What Happens if your Telegram Account is Blocked?

If you’re blocked by a person on Telegram then you would not get notified for that moment, rather you have to check into his profile indications where you can confirm if you’re blocked or not.

The account you will be spying on, would not show you the ‘Account deleted‘ status but if he would not reply to your messages then that could be the sign that the person blocked you.

There are many signs that you can make use of in order to confirm if the person really blocked you on Telegram. Here, you will get some of the indications that you can use to confirm if the person blocked you on Telegram.

If you want to know what does happen if you’re blocked on Telegram, then you must know that the person will no longer be showing as ‘Online’ or his last active time will also not be visible to you. Also, his DP for the Telegram profile will go missing, but to confirm, you have to make sure by using a few steps with all other indications.

This article will explain the indications that you can implement in order to see what happens when someone blocks you on Telegram. Let’s dive into more.

1. Online Status will not be Visible

If you’re blocked by a person then you will notice that the last active time or the online status is no longer visible to you. When someone blocks you on Telegram then his online status will go missing and with that, a few more things happen.

So, if you are seeing for a person that no last seen is visible for him or online status is not there then you can assume that person just blocked you.

If you had a friend whose online status was very frequent but suddenly go missing then this could mean a lot in that way.

First, go to the profile of the person and then look for the last active time or online status. If you’re blocked by the person then you would not notice that last active status on the profile of that person.

This happens even when the person deactivated his account and the last active time is no longer visible. But, if you want to view the last active time and verify the person actually blocked you, then you have to run a method to check the profile from a secondary account.

no last seen on chat

If you just suspect that the person blocked you on Telegram, then you must check for his online status or last active.

2. DP for that Profile will Go Missing

If you think that someone just blocked you on Telegram then just go to his profile and look for a DP.

Now, if you cannot see the DP that was visible just a few moments ago then you can say that the person just blocked you.

You can be sure that the person blocked you if you see the DP is missing on his profile and the online status is not showing up. Still, there a confusion left and that will have to be cleared up if that is not a deleted account rather blocked you.

Now for the Telegram profile, you must check for his DP if it has suddenly gone away.

If you see the disappearing DP from the Telegram profile then you might be sure that the person has blocked you.

dp on telegram profile not visible

In order to confirm that you have to get another Telegram Account and then look at the profile if the DP is really missing or not and this will tell you the exact thing, although that is also the privacy thing.

3. Confirm Creating a Secondary Account

Now, these were the above indications that happen when a person blocks you on Telegram, and in order to confirm that you have to create another Telegram account and find the profile if those above indications are met, and then you can tell if the person really blocked you or not.

You have to create another account to spy on that profile to find out if the conditions are the same for other users as well or not.

To create a Telegram account from your phone,

  1. First of all, choose your country & enter a Phone number to register.Telegram registration steps
  2. Now, proceed and Telegram will send a verification code to the number.
  3. Just enter the verification code in the space of that box.
  4. After the number has been verified, you just have to set up the Telegram account.
  5. Finally, enter your First and Last name and it’s done.

Now, look at the profile of whom you want to spy by seeing at this online status or DP. If you can see that from your second account (but not from the primary account) then this is sure that the person has blocked you.

That’s all.

infographic_What Happens if your Telegram Account is Blocked

The Bottom Lines:

This article explained what are indications to look for when someone blocked you on Telegram and what are the steps that you can use to confirm if he really blocked you.

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