What Does Active Today Mean on Instagram?

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  1. The “Active Today” on chat means that the account holder has used the app within 24 hours but at least 8 hours ago.
  2. The “Active Now” is the status that shows when someone has been active in the last 5 minutes or is currently active at this point in time.
  3. When the account holder has not used their account for 24 hours, the “Active Yesterday” status shows.
  4. “Active x mins/h ago” show when a person has been active within the last 8 hours but more than 5 minutes ago. Here, “x mins” denotes the number of minutes, and “x h” denotes the number of hours ago they used the Instagram app.

The difference between “Active Today” and “Active Now” is that the former shows when someone has been active Today but more than 8 hours ago and less than 24 hours ago, but the “Active Now” means that the person has been active 5 minutes ago or is currently active on the app.

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What Does ‘Active today’ Mean on Instagram? 

“Active Today” is a notification that you see in the chat section of Instagram.

“Active Today” does not mean that they are active at this point in time. It is the activity status of people who have not used Instagram in a long time during the day.

This means the account holder used the app during the 24-hour duration of the day but he has been offline on the app for at least 8 hours or more. Therefore, you will see this activity status on someone’s account if they have used the app today but more than 8 hours ago. 

Other Most Shown Activity Status on Instagram:

Follow the information on other active status that you might see on chats on Instagram:

1. Active now:

“Active Now” is the activity status you will see in the Chat area of Instagram of an account that is currently active or available to receive personal messages.

Active now on instagram

This can also mean that the account holder was using the app between 5minutes ago to the current point of time, as it takes some time for the notification of activity status to be updated.

To summarise, the “Active Now” status shows when the account holder is either online or has been active very recently in the last five minutes.

2. Active x min/h ago:

This is the most common activity status; You might have seen this activity status as “Active 5 hours ago” or “Active 10 minutes ago”. Both of the above-mentioned fall in this category. This activity status comes when the account holder has been active in the last 8 hours. They used the Instagram app or the Instagram web version at least once 5 minutes to 8 hours ago.

Active x minh ago

For example, if the account holder used the app 15 minutes ago, this activity status will show in the form of “Active 15 minutes ago”. Or, if the account holder used the app 5 hours ago, the activity status will show “Active 5 hours ago”.

However, suppose the person has used the app 10 hours ago, for example, or any more than 8 hours ago. In that case, this activity status won’t show, and in its place, the notification states mentioned above ( Active Today) will show.

3. Active yesterday:

“Active yesterday” indicates that an otherwise active person on Instagram has not been quite active in the recent past, which means they have not used the Instagram app or website recently.

The activity status is shown when the account holder has not been active in the past for at least 24 hours. To look at it more specifically, it shows when someone has been active on the app within the last 24 to 48 hours.

When the account holder does not log in to the Instagram app or website for 24 to 48 hours( for example, between Today and the day before yesterday), their account status changes from “Active Today” to “Active Yesterday”.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why does Instagram say Active Today instead of mentioning hours? 

Instagram says “Active Today” when someone has not been active for more than 8 hours during the day. But if someone has been active in the past 8 hours, it mentions how many hours or minutes ago the person was active.

Therefore, it does not always say “Active Today”. It mentions hours but only when it has been less than 8 hours. It is also a way of simplifying things as time 8 hours ago is easier to count, and one would be curious to do so. It is also a way of providing privacy to the account holder. 

2. What is Its Difference with ‘Active Now’? 

There is a stark difference between “Active Today” and “Active Now,” although it is easy to get confused. When the account holder has been active on the Instagram app or website during the past 24 hours but more than 8 hours ago, the activity status is shown as “Active Today”. However, when the account holder uses the app at this point or has used it at most five minutes ago, the activity status changes to “Active Now”. Therefore, “Active Now” means the person is online, and “Active Today” means they are not online. 

3. How long does the ‘Active today’ status last? 

Suppose the account owner has not used Instagram for 8-24 hours, the “Active Today” status shows. If the 24-hour mark has crossed and the account owner has still not used the account, the status will change from “Active Today” to “Active Yesterday”.

However, if the account owner logs in to their account between 8-24 hours, the “Active today” activity status will vanish. In its place, you will see the option “Active now” if they’re online or logged in two hours ago, for example, you will see “Active 2 h ago”.

The Bottom Lines:

Now you know what “Active Now”, “Active Today”, “Active Yesterday,” and “Active x min/h ago” mean, and the clear distinction between each of them.

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