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If Someone Blocked You On Instagram Can You Message Them

By Pranab Sen

✎ Key Takes:

» If someone blocked you on Instagram by checking for the absence of their profile in your ‘Followers’ list and observing specific indications.
» Try using the absence of posts, hidden follower/following lists, and disappeared Instagram DM chat as signs that someone has blocked you on the platform.

If Someone Blocked You On Instagram Can You Still Message Them:

When someone blocks you on Instagram they can not receive messages from you. In fact, that is the sole purpose of blocking someone, that they cannot receive direct messages from the blocked person.

Even if you send a direct message to someone who has blocked you, they can neither read your message nor even receive them.

This means when someone blocks you or you block someone on Instagram then none of them can interact with each other through Instagram. Even no one can see the profile of each other after blocking.

Therefore, the answer to this query is that if you can still send someone direct messages on Instagram when they have blocked you, the answer is no. This would not be possible to send them messages from the blocked account.

How Can You Still Message Someone Who Blocked You On Instagram:

You can try the following methods:

1. From Profile Section

Step 1: First you have to go to that person’s profile that you want to check if they have removed you from their Instagram.

that person’s profile that you want to check

Step 2: On their profile, click on “Following”.

On their profile, click on the “Following”

Step 3: Then you can search your name in the following list.

your name in the following list

Step 4: If you are not there that means they have removed you from their Instagram profile.

What Happens if someone blocks you on Instagram:

It is extremely easy and quick to shut someone out of your Instagram account by just blocking them right away but the same can happen to you as well. In that case, you would want to know if you are blocked by someone.

On social media when you are unable to see someone’s profile and cannot send them direct messages (DMs), there can be two reasons behind it, either that person has deactivated or deleted their account, or they have blocked you.

There are many ways to know when someone has blocked you on Instagram:

1. You Cannot See the Stuff on his Profile

The very first method to know if someone has blocked you on Instagram is that you search for their profile. If that person has a public profile and their posts are visible to you then you are not blocked by them.

In the case of private accounts if the profile of that person says “This Account is Private” then you also are not blocked by them.

no posts there

But when you open their profile and can only see the number of posts that person has shared but the posts don’t show up and shows ‘No Posts Yet’ then this means that person has blocked you.

2. You can’t find a profile on Search

You can get a link to anyone’s Instagram profile by typing Instagram.com/username on any internet browser.

When you are searching for a particular person then you replace “username” with their actual Instagram handle, if you are able to see the profile without logging in but in-app you can’t, this means blocked.

If your Instagram account is already logged in, it will directly take you to that person’s profile.

instagram profile not found error

If an error message appears in front of you that says “Sorry, this page isn’t available” then that means that you have been blocked by that person.

3. Check your DM if disappeared

If you have been blocked by someone with whom you have had a conversation, you first need to check your direct messages.

If the old chats are still visible to you then you have not been blocked by that person. If the previous chats are no longer there, then that means that you are blocked.

4. Check Old Comments

If someone just blocked you then his posted comments are not deleted they are still there even if the DM chat is deleted. Now just go to the old comments (you can find the comments from the old notifications) & tap on the profile.


You can now find his profile either in error or something is missing, in both cases, the person either has blocked you or Instagram disabled his account.

Now to confirm if he has blocked you just search his profile after logging out, if you can see him just be sure you’re blocked.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. If someone blocked you on Instagram, can they see your profile?

Blocking is one of the best perks of Instagram when you feel your privacy is being invaded by someone, or when someone makes you uncomfortable on Instagram. However, even after blocking that person, you would still have a question in your mind about whether that person can see your profile or not.

When it comes to the person who is blocked, they can see the blocker’s profile, but their posts are not visible to them. When the blocked person will visit your profile, the place where your posts should say “No Posts Yet” instead of your posted photos and videos.

Although, the person whom you have blocked can still see the number of your posts on the top of your profile, your followers and the profiles you are following become concealed from them.

However, all these things will also apply to you. So, we can also say that it is a two-way deal to block someone. If don’t want to be stalked, you can’t also stalk them either.

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