What happens when you unblock someone on WhatsApp?

You may face troublesome circumstances while talking with that individual, as once you’re blocked by someone, the messages won’t be delivered.

All things considered, this turns out to be extremely difficult to recognize if the individual either blocked you or just disabled his WhatsApp.

Once in a while, if the individual has recently blocked you yet later unblocked you, with a system you can figure this out effectively just by giving two bits of knowledge into it.

As you have no choice to ask the person if he blocked you, because of the blocking he has made for you on WhatsApp. The simplest way is to ask that person through a mutual friend.
But, the chances are rare that he or she will give you the correct response to this.

That is why this article will be the initiator for you to know if someone blocked you on WhatsApp. Along with this, we have discussed the first few facts which you might experience after you get blocked on WhatsApp.

To sort this out, we have to discuss deeper each point on what happens after someone blocks you on WhatsApp. This content clarifies the fact from these points.

When you block & unblock someone on WhatsApp, what do they see again?

Now, let’s look at these factors below which might be helpful to confirm if he/she has blocked you on not:

1. WhatsApp Last Seen

If you’re confused about if someone blocked you, just look at his/her last seen timestamp on the WhatsApp profile. It is posted below the name in opened-chat and on the opening of the WhatsApp profile on the top.

If you see that the WhatsApp last seen does not change along with time, then it’s the sign the person has blocked you on WhatsApp.

check_last seen

However, if you’re checking with this technique after a long period of time, then it’ll no longer be visible and the method fails to verify as this indicates also the inactivity of that person as well.

2. Profile Picture Disappears:

There is another check-point to know if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp and that is the sudden disappearance of the profile picture. If the profile picture is present on the target person’s profile this technique is going to be really helpful for you.

check_profile pic

If you are chatting with the person and suddenly the profile picture is disappeared then it is the sign that the person just blocked you during the chat. Still, you have to make sure that your message delivery also stops at the same time.

3. No Visible Status Update (New):

As long as you have been blocked, no further status update will be shown to you even if the person on your contact list. If that person was a daily status uploader, but recently you notice that he does not upload any new then this is an indirect sign that the person has blocked you on WhatsApp. Note that, this is an assumption just, it will have 100% accuracy once you verify the details from a mutual friend’s phone.

check_status new

If you see that a new status update is visible on your friend’s mobile but not on your WhatsApp, that clarifies the person surely has blocked you.

4. Sent Messages not Delivered:

If you’re looking for a perfect technique that works great, sending messages is one of them. If someone has blocked you and you want to confirm, just send a message to that person to start the process.

check_sent messages

Normally, if you send a message in WhatsApp, you get double-tick upon delivery. But, in case, you’re blocked then you will see one-tick on messages sent. And this will be a permanent sign on your sent messages, never going to show double-tick if he has blocked you.

This clarifies, the person blocked you on WhatsApp which is why the messages had not delivered to him.

What happens when you unblock someone on WhatsApp?

After a long period of time when you unblock someone from WhatsApp, they might notice a few changes for your WhatsApp number and chat.

If you have never called that person and you feel calling him/her with no reason creates an awkward situation, no need to worry. This method works by a missed call also which rings for one or two seconds. We are going to use this technique to verify either the person has blocked you or it’s just a bug.

check_by calling

Just open the WhatsApp and make a WhatsApp call to that person. Now, if he has blocked you still the call will not disconnect instantly rather it will show ‘Calling’ status on it.

If it does not turn to ‘Ringing’ status then we can say, he has blocked you on WhatsApp.

What does changes on WhatsApp group?

If you are already in a WhatsApp group with that person and you both have a mutual on the same group then this method will be helpful in finding if he or she has blocked you.

You will not see any messages on that group sent by that person. But, if you see through another person’s mobile who is also on that group, there the recent messages of that person will be visible.

Also, if you try adding that person in a newly created WhatsApp group you will notice an error message like, ‘You are not authorized to add this contact’ even if you’re the admin of that group.

Make a new ID to find out if really blocked:

There is another chance to verify and this is the final and easiest technique but you need another mobile number on that case. Just try clone WhatsApp & register with the other mobile number. Then find the profile you want to verify. You can verify all the other parameters and match these without even sending messages. However, you can also check by sending the messages to her.


These are the check-points you have to dig into to verify if the person actually blocked you on WhatsApp. Try following these methods and this will be easier to find out you to know if you’re blocked on WhatsApp.

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