What Happens when you Uninstall Snapchat? – Find out if Someone Did

You might face many things, although some can still be there on your Snapchat even you uninstall and you can get those back once you reinstall Snapchat.

But the issue is, you might be clear about those things that you may face after you uninstall Snapchat.

You might be wondering if you have already uninstalled Snapchat and the situation you’re going through if that happened due to uninstallation then I will explain in this article what is real & methods to overcome these.

If you just uninstall the Snapchat app, all incoming messages will be pending to your inbox and those will be delivered to you once you reinstall Snapchat (within 30 days).

If you uninstall Snapchat, you still may see the pictures after you reinstall, or in case if you don’t then you can lose Streaks on the next day, snaps or photos sent in chats after 30 days. Also, the stories of your friends are missed by you.

If you’re facing any particular issue on your Snapchat after reinstalling it then you just go to the Snapchat help section and from there inform the Snapchat team about the issue.

In this article, I will explain all and every aspect that happens when you uninstall Snapchat and those are listed in the below details.

These things happen if you Uninstall Snapchat:

If you just uninstall Snapchat then you might be missing many things but a few things still stay there and if you don’t log in to Snapchat within the next 24 hours, you might lose those few things. There are sudden things that might occur and if you’re not aware of these you may lose them (incoming snaps or ongoing streaks) for hope.

Now, what are these things?… These things cover the pictures, snaps, streaks, and posts on your Snapchat account.

Let’s dive into the details to understand what happens when someone just uninstalled Snapchat.

i. Your Snapchat pictures are stored but sent on chats are gone

The pictures or videos are stored either on chats or on your posts, but as you know the only the saved chats are going to stay on chat. Now, if you’re asking about the pictures in other resources on Snapchat those are kept safe, and if you uninstalled Snapchat then you would not be losing them.

But, in case of those images that are sent to you after you uninstalled will be lost if you don’t reinstall & log in within the next 30 days.

ii. Snapchat Score kept but streaks may go away

Here, I am taking the score and streaks in different ways, the score that you see on someone’s profile even he is not your friend.

But the streak is built by sending the snaps to each other. In the streak rule, if you’re not sending someone a steak or not getting a reply on snaps your streaks are gone.

Snapchat streaks are gone

So, directly uninstalling Snapchat would not affect your streaks as it will be the same but if you don’t reinstall the app and snap again within the day then streaks may disappear.

iii. The messages to you are ‘Pending’ on the sender’s inbox

This is the most common issue that if you install Snapchat, senders might be seeing the ‘Pending‘ stamp on their sent messages. That means those messages just go through their account to the Snapchat server but have not reached the person (you).

they wil see Snapchat pending tag

As soon as you reinstalled Snapchat on your mobile that message will come into your inbox and the person with get his stamp changed to ‘Delivered‘.

As you know, as per Snapchat’s rules if you don’t open the app in order to get the snaps within 30 days those messages will be removed from both ends and you will not be able to view that again.

Find out if Someone has Uninstalled Snapchat

Want to know if your friend is active on Snapchat or not? To know this, you need to know some ways of finding it. There are several ways you can find if the person has deleted the Snapchat app or uninstalled it, although not deleted the account.

There are many indications on the profile that changes when the person just uninstalled Snapchat. Also, remember that these indications are the same as when the person’s mobile is not connected to the internet for many days, you will face these same stamps.

1. Check the Last Seen if Visible

Last seen is the timestamp that tells when someone was being online the last and now to find if any person just uninstalled the Snapchat you can tell that just by seeing at the last seen time on Snapchat.

If a Snapchat user does not enable ghost mode then Snapchat will update their location every time whenever the person opens the app. From this area, you can check when the last seen of person is. You need to open up the snap map and search for that individual, then check the status of the person.

2. Send a Message and Wait for the Delivered Stamp

This method can be marked as social engineering as you’re just trying to catch someone by praying to technology. Now, just send a message to the person and wait if the message gets the ‘Delivered’ tag on it. That delivered tag means the message just got into his Snapchat which clears the person’s Snapchat still there. But, in case you’re seeing the ‘Pending’, means Snapchat is uninstalled.

One way to check the activeness of a person is to send a message. From this act, you can easily guess the time when he/she is active. Search for your friend’s name and open the chat page.

Then, send a message to that person and wait for his/her reply. If bitmoji is flashing on screen it means the person is seeing your message at that moment. If the blue dot is shown then the person is online, but if both things don’t flash then the person is not active.

3. Check their Stories or Activities

The method can take time to investigate on the Snapchat account but that might take less than 5 minutes in order to find the latest posts or stories for that person, even from a different Snapchat profile or mutual friends. If you could not find such updates on that profile, you can tell the person is being not active on Snapchat or uninstalled it. Although, you have to be sure only by sending a snap to the person and getting the ‘Pending’ tag.

This is one of the good ways to know whether the person is active on Snapchat or not. Check the person’s stories if he/she has recently posted or not. You can even check the time on their stories and from that, you can guess when the person was last active on the account.

If the person uninstalled the app then his/her account remains on the server. So, it’s not easy to tell whether the person has uninstalled the app or not.

4. Ask the Mutual Friends

Although you would not be able to locate the mutual friends on Snapchat if you know the common person, you can ask them to spy on that profile and let you know if it is the same as you see from your profile. This step is recommended to find out if the person has not blocked you on Snapchat.

The Bottom Lines:

This article explains the facts that occur when you or someone just uninstall Snapchat and also I have included what you’ve to do in order to ignore those situations so that you don’t lose anything on your Snapchat.

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