How To View The Clipboard History On Android Phone

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To view clipboard history on an Android phone using GBoard, you have to install the app from the Play Store and go to a typing area like the Notes app. 

The keyboard will pop up, and you have to click on the three dots icon and then on the “Clipboard” option. You will be able to view all the things you copied recently. Long press one of them and click on “Paste” to add it to the textbox.

To use SwiftKey by Microsoft to access your clipboard history, you have to download the app from Play Store and install it. Open the app and enable it and set it up by selecting it as a method of input.

Open contact on the Messaging app, and after it pops up, you will see the keyboard has a menu bar at the top. Click on the Clipboard icon to view things you’ve copied in the recent past, and then pin the text that you would like not to be erased.

How to View the Clipboard History on Android Phone:

Try the following methods below:

1. Setting Gboard As keyboard:

Follow the below steps:

Step 1: Install Gboard on your Phone

The first step you have to follow in order to use Gboard to view your clipboard history on an Android device is to go to Play Store from the home screen. You have to then type in “Gboard” in the search bar that you will see at the top of the screen.

From the search results, open the required result. Click on the Install option and wait for the app to be downloaded. Once it is downloaded, the app will automatically be installed to your phone. You have to ensure that Gboard is the default and not your older keyboard to proceed.

Install Gboard

Step 2: Then go to Typing section 

Once your Gboard application is downloaded and installed on your phone, the process is relatively easy. Firstly, what you will have to do is, go to an application like WhatsApp, Messaging, or your phone’s Notes app- any app which requires you to type into it can be opened now.

Let us say you have opened your device’s Messaging app. As soon as you open a contact to send a message to, the keyboard will pop up towards the bottom of the screen. You will notice that this is Gboard.

Step 3: Tap on Three-dots icon & Tap Clipboard 

Once you are in a typing area and your keyboard has popped up, you have to move your attention to the keyboard. The keyboard will open to alphabet keys, and you will notice that there will be a set of icons above the alphabet keys, like the gear icon, which is to access settings, as well as the translation icon.

You have to click on the right-most icon beside the microphone symbol. This is the three dots icon symbolized by three horizontal dots. Click on it and then click on “Clipboard” among the set of options that will appear in the area where once the keyboard was. 

Click on three dot

Step 4: Choose Texts & Tap and Hold & Paste

Now that you are in the clipboard area, you will be able to see the things you’ve copied in the past. Among these texts, you will see in the RECENT section, search for the one you require. Once you have found the text you were looking for, go ahead and tap and hold on to it or in other words, long press on it.

Click on clipboard

Continue to do so until a bunch of options appears on the keyboard area. The first option among these will be “Paste”. You have to click on it; as a result, the text you copied will be pasted onto the textbox on the screen. 

Click on paste

2. SwiftKey by Microsoft:

Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Install SwiftKey on Phone & Set it as Default 

The first thing you have to do to use SwiftKey to find your clipboard history is to unlock your Android device and look for the Play Store app on your home screen. Once you give the app, you have to open it and directly go to the search bar, where you will type “SwiftKey”. It will appear at the top of the search results. Select the app and then click on the Install option under it to download the app, which may take time.

Click on Install

After the app is installed, open it. You will see certain options, and you have to click on “Enable SwiftKey” and select it as a keyboard in Settings. Then click on “Select SwiftKey” select the same in the floating notification and then finish setting it up.

Step 2: Tap on Clipboard icon & See Pasted Items

Once you have finished setting up the keyboard and selected it as an input method, you have to go to an app that requires typing like messaging. Once you open a chat, a keyboard will pop up. There will be a menu bar at the top of the screen with seven options in the form of minimal-looking icons.

The third option from the left looks like a plank with paper. This is the Clipboard icon. You have to click on it. You will notice that all the texts you have copied in the recent past will appear here.

Click on clipboard

Step 3: Tap on Pin icon beside Text and Done Pasting

Once you are in the clipboard area of the SwiftKey app and are looking at the different texts you’ve recently copied, you will see that beside every copied text there is an icon that looks like a notice board pin.

Click on pin icon

This is the Pin icon. Go to the text you want to save for long, and click on the Pin option beside it to the right. You can then click on this text and paste it onto your text box now or in the future, however many times you like, without fear of it getting deleted.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why Can’t Copy Texts on Gboard?

If you’re unable to copy texts on Gboard, the most likely reason is that the keyboard is not set as the default input method. If you think this may be the case, go to Settings and to the languages section and check for the same. If Gboard is not set as a default, go ahead and do so, and you will be able to copy texts on Gboard. 

2. What Are some other Tools for using Clipboard History? 

There are many tools available for using clipboard history. Some of them are Chrooma, Ai.type, and Clipper. To use any such software, the process is the same: you have to install the app and set it as a default output method, after which you will be able to use it normally.

The app Chrooma is available on Google Play, and it not only looks aesthetic but also serves the purpose of showing clipboard history well.

Ai.type is also one such tool that can be used, which also provides typing suggestions based on your patterns.

Clipper is a little different from the two as it is a clipboard manager in and of itself and not a keyboard and stores all the things you copied, and you can just visit the app and the necessary text.

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