Why Can’t I See Photos Liked By Someone On Facebook

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You can see someone’s liked photos on Facebook if you are following the person; all the tagged photos and likes can see in your timeline.

If you are no longer the person’s friend, you can not see the liked photos, so send him a friend request.

Sometimes if you are his friend but you do not follow him, then you can not access the liked photos.

If the person blocked you on Facebook, you could not see any of his posts, liked photos, or comments; even if you do not find his profile on Facebook, it will only be invisible to you.

The person can temporarily deactivate his account; in that case, you can not find his account, posts, or photos on Facebook.

There you have a few ways to check who viewed your Facebook.

Can you see Someone’s Liked Photos on Facebook?

Yes, you can see someone’s like photos on Facebook, but there are some things that you should follow. First, you should follow the person on Facebook; if you are not following the person, you can not see the liked photos.

If you are following the person, then all his tags, likes, and comments on posts will be shown on your Facebook timeline, you scroll through your timeline, and you can see their posts. On the other hand, if you are not on his friend list or if you are not following the person, then the posts would not be shown to you.

Why Can’t I See Photos Liked by Someone on Facebook:

There are some reasons behind this:

1. You are no Longer his Friend

If you can’t see photos liked by someone on Facebook, then first you should look at whether you are his friend or not on Facebook. Because if your friend changes his account settings to private, you cannot see it if you are not his friend.


As you can’t see it, that means your friend does not share his account publicly, so open your friend’s profile and check if you are his friend or not.

If you are not his friend, send him a friend request, and ask him to accept your friend request. If you see that you are his friend, but still you can’t see photos liked by someone, then check if you are following the person or not.  

2. You are not Following the Person

It is a prevalent reason you might not see photos liked by someone, and that is you are not following the person. Even if he is on your friend list, you might not see this type of thing if you don’t follow the person.

You are not Following the Person

When you follow someone, everything they like or comment on will be in your news feed, and you can see their public posts, which will update you every time. There are usually two types of the following: One is when you become friends with someone.

In this case, both automatically follow each other. But if you’re not friends with someone, there’s no need for them to follow you. You can see their posts, but they must follow you or add you as friends to get your posts in their newsfeed.

The main difference between Facebook friends and followers is that when you add someone as a friend, you and that person will automatically follow each other. Adding someone as a friend creates connections between users, showing their stories, profiles, and activity in your news feed. If you unfollow the person, Facebook will also remove you from their following list. But you remain friends, so be his friend and follow him on Facebook. 

3. The Person Blocked You

Facebook has the feature to block a person; blocking on Facebook means you will not give the person any access to your account. If the person blocked you, you cannot not only not see the liked photos but also not find the person’s account on Facebook.

The Person Blocked You

For you, the person’s account does not exist on Facebook. If the person is on your friend list, check if his name is there; if it is not there, there is a high chance that you are blocked. Try to tag them in your post; if their name is not showing over there, they blocked you.

As you can no longer view their profile, you can not see the content they posted earlier or any new posts on their account. You can check from your friend’s account if you find the person’s profile or not. If you find the profile, that means he blocks you.

You can do the same for others; blocking the person means you don’t want to see the liked photos. If you block those people, they will not be able to see your liked photos and posts, and they can’t find you on Facebook. 

4. The Person Deactivated his Profile

Facebook also has the option to deactivate your account; deactivating an account on Facebook means you take a break from Facebook. During this time, your existing account will behave like a deleted account.

Deactivation is not the same as deletion because after deactivating your account within a time limit, you can again reactivate your account. When people deactivate their accounts, other users can still search for the person, but his profile shouldn’t appear.

The person’s timeline will disappear alongside your list of liked photos. His posts on his timeline would not be publicly visible, and his friends shouldn’t be able to see them either. During the deactivation period, the whole profile of the person will be gone, but that does not mean that the comments they have made to others will also disappear.

A default icon will replace their profile picture. So, if you can not see the photos liked by someone, then there is a high chance that they have deactivated their Facebook account.

The Bottom Lines: 

You can do many things with the Facebook app, and you should be familiar with the features they have provided and the issues, and its fixing ways.

It is a pervasive problem for users if they can not see others’ liked photos on Facebook. Hopefully, after reading this article, the issue will be solved, and you can see someone’s liked photos.

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