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Why Can’t I See Someone’s Highlights On Instagram

By Pranab Sen

Key Points:

» If you can’t see someone’s highlights on Instagram, maybe the person has blocked you from his Instagram account.
» That’s why you are not able to see any of his posts and highlights or have removed you from their Instagram account, and third can be, that the account is private.

Why Can’t I See Someone’s Highlights On Instagram:

Many reasons would not let you see the highlights. Let’s check as follows:

1. Person Blocked You

If someone has blocked you from their Instagram account, you cannot visit their account and see any of their stuff, such as highlights, posts, and stories. Additionally, you cannot even find them on Instagram.

Along with this, if you have ever done chatting or shared with the person, then on your inbox section, that person will be displayed as “Instagrammer”.

instagrammer 1

Finding all these symptoms indicates that the person has blocked you.

However, if you can see that particular person’s account on Instagram but not the highlights, then the reason is not this but something else.

2. Removed You from his Followers

Instagram has given a very powerful tool to users to remove anyone from their Instagram account.

All the person who follows you are listed under the head called – “Followers,” and to whom you follow, are listed under the “Following” section on the profile page.


And under the followers’ list, the user can remove anyone they wish not to show their posts and highlights to. They will go to the followers’ list, scroll down to your name, and hit remove and done, and you are no longer accessible to see their posts and highlights.

If that person possesses a private account, you will see the option to “Follow” on their account, which means that person has removed you from his followers list.

3. Account Turned to Private

Many a time, people change their accounts from public to private. In a public account, you do not need to follow the person to see his posts, stories, and highlights, whereas, in a private account, you are required to follow the person to see all these things in the present and near future.

Account turned to Private

But what happens is, when a user changes the account from public to private one, all the people have to send them a request to see their pieces of stuff, and if they do not accept your request, you cannot see anything, not now and not in future as well.

Hence, if you were previously able to see the highlights but not now, then it might be that the person has turned the account to private. You can check this by going to their account, and if you find a blue box saying – Follow, then this can be the reason.

4. Bugs in your Instagram App

If not, the one mentioned above, the ‘bug’ can be the reason for your problem. A bug is a kind of error that causes a disturbance in the proper functioning of any software and application. Similarly, some pages on Instagram may not open, and you won’t see some stuff due to bugs.

5. Internet Connectivity Issue

Lastly, if nothing is the reason from above, the only reason left is internet connectivity.

If your internet is not fast enough, you will face issues in operating Instagram, and you won’t be able to see either the posts or the highlights.

Hence, turn off & on your internet connection and check the highlights. Once the internet gets stable, it will automatically start working.

If someone hides their story on Instagram, Can you see their highlights:

If someone has hidden his Instagram story from you then the highlights of those stories will not be visible to you either. You’ll only be able to see those highlights whose stories were available to you. 

The highlighted stories are the stories that the user has saved on his profile but this doesn’t change the settings of the story which was set to hide from you. 

story on Instagram

On the profile page of the user, you’ll be able to see the round icons above his posts section. Those are the story highlights. You can see the previous highlighted stories on the profile which were allowed to be seen by you.

But if some highlights are not available to you but they’re available to other friends of yours, it’s because the user has excluded you from viewing it and you can’t do anything about it.

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