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WhatsApp Unblocker: Unblock Without Deleting My Account

✎ Key Points:

» You can observe premium services claiming to unblock WhatsApp without account deletion, exploiting the latest updates in the blocking system.
» Try using caution and avoid falling for paid solutions, as the most effective approach is a psychological one – meeting the person in person.
» If you find yourself blocked, consider initiating a face-to-face conversation as the most successful solution to unblock on WhatsApp.

How To Unblock Yourself On WhatsApp Without Deleting Account:

There are some methods that you can try:

1. Using the Basic Method

There is another chance which is, he/she has blocked you on WhatsApp.

Well, honestly, while other ideas fail to execute the work, these still work to unblock yourself from someone easily on WhatsApp.

Let’s check out these free mod apps (.apk) of WhatsApp that have a lot more features.

🔯 How Do I Open my Blocked List on WhatsApp:

If you can’t send a message to a person or the individual isn’t getting any messages as a matter simply check if the individual is in your WhatsApp block list.

Settings icon wp
 Account icon wp
 privacy on wp
Blocked contacts on wp

Note that before having a go at unblocking yourself from another person’s phone check if you have erroneously blocked the person. If that happened, you can unblock the individual from that point, just by going to Settings> Account> Privacy> Blocked contacts.

2. Twilio API for WhatsApp Business

Twilio API technique is the best API integration system that manages your WhatsApp account on the go. If you’re using WhatsApp Business and having trouble getting blocked let’s try Twilio.

Like others, this method also has a drawback like if someone blocks your Twilio-integrated WhatsApp account you will not be able to forward messages to your subscribers.

You can have many features and Twilio would provide all the features that are available on WhatsApp.


If you use such services then for some novice users it’s not easy to block that ID as that actually does not display any phone number, good to go with it.

Does WhatsApp unblock Automatically?

You can be blocked permanently by WhatsApp if you attempt regular spam on WhatsApp. However, the decision thoroughly relies upon WhatsApp to either keep you blocked from using WhatsApp or the whole account for a restricted timeframe.

If you have not taken any action on this just go to WhatsApp help and file an issue.

Although, if you are blocked by an individual on WhatsApp this is up to that person to unblock you.

Note that, if the person deletes the WhatsApp profile and doesn’t enroll for a couple of months his/her information gets cleared up after that.

All things considered, you can expect that you will never again be blocked by the person once the person again on WhatsApp.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to Message a Person who Blocked you on WhatsApp?

If you want to message a person who has blocked you on WhatsApp, you cannot message him directly on WhatsApp. But, you may take the steps provided in the context to message the person.

Note that upon blocking on WhatsApp only the WhatsApp messages will be affected but other services like phone calls and messages are not restricted to the person. So, if you are allowed there, you can send messages directly to the phone number.

2. Can I call on WhatsApp when I have been blocked?

Note that like incoming messages, calls on WhatsApp will also be blocked and the same direction is applicable for making WhatsApp calls.

You can make phone calls but calling on WhatsApp like video or audio calls are blocked.

You can request the person to get your number unblocked on WhatsApp. Until or unless you’re unblocked you can’t make video calls on WhatsApp.

3. When someone blocks you on WhatsApp, and you delete contact & re-add contact on phone does this unblock?

There are many ways you can unblock yourself. Using the WhatsApp bug or flaw is one of those.

WhatsApp had a bug like that once you delete and re-add the number on contacts the number gets unblocked.

This was due to the non-usage of the online server. But, now WhatsApp developed its settings, and deleting and re-adding contacts no longer unblock yourself on WhatsApp.

But, it works in long run. Like if you don’t use the number and the same is replaced by someone else, then your WhatsApp registration should be new.

4. Can you send Messages on WhatsApp when blocked?

You cannot send any messages or make chats with a person who has blocked you on WhatsApp.

As WhatsApp is serious about restricting you totally with messages and calls getting blocked when anyone blocks you.

Besides, you will also not be able to see a status update or view the profile picture of that person on WhatsApp. All the activities will be hidden from you of that person.

5. How to unblock if your girlfriend blocked you on WhatsApp?

Definitely, you can. Just request her with other mediums to unblock you.

Normally, if someone blocks you without knowing your number requesting the person helps to unblock you.

However, you can use the above-mentioned methods to unblock your number or to send messages even when you’re blocked.

6. Will I receive the message later that was sent to me while the sender was blocked?

If you have blocked someone and wish to see the messages sent by him/her later after blocking, you just unblock the person.

Note that the messages are received as per WhatsApp rules. But, in a few cases, the messages will look like ‘loading’ but may not be visible for a lifetime.

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