What Happens If You Mark A Message As Spam On Messenger

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Once you mark a message as Spam on Messenger, all entire chats are moved from the inbox to the spam folder. 

If the person sends you new messages, they will also be stored in Spam.

Whatever the person sends you in Messenger, if his chat is in the spam folder, Messenger will not notify you. 

As you move his messages to the spam folder for Messenger only, the person is still unlocked for you on Facebook.

The person’s chats will move to the inbox after you reply to the person. Go to the spam folder from the ‘Message requests’ section and send them a reply.

There you have a few steps to recover spam messages on Messenger.

What Happens if You Mark a Message as Spam on Messenger:

On Messenger, if you mark a message as Spam, then the chat will hide from the Chats feed and move to the spam folder. Messenger will not notify the other person if you mark his messages as Spam. You will also not get any notification if the person sends you any messages. The chats come again in the chat feed or inbox when you reply to the person.

1. His Messages Will Move to Spam Folder

Along with the other beautiful and needed features, Messenger also has the feature to mark a message as a spam message. When you are chatting with someone on Messenger, you can see the chats are in the chat feed.

But when you mark a message as Spam, the chat will be removed from the place, and the messages will be stored in the spam folder. Replacing a message from the chat feed to a spam folder does not mean that you can not access it or they can not send you any messages like blocking a person. This feature is very much similar to archiving a person.

In both cases, you can get access to see new messages as well as see old messages. The way to reach the spam folder section will be discussed further. 

2. New Messages Will be on Spam

After marking a message as Spam, you all know that the chats are removed from the chat feed and moved to the spam folder. When the person whose chats are in the spam folder sends you any new message, it will still come in the spam folder.

You will also not be notified if someone sends you any new messages. This thing is a little bit similar to the message requests feature. When someone sends you message requests at that time, it will not be shown in the inbox section and will be stored in the Message Requests section.

Click on Spam

Only the chats with your Facebook friends are shown in the inbox section. You can mark multiple chats as spam messages, and all of the new messages for all the chats come into the spam folder; even if you deleted the chats, the messages would still come in the spam folder.

3. You Would not Get Notifications for Messages

In general, when you turn off notifications for an app, then whatever is happening with the app, no notification will pop up on your mobile. But if you want to turn off any particular chat, then you can mark the chat as a spam message.

Because when any chat is in the spam folder, if you get any new messages from that person, you will not get any notification even if the app’s notification is on. It is Messenger’s feature to make a difference between a normal message and a spam message.

So when you are trying to avoid any particular person’s chat or if you want to hide any chat, then keep the Messenger app’s notification on (generally, by default, it is on if you did not change it), and mark the person’s message as spam message. In this way, you will not get his message notification, but you will get the others’ message notifications. 

4. The person will be Unlocked on Facebook

If you mark a message as Spam, the incoming messages will not come into the inbox. But you can do other things on Facebook. You marked the person as Spam on Messenger but did not do anything with the person on Facebook.

So the person will still be unlocked on Facebook. You can see posts, stories, and every activity of each other. If your Facebook notification is on, if he reacts to your posts, the notification will also come.

But if you block that person, then only this person can not see your posts and stories because they will not be able to find you. But as you have just marked his messages as Spam on Messenger, the other features on Facebook for this person with you are still unlocked. 

5. The Chat Will Move to Inbox Upon Replying

If you only reply to the person whose chats are in the spam folder, the chat will move to the inbox again. Otherwise, new messages will be stored there, and notifications will not come, so you should remember whose chat you had marked as Spam. Now go to the spam folder and reply to the person:

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Open Messenger and login into your account. Then click on your profile icon from the top left corner.

Click on Profile Icon

Step 2: Then click on the second option, ‘Message requests’. You can see two more sections, ‘YOU MAY KNOW’ and ‘SPAM’. 

Click on Message requests

Step 3: Go to the ‘SPAM’ section and open the chat you want to move into the inbox, and send him a reply.

Click on Spam

After that, this person’s message will be again shown in the inbox. Do the same for the other spam chats. 

The Bottom Lines:

Messenger has many features to use; marking a message as spam is a feature where you can move a chat from the inbox to the spam folder.

To avoid people or to hide something from the chat feed of Messenger is a great way to do that. Hopefully, after going through this article, you can understand what is happening if you mark a message as Spam on Messenger. 

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