How To See Deleted Instagram Posts

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To restore a photo from Instagram, check the Bin folder on Google Photos (if you deleted the picture from the phone’s gallery, otherwise check your phone gallery).

If you archived the photo from Instagram, go to the ‘Archive’ section to restore the image.

You can restore the photo in this section from the ‘Posts archive’ section.

After posting something on Instagram, the posts are automatically saved in your Google Photos. Check the folder if it is there.

For the iPhone, check the ‘Recently Deleted’ folder and restore the photo within 30 days. 

To recover deleted Instagram posts, you have a few ways to do so. Among these ways, you can choose which is better for you. You can check your mobile’s Recently Deleted feature, where the customarily deleted photos are stored for 30 days.

From the Instagram Archive feature also, you can restore archived pictures on Instagram. You can also get back these photos from your android gallery or iPhone’s ‘Recently Deleted’ folder within 30 days.

You can follow a few steps to find deleted Instagram posts.

How To See Deleted Instagram Posts:

Try the following methods:

1. Check the Recently Deleted Folder

If you can not restore the posts, you have deleted from Instagram, then instead of doing anything on Instagram, you can use a different method. It is a natural thing that when you post something on Instagram, it should be in your mobile gallery also. Either you can post from your gallery, or you can post by taking a new photo.

In the latter case, the photo will also be stored on your phone. So check your phone’s gallery to see if the photo exists. If it exists, then it is fine; you can get it. But if it is not present, you also delete the photo or video from your phone. 

Click on three dot icon

Now there are two types of deleting you can do on your Android phone. Either you permanently delete the photo from your device, or you can typically delete it, which will be stored in your ‘Recycle Bin’ folder.

In the former case, you have nothing to do, and you can not get it back, but in the latter case, you can see when you open your Google photos, in the ‘Library’ section, there is a ‘Recycle Bin’ folder, where all the photos you usually have deleted are stored.

Select the photo you want to restore, tap ‘Restore’, and get it back. You have to restore a deleted photo within 30 days of its deletion; otherwise, it will be removed from the Instagram ‘Recycle Bin’ folder automatically. 

Click on Restore

2. From Instagram Archive Feature

If you are trying to find a post from the Instagram Archived feature, then you have to make sure that you archived the post.

Archiving a post is very much similar to deleting a post. If you want to archive a post, click the Three dots option just beside the post, and select ‘Archive’ from there, and it will be removed from your Instagram Posts section, just like the deleted photos do.

Now from the ‘Archive’ section, you can restore your post. Keep in mind the stories stored in the Archive stay there for 30 days only. To restore it from the Instagram ‘Archive’ section: 

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Open the Instagram app and log in to your account by entering your credentials, and the Instagram homepage will open on your screen. 

Step 2: In the bottom bar at the extreme right of the screen, tap on your profile picture to enter your Instagram profile page.

Tap on Profile Icon

Step 3: Click on the Three lines icon from the top right corner, and then a pop-up will come from the bottom containing some options.


Step 4: Tap on the second option, ‘Archive’, and your story archives will appear after entering the page.


Step 5: At the top of the page, you can see a downward arrow beside the ‘Stories archive’ option. Click on it, and three options come up: ‘Stories archive’, ‘Posts archive’, and ‘Live Archive’. 

Click downward arrow

Step 6: Click on the ‘Posts archive’ option and open the archived post you want to restore, then click on the three dots and select ‘Show on Profile’. In this way, you can restore posts from the Instagram Archive feature.


3. Your Phone Gallery

Instagram has the unique feature that when you post something on Instagram, the post will also save in your phone gallery. Open your Google Photos and click the ‘Library’ option from the bottom right corner.

Click on Library

Then tap ‘View all’ of the ‘Photos on device’ section. After it opens, find the ‘Instagram’ folder; you can see all the posts you have shared on Instagram. You can also go to your Files and then click the ‘Pictures’ folder, and in this folder, you can also find the ‘Instagram’ folder.

These folders and Instagram posts are not directly connected, meaning if you delete any posts on Instagram, they will still be in your phone’s gallery, and if you delete the post from your folder, it will still be there in the posts. So if you mistakenly delete any photo from Instagram and can not restore it, check the Instagram folder from your gallery; if you did not delete the photo from the folder, it would be there. 

Click on Instagram Post

4. iPhone’s ‘Recently Deleted’ Folder

For iPhone, you can check your iPhone’s Photos section to restore deleted Instagram posts. Check the iPhone’s Recently Deleted’ folder if you mistakenly deleted the photos from the Photos section. Open the ‘Photos’ from your phone, then scroll down the page, and under the ‘Utilities’ section, you can see the ‘Recently Deleted’ folder.

Click recently deleted

Open the folder, tap on the photo, and see the ‘Recover’ option. Click on it, then again click ‘Recover Photo’. In this way, you can restore the photo. The iPhone sets the time limit to restore a photo to 40 days, but it is better to restore it within 30 days; otherwise, the photo will be permanently removed from the ‘Recently Deleted’ folder. 

Click on Recover

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