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What Happens If Someone Deactivated Or Deleted Facebook Account

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» You can check that if someone deletes their Facebook account, their profile picture becomes inaccessible, messaging is disabled, and on Messenger, their profile is displayed as “Facebook User.”
» If you think someone has blocked you on Facebook, their profile becomes invisible, preventing you from messaging them. To address this, consider reaching out through alternative means or addressing any underlying issues causing the block.

How to tell if someone blocked or deactivated Facebook Account:

Check what you see on that profile:

1. His Profile Would not Show

If someone blocks you on Facebook, you cannot see his profile. Blocking someone on Facebook means you will not give the person any access to your account; if the person blocks you, you cannot see the liked photos and also not find the person’s account on Facebook.

if blocked: while logged in
if blocked while logged out

Everything you have done on his account, like sharing something on his timeline or commenting on his posts, will be invisible to you. But another user can do it very quickly because they are not blocked.

You can’t see his account when you log into your account and try to find the person. If you are not logged into your account and somehow get the person’s profile link, you can check it out.

2. You can’t message the person But Others can

You can also check if you are blocked from the Facebook messages or Messenger section. If you are using a PC, go to the Facebook Message section and try to send him a message.

If Blocked For You

If you are using Android or iPhone, then open the Messenger app. Now login to your Messenger account and try to message the person who was supposed to block you.

If you are still looking for his name or your message is delivered for a few days, but someone else’s message is delivered, he may have blocked you or deleted his account.

What happens if someone Deleted Facebook:

You will notice these changes:

1. You can’t see their DP

You can not see the person’s DP if someone deleted their Facebook account. The details, like the posts, the photos, the friend list, and everything related to the person, will be removed from the server. You also can not find him in search results.

You can't see their DP

2. You can’t Send Him Messages

As you can not find his account on Facebook, you can not message him. on Messenger also, and you can not find his account. If the person deactivated his account, then there is a chance that you can chat with him, but for a deleted account, there is no chance.

You can't Send Him Messages

3. Messenger Chat Shows As Facebook User

If a person deleted his Facebook account, then on Messenger, if you have chatted with the person previously, you can see a blank profile picture with the name “Facebook User” instead of his name. It means the user either deleted or deactivated his Facebook account.

Messenger Chat Shows As 'Facebook User'

4. Profile Can’t be Recovered after 30 days

If the person deactivated his Facebook account, then there is a chance that he can recover his account within 30 days. But for deleting a Facebook account, there is no chance of recovering it.

Profile Can't be Recovered after 30 days

You can only create a new account on Facebook and use it, but you will not get your old account data, so before deleting an account, you have to be careful because you will not get back your posts, photos, friends, etc.

What happens if someone Deactivated Facebook:

You will see these things:

1. DP Goes Hidden If Deactivated

If someone deactivates their Facebook account, initially, the person’s DP goes hidden, and after that, you can not find him in search results. During the deactivation period, the entire person’s profile will disappear, but this does not mean their post comments will also disappear.

You can't see their DP

Facebook will replace their profile picture with a default icon, so if you don’t see a picture someone likes, there’s a high chance they’ve deactivated their Facebook account.

2. Person Wouldn’t Receive Messages

During the deactivation period, if you try to message the person on Facebook, he will not receive any messages as their profile will not appear. But you can continue your conversation on the Messenger app.

Person Wouldn't Receive Messages

You can start a conversation with the person again when he activates his account, but during the deactivation period, if you send him any message, he will not receive it.

3. Person Comes Back to Normal After Login

The person who deactivated his account got a maximum of 30 days to reactivate his account. Facebook’s deactivation feature helps users to take an inevitable break and make a fresh start.

Person Comes Back to Normal After Login

Still, if the user does not reactivate his account within 30 days, his account will be deleted permanently. He can come back at any time and start using his standard account.

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