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How To View Private TikTok Accounts

✎ Key Takes:

» You can identify a private TikTok account by checking for the absence of posts or the message “This Account is Private.”
» You can use a friend’s account that follows the person or explore other social media platforms to locate information about the private TikTok profile.

How To View Private TikTok Accounts

You can try the following methods to view a private TiKTok account:

1. Follow the Person

To view a private TikTok profile, you must follow the person on TikTok. If you follow a person on TikTok, the locked profile will automatically be unlocked.

Follow the Person

Open the TikTok app, and scroll down the videos; if you like any video and want to follow the person, then click on the “+” icon on his profile picture from the right side of the screen.

2. Without following: From Fake Account

Suppose you want to hide your identity and view others’ TikTok profiles; you must create a fake account.

Create an account on TikTok with some basic details which should not be the same as your identity.

From Fake Account

Then use this account and follow the person to see his contents. To follow him, open any of his videos and click the “+” icon from the right side of the screen.

You can also search for the person on the Search tab and click on the “Follow” button after opening his profile.

3. From Those people’s Phone Who Followed Him

If you want to view a private TikTok profile, you must follow the person; otherwise, you can not see it. But it is not mandatory that in every case you have to follow him.

If you have any friend who follows him, you can use his account to view their private profile.

It would be best to have a common person between you and the targeted person; then, you can use the friend’s account to view others’ private TikTok profiles.

4. Find Him on Other Social Media

If the previous ways are not suitable for you and you still don’t want to reveal your name by following you, you can check if the person has any other social media accounts or not.

Many TikTok users share their videos on their other social media platforms so that you can view them from that social media platform.

How to Know if TikTok Profile is Private:

Look at the following things:

1. Will Have No Posts Visible

If anyone’s TikTok profile is private, you can easily tell it by checking some parameters. You can not see any locked or private TikTok profile posts until you follow him.

Will Have No Posts Visible

Making Private TikTok profiles increases the chances of followers’ number. Because in this case, if you want to see the person’s post, you must follow him. So, eventually, the number of followers will increase.

2. You see a Message: This Account is Private

If anyone’s profile is locked, i.e., they make their TikTok profiles private, you can see a message on their profile that “This Account is Private”.

It means you do not follow the person, and you can not see any posts or videos of that account.

This Account is Private

Sometimes you might see on some profiles that the profile is completely blank, and there is no post.

It somehow looks like a private account, but it does not necessarily mean a private account. It could be that the person does not share anything on TikTok.

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