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To track the TextNow number, you can use any online tool and enter the number details in the field.

Tap on the track button, this will show up the details if it is available on your server.

Alternatively, you can use the Truecaller app and which is the best-recommended app to trace anyone’s number even if it is the TextNow number.

You can know who is the person behind that number if that number is saved on someone else’s phone.

If you want to look up the TextNow number then you might know that TextNow is a third-party company that provides the US-based virtual numbers that are only visible on TextNow and to know Who is behind the TextNow number you have to do certain things.

If you have the TextNow account then you can probably trace the numbers but there are some tools that you can use in order to track the TextNow numbers and know who is the owner of that number.

Now there are many ways that you can track down the number details by identifying the owner of that number and first of all, you have to find out if the number is from the TextNow or not and if you just reach out to the TextNow support team and they will not let you know the owner’s name of a number due to their privacy reasons.

Now, this article will explain how you can identify these TextNow numbers and the ways to track the numbers & know who is the person behind the number.

Textnow tool for numbers lookup

How to Look Up TextNow Number:

If you want to know who is behind the TextNow number then there are some methods that you can use to look up the TextNow number.

Let’s get into more details:

1. Phone Lookup

There are a few phone number lookup tools that can help find details of a phone number.

Ⅰ. First, open the phone number lookup.

Ⅱ. Enter mobile number details.

Ⅲ. Get details.

2. Use SpyForMe Tool

SPYFORME is one of the best spying tools that are available with many services and TextNow lookup is one of those features.

If you’re getting scam calls, being a victim of cyberbullying or cyberstalking, or living in distrustful relationships, Spyforme might help you spy on others.

Use SpyForMe Tool

Want to know who may be behind the TextNow number? If the answer is yes, let’s read more about the steps.

Instead of searching randomly on other platforms about the person and draining all your energy without getting something in return.

⭐️ Features:

Use the Spyforme platform and let’s have a read to its features:

☛ Find secret social media profiles.

☛ TextNow number lookup tool.

☛ Facebook profile search.

☛ Google voice number lookup.

The site provides all of these for free and maintains the secrecy of the user (who viewed) and anyone can anonymously trace the person if they want to.

TextNow Lookup:

Most people use numbers provided by the TextNow app because they are easy to generate and not traceable easily. But nothing to worry about, use the Spyforme platform and in just a few steps you can reveal the identity of that person.

Follow these steps for the TextNow number lookup on the Spyforme tool:

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: First of all, enter the number on the search bar and tap on the ‘Lookup’ button.

First of all, enter the number on the search bar

Step 2: Wait for 20-50 seconds till the site searches for the person’s information.

Wait for 20-50 seconds till the site searche

Step 3: After the site reverse lookup, it will redirect you to the page where you will find all the details about the person.

3. Track using TrueCaller App

Truecaller is a worldwide popular app that is available on both iOS or Android platforms. The app provides various services like managing calls, SMS service, spam block, and identifying the caller who is calling you.

⭐️ Features:

Some recent features that are included in Truecaller are:

More deep tracking: You can track the owner name of a mobile user or details on the number’s activity.

☛ If you add the purpose of your call then the other person will receive its notifications 2-3 minutes prior to the call.

☛ The app also provides premium services at a low cost in which you can see who viewed your profile, an ad-free version, powerful spam blocking, and a boost for searching for new contacts.

If you don’t know how this works or the algorithm Truecaller uses to display number’s information is through profile creation and many others:

The app uses the concept of CrowdSourcing to provide you with the information. In simple terms when you download the app it asks for various permissions like to make and manage your call logs, contact access, and send and view SMS. While you allow all the permissions at that time the contact data from your mobile gets synced with the Truecaller database.

In a similar manner, the data of all the users of this app is synced to the Truecaller database. Thus, whenever someone receives an unknown call they can see the name and location along with that number.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Now, tracking a TextNow number using the Truecaller app is really easy.

Let’s follow the below steps:

Step 1: First of all, install the TrueCaller app and allow all the permissions it asks for.

install the TrueCaller app

Step 2: Click on Get Started option.

get started

Step 2: Go to Settings and Allow display over other apps.

Go to settings
allow all the permissions it asks

Step 3: Complete your profile by adding your name, address, and email.

Step 4: Now go to the search bar at the top and write the person’s contact number Or name.
The person’s data that is synced on Truecaller’s database of the app, will be shown to you and then click on their profile.

he search bar at the top and write the person's

You will see their name, address, and location on the page. Click on the location and it will open on Google maps and you can track the person from right there.

4. Look for Basic Details of Number:

To know whether someone is real or fake who is holding any virtual numbers, for all these purposes you can use social engineering techniques to find out who is the person behind the number.

Mostly those numbers are taken to advertise products and you can just receive the calls and know what is being sold using that telecall or TextNow number.

🏷 If you can just know what are the reasons behind the TextNow number even just by calling the number, you can find the group behind the number more easily using other information regarding the details you received.

How to Find Out who a TextNow Number Belongs to:

You have to try the methods below:

1. Find Registered Social Media by searching Number

A common way to which you can find out who a certain TextNow number belongs is with the help of the TextNow number. You have to copy this number and go to social media sites, one by one- be it Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Find Registered Social Media by searching Number

Go to the search bar and type in this number. More often than not, people use the same number to register for various apps. A simple search may reveal the account associated with the same. By looking at this account, you can ascertain who the owner of the number is.

2. Save on Contact and Find if any WhatsApp Account

To find out who a TextNow number belongs to, you can copy their number from TextNow. Save this phone number to your contacts.

Save on Contact and Find if any WhatsApp Account

Go to WhatsApp and to the green icon at the bottom right in the “CHATS” section. Then refresh your contacts list, and it will appear. You can click on their contact to reveal their username.

How to Track TextNow Number by SMS:

Take the help of iplogger.org to make a link you can track and share it with the person via messaging. You will find their location after they click on the link.

Step 1: Shorten the article link on https://iplogger.org/

The first step you have to follow is to create a new link you can track. For this, you have to go to https://iplogger.org/ and paste the link to the article you copied earlier. Tap on “Create a shortlink” and “Confirm” to provide your consent and to confirm your action.

Create link

Step 2: Send in an SMS

You will find the shortened link on the next page; copy this trackable IP logger link and go to TextNow. Navigate to the contact to whom you would like to send this link and consequently track.

Copy the link

Open the SMS chat and paste the link into the message box and send it as a free message.

Send on link

Step 3: Get Clicks from the User

After you have sent them the trackable link, just wait until they have seen the message and opened it. Keep checking the app to ascertain the same because, as soon as they open the link, their location will get recorded by the tracking link that you can access later on.

click on access copy

Step 4: View from Access Link & Track IP

You have to go back to the webpage where you found the shortened link. Right below, you will also find the Access Link. You have to copy the link and open it in a new tab. Scroll down, and you will find their IP address under “IP/Provider”. Copy this IP address.

See ip address

Step 5: Know From Where TextNow Number Belong

Now that you have found the IP address, go to the menu bar on the Access Link page and click on IP TRACKER. Paste the IP address here, and instantly you will be able to see the location of the IP address in terms of the country and city they’re from.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to Tell if a Number is a TextNow Number?

When you create an account on TextNow, you are given the opportunity to use a different number for the app and other apps, if you like, based on your area code.

To know if a number is a TextNow number, add it to WhatsApp and text the individual, and ask them if the number is their TextNow number. You can also easily find it on the app. You can find information about the same with the help of third-party apps.

2. How to Find Someone’s TextNow number?

If you want to find someone’s TextNow number, you can use third-party tools that allow you to directly look up TextNow numbers to reveal contact information and IP addresses.

You can also ask for these phone numbers from your friends on other social media apps that you may be connected to.

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