What Do The Different Color Icons In Snapchat Mean

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The blue ghost icon means that the user is bored with you and wants some new snaps from you. 

The Joyful Ghost icon means that the user would love to be friends with you. It can also mean that users would love to see some more of your snaps. 

A shocking ghost face means that the user is surprised or shocked after seeing your snaps. 

A ghost with a peace symbol means that the person wishes you the best in life. 

A ghost with heart-shaped eyes is an expression of love. 

An impatient Ghost face means that the user is impatiently waiting for you to send snaps to him. 

A white ghost with tears means your snaps are funny and he’s laughing out loud. 

Confused Ghost means that the user has become confused. 

The little ghost appears on the Snap Map when you turn on the Ghost mode. 

Purple lock means that you’ve not viewed a private story. 

Blue lock indicates that a story is private. 

Different color icons in Snapchat meaning:

You have these icons below:

1. Blue Ghost icon

Blue Ghost icon

On Snapchat, we get to see different types of Ghost icons, and sometimes it confuses us which is why we need to know the meanings of these ghosts. 

Here you’ll be able to find all the meanings of all the Ghost icons and when they appear. The blue ghost icon is the one with the blue bubblegum. It’s the one that is trying to tell you that your friend is a bit bored with you.

You need to send the user new snaps to excite and cheer him on. This is usually sent to you when someone is asking for snaps from you. You can click and send some snaps to the user adding some filters to it. 

2. Joyful Ghost

Joyful Ghost

If you have received the white joyful ghost on Snapchat, it can mean two different things. As this joyful Ghost represents that he or she loves to be friends with you, it could mean that the user is trying to talk to you or get to know you more so that you both can be friends.

It can also mean that the user is asking for more of your snaps and he or she would love to receive them. It depends upon the user with whom you’re talking to. If you’re talking with someone new, it may mean that the user wants to be friends with you and try to get to know you better. 

3. Shocked Face Ghost

Shocked face ghost

Snapchat also has the shocked face ghost which can also be said to be the surprised face ghost. If someone sends you this ghost emoji, it means the following thing: your snaps often surprise the person or it’s very shocking.

You’ve sent a snap to the user, which is beautiful too which has made the user very surprised. When someone sends it to you, it will be for either of these reasons. 

4. Ghost Face with a peace symbol

Ghost Face with a peace symbol

The ghost face with a peace symbol has an interesting meaning. It means that the user wishes for the best for you. This would appear or will be sent by someone who wishes that good things happen to you and that you’ll have a good time in your life.

This emoji is sent to you to show you that the user cares for you and doesn’t want anything bad to happen to you. It means that everything between you and the user is going well and there are no hard feelings about anything. 

5. Ghost with heart-shaped eyes

Ghost with heart-shaped eyes

This heart-eye-shaped ghost is an expression of love. It means that the user loves your snaps. It can also mean that the user has feelings for you romantically.

When someone sends you this emoji, it means that the user is overwhelmed with your snaps. He or she appreciates it very much and is happy about it. 

6. Impatient Ghost face

Impatient Ghost face

The impatient Ghost face means when you take too long to send a snap to your friend, it makes him or her impatient.

As he or she is impatiently waiting for you to send you snaps, you need to speed up a little and send it soon. This emoji means that you’re taking too long to send a snap and your friend is waiting for the picture impatiently. 

7. White ghost with tears

White ghost with tears

The white ghost emoji with tears is sent to you to indicate that the user is laughing out loud at your snaps which has got tears in the user’s tears. This indicates that the snaps are funny or you’re funny. 

8. Confused Ghost face

Confused Ghost face

If your friend has sent you a confused ghost face it means that he or she has become confused about something that you’ve sent as a snap.

It may also mean that the user is confused about the snapping relationship that you’ve developed. Altogether, this emoji indicates that your friend is confused about something and you need to ask and clear it out. 

Where can I see the Ghost icons on Snapchat:

You need to download the Snapchat application from the Google Play Store or App Store first. Then you need to login into your account. Once you’re logged in, you need to follow the steps below to see the Added Me list and find the Ghost emojis. 

◘ From the camera screen, click on the Bitmoji icon


◘ Then, you need to click on the My Friends option. 

Click on my friends

◘ You’ll be able to see the Ghost icons beside your friends.

See snapchat icon

🔯 What does the little ghost on Snapchat mean:

When you turn on the Ghost mode, your location freezes and the little blue ghost appears on the Snap Map instead of your profile Bitmoji.

It means that your location has frozen as you’ve turned on the Ghost mode and your friends will not be able to know your live location until the Ghost mode is turned off. 

🔯 Purple lock vs blue lock on Snapchat:

On Snapchat, you get to see a purple lock around a story when it is private and you have not clicked on it yet to check or view it. Once you click on it to view it, it immediately turns gray as you’ve opened it. 

When you’re added to a private story group, only the members of the group can view the story of the group. The blue lock indicates that the story is private and you’re allowed to view it. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What does ghost mean in the text?

If someone adds a ghost emoji to their texts, it might mean that the user is not feeling like themselves or is a bit off. It can also mean that the user has found something creepy and wants to tell it to you.

When it is also possible that the user is trying to grab your attention by using the ghost emoji in the text. 

2. What does it mean when a Snapchat story is blue?

It means that your friend has uploaded a new story, and a blue ring appears around the user’s profile which indicates that the user uploaded a new story and you’ve not opened it yet.

Once you view it, the ring disappears immediately and you’re taken back to the previous chat page where you were. 

3. What does the blue lock mean on Snapchat?

When you see a blue story on a story, it means that the particular story that you’re about to view is private. The private stories appear to you only when you’re allowed to view them.

This story has been shared with only a few users including you and then the lock is a symbol that indicates it. Once you view the story, the blue ring turns gray.

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