How To See Private Account Photos On Instagram

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To view the private Instagram profiles and their photos, you can just send a follow request to the person and once the person accepts it, you can see all the stuff on that private profile.

If you don’t want to be his follower then just create a fake account and go ahead with the method, or else you can use the private profile viewer tool.

If you want to view Instagram profile stuff and it’s a private profile then you have to be his/her follower first and then all the stuff will be unlocked for you.

It does not matter if you or someone else get into his follower list, the profile will be revealed to anyone who is following that person.

However, there are some other ways that can also work in order to view private profiles on Instagram.

For downloading stuff, you have a few Instagram private Story downloader tools that you must use.

Instagram Private Profile Viewer:

There are several Private Instagram Profile viewers free tools such as Privateinsta, IGLookup, and many more.

Almost each one of these operates in a similar manner so you can choose any of them.

These tools do not ask for your identity or account verification and without revealing your name or details you are able to see photos, videos, comments, and stories of a private account.

All you need to do is to go to the Tool page > Enter username > Fill captcha > tap submit.

The photos and videos along with their engagement details appear in front of you.

The following steps are needed to be followed accurately to view the personal content of private Instagram profiles:

Step 1: Go to the tool page of any of the mentioned Private Instagram Profile Viewers.

Private Instagram Profile Viewers.

Step 2: Write down the Username (the private profile you want to see).

Write down the Username

Step 3: Type a captcha to verify that you are not a robot.

captcha to verify that you are not a robot

Step 4: Click on the ‘Submit’ button.

Step 5: The posts, stories, and Instagram engagement are visible to you now.

Tip: To know the correct username, search for the name of the person (whose private profile you are looking to stalk) in the search bar of your Instagram profile. The username is available for all so you can derive it from there.

How to See Private Account Photos On Instagram:

There are several ways that you can follow in order to view private Instagram profiles.

1. Send Follow Request

Sending a follow request should be your first attempt as you never know if the person accepts your follow request and in that case you can view all of the content of his/her personal account. There may be chances that the person takes time to accept your request so don’t be impatient and wait until they respond.

While opting out of this method, you need to look out for the following points to ensure that your request is accepted:

Step 1: Once you send the following request to the person, wait for some time if he/she doesn’t respond in a few hours. Don’t take it back if the person hasn’t taken any action for 2 days.

Send Follow Request

Step 2: In case you and that person have some mutual followers then there are high chances that your request will be accepted.

There is another way of making that person aware of your presence by sending direct messages on Instagram. If they notice your dm, there is a possibility your request gets approved.

Make sure your profile appears to be authentic and impressive if you really want that person to accept your follow request.

2. Create a Fake Instagram Profile

Even if you have tried your all but the person still doesn’t accept your follow request or in case you don’t want to reveal your identity, you can create a fake Instagram ID.

But to get approved as a follower of the desired private profile, you need to take care of the points mentioned below:

Step 1: You should use a valid name to create a fake Instagram account and add the profile picture of any random realistic picture. This way, your request may get approved in no time.

Instagram Google Chrome

Step 2: Select the username that seems to be appealing and attractive such as Perfectionist_naive, Creativemind_7, and like these.

Log in Instagram Google Chrome

Step 3: Ensure your Instagram profile looks genuine and authentic, so post 10-12 posts before sending a request to the person.

Step 4: Choose the private mode account to generate curiosity for the target user.

Step 5: After ensuring the implementation of the above points, you can proceed to send the ‘Follow request’ to that user whose photos or videos you want to access.

Step 6: Lucky you if it gets accepted the private profile is revealed.

If you have failed in all of your attempts to access the content of a personal Instagram account, don’t worry, there is another option to see the photos or videos of that account.

You can search that particular profile on Google image search and you can find pictures from the desired profile as Google caches users’ images and saves them on its server.

Google Image Search

To accomplish this target, you are required to go to the internet browsers of your phone or PC and type the name of the user with a private Instagram profile link in the search box.

You can spot the pictures in the images section of Google when you search for the name of the person. Here you will find numerous pictures of the timeline or profile pictures of your target user once you check (Only if available).

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to See Private Account Photos on Instagram without Following them?

There is no direct way to invade this security but if you can send a follow request from another profile or friend’s profile and it is accepted by the user then obviously you can see the private profile and its photos or videos.

2. What Does an Instagram Private Account Viewer Do?

There are many Instagram private account viewers but most of those actually do not work. These tools may get access to your account too if you log in with credentials on third-party untrusted sites (be cautious on this). However, the tools work based on a few algorithms i.e. past activities, tagged photos, etc.

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