Step-by-Step Guide to Watch Blocked YouTube Videos Easily

“The Video is not available in your Country”! Do you unable to view some videos on YouTube? Most of us must have seen at least once like that. If you are staying in these countries just like India, USA, Australia, etc. But you are still not able to see some video then it is for the video uploader who set some exact location to show that video, that is why you are not able to see this video. But, you want to watch blocked youtube videos.

That is the issue youtube blocked video

YouTube tracks your IP Address and finds out your region or location. Then you will see that message. But, here is the easiest solution to this problem.

If you want to bypass your region to watch that video then after reading this content you will find something useful. You have many ways to watch that blocked video.

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Short Method to Watch YouTube Blocked Video

Now, we will show you the easiest way to which you can see any blocked video. Don’t worry it will take just a few seconds to watch blocked YouTube videos using this easiest method. If you want to try this method then just follow these simple method step-by-step.

  1. At first, open that youtube blocked-video in your web browser which you want to see. Then copy the blocked video link address.blocked youtube video
  2. After that, open a new tab and go to youtube video
  3. Then paste the youtube blocked video URL or link in the box and click search bottom.blocked youtube video
  4. After clicking on search icon, you get a window with video and mp3 info.
  5. After that, you will see that blocked video will start playing automatically, you can also download that Youtube video.

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Just wait, read the quickest way below which will surely fix this problem instantly-

Works Quickly Using V/ Method

When you are trying to watch that videos, YouTube track your computer IP Address to determine your location. So, if you are living in those blocked areas of the video then you can’t see that video, but if you use this easy method below, then you can easily see that video.
Example: Just imagine if you have [] this URL of YouTube video which is not able to play from your location, then just replace “watch?v=” this part with “v/”. So after changing the URL, you will get [] this type of URL. Then you can easily able to see that YouTube blocked video in your country.

That’s not all.

See also this method below-

Long Method to Watch YouTube Blocked Video

It is a long process to see Blocked YouTube videos but does not mean it is a very hard way. In this method, you can easily use your internet browser to view that blocked videos.

How to Watch Blocked YouTube Videos on Chrome Browser?

You can also use your chrome browser to see block video. Don’t worry it is also a simple method. Just install Zenmate VPN extension and you will able to see blocked videos. To know the process just follow these steps below-

Watch Blocked YouTube Videos on Chrome using Zenmate VPN


At first, open your web browser and then go to settings then click on extensions. After that, you will find get more extension at the bottom of the page and click on it. Now search ZenMate VPN.
Install ZenMate VPN extension to your Google Chrome browser, if you are not able to find out then just click on the picture and click on add to chrome.

watch blocked youtube video
After installing the ZenMate extension, you can see the icon of the ZenMate extension will appear in your Google Chrome browser’s top corner of the right side.
After that when you will see some videos are giving you the same message that “The Video not available in your Country” then just click on ZenMate extension icon.
After clicking on the icon, just select any country then refresh the window then you will see the blocked video is staring play automatically.

watch youtube blocked video
Note: If a video cannot play then select another country flag.

Now you can watch any blocked youtube videos in your country after using any of these methods above.

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  1. As these proxy servers / VPN are located are not blocked by YouTube. So videos might be watchable with these methods. Thanks…

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