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To download any status from the WhatsApp web, extensions are required for your Chrome browser.

There are numerous different extensions available and the download process & working operation are very simple and powerful.

WA Web Plus for WhatsApp, WA toolkit, Desktop Messenger for WhatsApp, and WhatsApp+ for WhatsApp are some of the very common WhatsApp status downloading extensions.

On WhatsApp web, you can do many things related to the status update.

If WhatsApp fails to download a file there are a few other fixes as well.

WhatsApp Web Status Download:

🔴 How To Use:

Step 1: First of all, open the WhatsApp Web Status Download tool.

Step 2: Then, enter the WhatsApp number of the person whose status you want to download. Make sure to enter the correct number in the specified format.

Step 3: After that, click on the ‘Download‘ button.

Step 4: Now, the tool will retrieve the status associated with the provided WhatsApp number and provide you with options to download it.

You can choose the desired status and save it to your device.

WhatsApp Web Status Download Extension:

Follow the steps for extensions:

1. WA Web Plus for WhatsApp

WA web plus majorly increases the security of WhatsApp web and offers more business as well as personal features that the usual WhatsApp missed out on. It is also appreciated for adding the tools and options for WhatsApp Web for better reliability.
The status downloading option is also very impressive and handy.

⭐️ Features:

◘ No third-party involvement

◘ Download the WhatsApp status on the web version

◘ Enhanced business and personal features

◘ Increased privacy and security tools

◘ User friendly

🔴 Steps To use:

Step 1: Open your Google Chrome &get the extension, Download Link: WA Web Plus for WhatsApp™.

Step 2: On the first page, you will see the “Add to Chrome” option, on the right corner of the page. Click on it and confirm to start downloading.

WA Web Plus for WhatsApp™ Add to Chrome

Step 3: Once it is downloaded, will automatically get added to your search bar tools lists.

Step 4: Now, on the consecutive Chrome tab open > “WhatsApp Web”.

Step 5: Open the status which you want to download and simultaneously click on the icon of the extension.

Step 6: In a while, it will get downloaded and saved in your systems file explorer section.

2. WA Toolkit

WA toolkit is said to be the best-rated extension for WhatsApp™ Web along with many useful features and lightweight tools. This extension never misses a notification even if you are not presently working on the WhatsApp tab or Chrome window.

⭐️ Features:

◘ No chance to miss a notification

◘ Provides a handy WhatsApp button on the Chrome bar

◘ Gives Complete privacy

◘ In a tooltip, it displays the summary of your unread conversations

◘ Also, offers an easy right-click option to hide the conversation

◘ Lightweight and fast in downloading the status

🔴 Steps To use:

Step 1: Open Google Chrome and get it: WAToolkit.

Step 2: On the right corner of the screen, you will see the option > “Add to Chrome”. Click on that option to download.

Add to Chrome

Step 3: It will get downloaded and will appear at the top-left corner of the browser.

 icon will appear

Step 4: Next, open your WhatsApp on your device’s Chrome browser.

Step 5: Now, open the status you wish to download, and after opening instantly click on the extension icon. It will automatically start downloading.

It will get saved in your device’s gallery.

3. Desktop Messenger for WhatsApp

Desktop Messenger gives an instant notification for all the messages on WhatsApp and the process to check the messages is also very easy. Apart from this, it has a very small and elegant UI that gets added to the toolbar and can use whenever required.
Also, the downloading option is just one click away and is quick and efficient.

⭐️ Features:

◘ A very comprehensive WhatsApp UI on the toolbar

◘ Instant notification and popup

◘ Easy access to WhatsApp web and status download

◘ Quick and user-friendly

🔴 Steps To Use:

Step 1: On Google Chrome: Desktop Messenger.

Step 2: On the right corner of the page, you will see the option > “Add to Chrome”. Click on that option to download.

Desktop Messenger for WhatsApp™

Step 3: This will get added and an icon will appear at the top section of the browser.

 icon will appear at the top-left

Step 4: Now, whenever you want to download any status, open the status and click on the icon, and download.

And in a while, you will find it saved in the downloaded section.

4. WhatsUp+ for WhatsApp

WhatsUp+ is best for increasing productivity and has good control over all the tool’s privacy factors. It possesses tons of features that aid to enhance the usability of the WhatsApp web and also the downloading of status.

⭐️ Features:

◘ Comes with a lot of tools

◘ Increases productivity and usability

◘ Top in terms of the privacy

◘ Easy to use and quick in downloading

🔴 Steps To Use:

Step 1: To add this extension on Google Chrome: WhatsUp+.

Step 2: On the right part, you will see the option > “Add to Chrome”. Click on that option to add the extension to your system and download it.

WhatsUp+ Add to Chrome

Step 3: Once it is downloaded and an icon will appear on the browser.

 downloaded and an icon

Step 4: On the next tab on Chrome itself, open your WhatsApp.

Step 5: Next, click on the status you want to download.

It’s done and saved.

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