WhatsApp Not Showing The Last Active – What To Do

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To fix WhatsApp not showing the last active, switch your WiFi, change the Privacy Settings, update WhatsApp, or reboot your device.

If you turned off your last seen status and you’re blocked, the person is not on your contact list, or you may not see the last active status.

He turned the feature off if it was not showing for one contact.

If you have a network issue or you’re using GBWhatsApp, you may see the person is not online, but messages are read, and he is typing.

WhatsApp does not have any feature to show who sees your last seen status, using online tools, and you may do so.

How To Fix WhatsApp Not Showing Last Active:

These are the following things to try:

1. Switch to WiFi

Network error is the most common and worst situation for social media users. It is a general cause for not showing contacts last seen on WhatsApp. If the issue does not come from the app’s side, then your network issue comes from your side.

Switch to WiFi

Sometimes using WiFi, you can face this issue, so whenever you have this issue, try to switch the network from WiFi to mobile data or from mobile data to WiFi, or change your WiFi connection to another one and try to use the places having a solid internet base.

2. Change Privacy Settings

On WhatsApp, if you are not showing your last seen to anyone, you can not see others’ last seen. So if you did so, you have to change the privacy settings and to do that.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Open your WhatsApp app, log in to your account and click on the Three dots from the top right corner.

click on the Three dots

Step 2: A dropdown list will appear, click on the “Settings” option, and open the “Account” section on the Settings page.

click on the Settings option

Step 3: Click “Privacy”, and on the Privacy page, open “Last seen and online” and change the setting to “Nobody”. (Note: If you change it to “Nobody”, then also you can not see others’ last seen status)

Click Privacy,
Last seen and online
 setting to Nobody

3. Update WhatsApp

If you have been using WhatsApp for a long time and did not update the app, you may not see the last seen of any person.

Update WhatsApp

You have to update an app to get new features, so open your Play Store or App Store, search for WhatsApp and tap the “Update” option to update the app.

4. Reboot Device

If you have this issue, you can reboot your device to fix it. For that, tap and hold on your power button for a few seconds and tap either Power off or Restart option to reboot/restart your phone.

Reboot Device

You can also do a hard reboot; for that, tap and hold on the power and the volume button for 20 seconds, and your screen will be black and start rebooting.

Why WhatsApp is Not Showing Last Active:

These are the following reasons:

1. Your Privacy Settings

If WhatsApp is not showing the last active status of anyone, then it may be happening to your Privacy Settings. If the last seen feature is hidden on your account, you cannot see others’ last seen status, so you have to change it to see others’ status.

Click Privacy,

You can also change your online status the same as your last seen status, but you can also not see others’ online status.

2. Not in Contacts List

WhatsApp syncs your contacts list; based on that list, you will get your chat list.

Not in Contacts List

If the person whose last seen status you are going to see is not in your contact list, or you did not save his name in your contact list, you cannot see the last seen feature of that person.

3. You are Blocked

If someone blocks you on WhatsApp, you cannot interact with that person.

You are Blocked

Blocking a person on WhatsApp comes with many restrictions; you can not see his profile picture, online, and last seen status and will not be able to send him any messages. So if you are blocked, you can not see his last seen status.

WhatsApp Last Seen not Updating for One Contact:

You may face situations where you see others’ last scene status, but you cannot see it for a particular chat.

It might happen when the person changes the Privacy Settings to “Nobody” or excludes you from seeing the last seen status using the “My contacts except…” feature.

My contacts except… feature

WhatsApp Not Showing Online or Typing:

If WhatsApp is not showing Online or Typing, then network problems can be the cause for it that comes from you.

This network problem is often caused by a weak signal, even if you have a full data pack or WiFi support. Another reason for this situation could be that the person is using GBWhatsApp.

WhatsApp Not Showing Online

It is the modified form of the original WhatsApp, also known as WhatsApp mod. It has many more features than normal WhatsApp, so if they turned off their online status when replying, you could not see it.

WhatsApp was last seen not updating, but the Message read:

If the person is using GBWhatsApp, they can change their last seen to a fake time, and when they are online, they see the message and reply to it.

So, in this case, you can see the last seen status is not updating, but the message is read.

last seen

It also happens if you have a network issue or the server itself has any issue. If you are in an area where the network is not stable or if you have a lack of mobile data, then you may face these issues.

How to know if someone is checking your WhatsApp last seen:

Using some online tools, you may find who is checking your WhatsApp last seen status, but it is impossible to do so in WhatsApp. WhatsApp never introduced a feature that shows who had seen your WhatsApp last seen.

But if you turned on your last seen status, if the other person also turned it on, he can see it by checking your chat. But if the other person turns it off, then he will not be able to see it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Will someone know if I check their last seen on WhatsApp?

No, WhatsApp has no feature showing you who sees your last seen status. So, they will not be notified if you see others’ last seen status. But if you send them any message, the person assumes that you saw his last seen status.

2. How to Check WhatsApp last seen is hidden?

If you hide your WhatsApp last seen status and for that, you can not see others’, then change your Privacy Settings to see others’ last seen status. But if it is hidden from the other end, use online tools or apps to check their last seen status.

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