Why Can’t I Make A Facebook Avatar

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If you can’t create a Facebook avatar, there could be specific reasons, like if you don’t update your app, you can see this type of problem.

If you have a lot of cache data on Facebook, you can also see this type of glitch; in this case, you have to clear your cache from your phone.

To make an avatar, first, open your account and click the ‘More’ option to make Facebook Avatar on your iPhone. Then click ‘See More’ and ‘Avatars’ and tap ‘Next.’ 

Then start your designing, and when you are done, click ‘Done’. In the case of Android, first, go to your profile and tap on your profile picture. Then select ‘Create avatar profile picture.’

Now start creating your avatar, and when you are satisfied, select ‘Done’ and set it as your profile picture.

Why Can’t I Make A Facebook Avatar:

There are the following reasons why you won’t be able to create a Facebook avatar:

1. The app is not Updated

Facebook is a top-rated app among social media users and based on the users’ demand, they update their app. Facebook launched this feature a few years ago. So you have to update your Facebook app to use this feature. 

Now to update the Facebook app on iOS: first, open the App Store and search for ‘Facebook’; then, you can see the ‘Uninstall’ and the ‘Update’ option if available.

facebook update on iphone

To update the Facebook app on Android: first, open your Google Play Store application and search for ‘Facebook.’ 

Facebook update on android

Now click on ‘Facebook’ and see the ‘Uninstall’ and ‘Update’ options. If an update is available, you can see the option; otherwise, you can see the ‘Open’ option there. There click on the ‘Update’ option to update the app.

You can also click on your profile icon from the top right corner and select the ‘Manage apps and devices’ option. Here select the ‘Updates available’ section, and you can see all the available options that you can update. 

2. Cache Data issue

If you have been using Facebook for a long time and never removed cache files from your storage, it will cause problems. So always try to clear your Facebook cache from your phone. It might fix your issue, and you can make your Facebook Avatar again.

To fix the issue, you first clear your cache data.

🔯 For Android:

So to reset your Facebook app cache from Android:

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: First, open your settings, go to the ‘Apps’ section, and search for ‘Facebook.’ 

Apps Section

Step 2: You can also press and hold on to the app for two seconds, and you will go to the app info section.

App info

Step 3: After entering the app info section, you can see the option ‘Storage’.


Step 4: Open this section and tap on the ‘Clear cache option. It will clear all the cache files from your app.

Clear cache

Step 5: You can also tap on the option ‘Clear Data,’ which will delete your whole account and the cache files.

🔯 For iPhone:

To clear the Facebook app cache on iPhone:

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: First, open your iPhone settings and scroll down. You can see an option, ‘General,’ click on it and then select ‘iPhone Storage.’ 

general in iphone
iphone storage

Step 2: Here you can see all the apps that your phone has. It will also show how much space your apps take. Open ‘Facebook’ from here.

Select facebook

Step 3: You can see the option ‘Offload App .’Click on this option to clear all the caches that the app has.

Facebook Offload App

Can you Make an Avatar on Facebook Messenger on your iPhone:

Yes, you can easily make Avatar on Facebook on Android and iPhone. 

🔴 Steps to make Facebook Avatar on iPhone:

Step 1: First, launch the app and Select the ‘three parallel line’ icon from the bottom right corner. 

bottom right corner on facebook

Step 2: Now tap on the ‘See More’ option and select the ‘Avatars’ option from here.

See more on facebook

Step 3: Tap on the ‘Next’ button and start designing your avatar; after you’re satisfied with how it looks, tap on Done at the top right. 

next on facebook avatar
next on facebook avatar1
Done button on facebook avatar

Step 4: You can set it as your profile picture or share it as a post.

share it as a post on avatar

How to Make Facebook Avatar on Android:

Follow the steps below for Android:

Step 1: Open Facebook and go to your profile

To create Avatar on Facebook, first launch the application and log in to your account. After that, click on the ‘Profile icon’ option, which is just before the ‘Notification’ option. After clicking on the option, you will be redirected to your profile window. You can also select the ‘three parallel lines’ icon and then tap on your name; at that time, you will also be redirected to the profile page.

Profile icon on facebook

Step 2: Tap on DP and select ‘Create avatar profile picture’

Now after coming to this section, tap on your profile picture. After that, you can see four options: ‘Add a frame,’ ‘Select profile picture,’ ‘View profile picture,’ ‘Create avatar profile picture .’Select the last option, ‘Create avatar profile picture’ from the list to create your avatar on Facebook.

Step 3: Start designing your avatar

After that, it’s time to design yourself. So use the tools that Facebook gives like skin tone, hairstyle, hair color, body, outfit, etc. Use these features and create a morally less-looking avatar like you. 

Avatar done

Step 4: Tap ‘Done’ and set it as your profile picture

After completing your design, you can see the ‘Done’ option at the top right corner. Click on the ‘Done’ option, and then Facebook will update your avatar. Then click the ‘Next’ button, and another window will open where they will ask whether you want to use your avatar in the comments section or not, then tap ‘Done’.

There you can see six options. From this option, tap ‘Create Profile Picture .’After that, a new page will open from where you have to select your pose and the background. Then clutch ‘Next’ and set a timer of ‘1 hour’, ‘1 day’, ‘1 week’ or custom. Next, click on the ‘Save’ option, and you are done.

If you have already set an avatar, instead of clicking ‘Create Profile Picture,’ tap on the option ‘Edit avatar’ and edit your avatar. You can also swipe your avatar to your last profile photo. 

Done button on facebook avatar

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