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Why Can’t I Find Someone On Facebook

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If you can’t add someone there are many reasons like you already sent a friend request but the person didn’t accept that yet, or you would not find the ‘Add Friend’ button if the person made changes to his privacy settings so that ‘Friends of Friends’ can send a friend request.

If you are getting the person from any group, tap on ‘View Main Profile’ and from the profile page, you can add him.

If you can’t find someone on Facebook then this could be due to the person having deactivated his profile or he is on your blocking list and that is why, when you search for the person his profile would not appear on the search results and once you unblock the person you will be able to find his profile.

There may have several reasons for not being able to add someone as a friend or finding someone on Facebook. Here, will be explained all the reasons and what can be done in those cases.

view main profile

When I’m Not Blocked:

Deactivated their account: If the person you’re searching for has deactivated their Facebook account, you won’t be able to find them through the search function.

▸ Not Correct Name: If you’re not able to find someone on Facebook, make sure you’re searching for their correct name. If they have a common name, there may be several people with the same name, making it difficult to find the right person.

▸ It’s Their Privacy Settings: The person you’re searching for may have strict privacy settings that prevent them from being found through the search function. In this case, you may need to contact them directly to connect on Facebook.

Why can’t I Find someone on Facebook:

If you can’t find someone on Facebook then there might be two or more reasons that restrict you from seeing those profiles on the search results on Facebook.

Explained these basic reasons below:

1. User is Blocked by You

If the user is blocked by you then you can’t find the person on the search.

When you just unblock the person you can really find the person on the Facebook search.


While the person is blocked and you search for the person with more details on Google then there it will show links to that profile and if you open these profiles you might see a page not available error for that profile that is blocked.

Now, just open that link on the incognito window without logging in, and if that displays the profile then might be the person who has blocked you.

blocked users on facebook

Just go to your blocking list and find the person’s name there and unblock him and his profile will now appear on the search results on Facebook.

2. The User Deactivated his Facebook

If the user just deactivated his profile you would not be able to view his profile either from your logged-in profile or without logging in.

In both cases, you will not be able to view the person in a Facebook search or can’t open his profile.

If the person were on your friend list then they will be marked as ‘Facebook User’ on friends and when he re-activates his profile, his name will appear again on your friend list. You don’t need to add him again in that case.

Why can’t I Add Someone on Facebook as a Friend:

There are many reasons that you can’t add someone on Facebook and you should know that unless the person accepts your friend request you can not see him as your friend. The reasons which you can’t add the person to your friend list are mentioned below:

1. Go to View the Main Profile to Add

If you have seen someone on any Facebook group and if you want to add them then you have to tap on their name. That will open up a page where the activity profile is displayed and to add the person, you have to click on the ‘View Main Profile’ option and then you will see the ‘Add Friend‘ button that will allow you to add the person on your Facebook.

Go to View the Main Profile to Add

2. You already Sent him a Friend Request

When the person accepts your request, only he will be added to your friend and this is most commonly the main reason to get someone on your friend list. If you even want to send another request, you have to cancel the sent one first and add the person by tapping the ‘Add Friend‘ button again.

sent friend request

So, if you want to add a person to your friends on Facebook, you might be able to send him a friend request and that person must accept that request to become a friend successfully.

3. There is only Message option for Privacy

If you’re seeing the ‘Message’ only option on someone’s profile then that is done through the privacy settings that will be explained here.

no button to add

If someone just changed the privacy settings to not show the ‘Add Friend’ button on his profile then you will not be able to add him as a friend.

Facebook allows its users to select friends of friends only to send you the friend request and if you cannot see anyone as a mutual friend then you might not be seeing the add friend button as the user set that from the privacy settings for the only friends of friends.

facebook privacy friends

For that profile, you will see only the ‘Message’ option and that means you can just send a message or request the person by requesting to add you. Once he sends you the friend request then you will see him on your friend list.

For that person to be able to send you a friend request, you have to set your privacy to everyone to send you a friend request.

4. The person on your Block List:

If the person is on your block list you would not be able to send him a friend request or even could not find him.

blocked users on facebook

So, if you facing an issue as described in order to add someone, first check the person from your blocking list, and if the person is there then first unblock him and then search the person and send him a friend request. Once he adds the request, you are now friends with the person.

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