secret facebook groups invitation

Point 2: To make sure that you received an invitation from the current member it is important that you are friends with that person on Facebook. It is only then they can send you a joining request.

Point 3: Before joining the secret group, make sure you go through the guidelines of the group that is pinned at the top of the page with the description of the group or it may have been sent to you in a document format.

Point 4: If you agree with the guidelines of the group you can simply proceed by accepting the joining request of The secret Facebook group.

That’s all.

How To Join Private Facebook Group:

If you want to view the private groups that you are already part of follow these simple steps. The method will help you see all the groups that you have joined in one place.

To view Private Facebook Groups that you’ve joined,

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: First of all, open Facebook and log in to your account.

Step 2: On the left side of your News Feed, you will see the ‘Groups’ section.

you will see the ‘Groups’ section

Step 3: Just tap on the ‘Groups’ tab and see all groups that you’ve joined.


Step 4: The list of groups you manage and groups you joined will be there.

Step 5: You can even manage your group from here by clicking on the settings icon.

That’s all you’ve to do.

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