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Why Is Your Snapchat Account Has Been Permanently Locked

By Pranab Sen

✎ Key Takes:

» You can find that your Snapchat account is locked permanently if you violate the platform’s terms and conditions, engaging in activities such as posting inappropriate content, spam, self-injury, hate speech, or criminal behavior.
» Just avoid the impersonation of others on Snapchat, as it is considered a serious offense that can lead to a permanent ban; in case of an accidental lockout, appeal to Snapchat to review their decision for account recovery.

Your account has been permanently locked. Please go here for more info on why this may have happened

Why Is Your Snapchat Account Has Been Permanently Locked:

You have these reasons for this:

1. You’ve Violated Terms & Conditions

If your account on Snapchat has been locked by the Snapchat authorities permanently then there is a good chance that you’ve violated the community guidelines several times and got warnings previously even. If your account is permanently locked on Snapchat you should know that there’s little to no chance of recovering it. 

You've Violated Terms & Conditions

Snapchat follows very strict guidelines and community standard policies. If it detects that you’ve violated any of the community guidelines and policies in any way such as sending fake messages, posting inappropriate content, or promoting hate or spam, then Snapchat will permanently lock your account so that you can’t use it anymore. 

2. Fake Accounts & Reports on Your Account

Reports on your account can cause it to get permanently locked. If you’re using a fake account on Snapchat and someone has detected it, the person may have reported your account.

Snapchat reviews your account to be sure if it’s fake or real. If Snapchat has found that your account is fake and is used for scamming people or others for conducting spamming activities, your account will be permanently banned on Snapchat so that you can’t log in to it anymore to use it.  

Fake Accounts & Reports on Your Account

3. For No Reason (it’s a fault)

If you find that your Snapchat account has been locked all of a sudden without any prior warnings about violations, there is a good chance that it’s a mistake made by the Snapchat authorities and you need to appeal to them to remove the lock so that you can restore your account. Go to the Snapchat support page and then click on Support.

Click on Contact Us.  Next, choose I think my account is compromised and then fill up the form describing your issue in the Description box. Click on the Send button after performing the captcha verification. Snapchat will review your locked account again and if it sees that the lock was a mistake, your account will be restored. 


Your account has been permanently locked. Please go here for more info on why this may have happened:

You get displayed with the error message that says  Your account has been permanently locked. Please go here for more info on why this may have happened when Snapchat has locked your account permanently and you’re not allowed to use it anymore.

Your account has been permanently locked. Please go here for more info on why this may have happened

This happens mainly when Snapchat detects that you’ve severely violated community guidelines of Snapchat by some of your activities. If these violations are made even after temporary warnings then it locks your account permanently as it’s the final step.

You violate community guidelines when you engage in abusive behavior, promote hate, post inappropriate content, send spamming messages on the Snapchat platform, or even try to use false information on your account. 

If you’ve not violated any community guidelines of Snapchat then it may have detected the use of third-party apps or plugins on your Snapchat account which is why your account has been permanently locked.

Snapchat doesn’t allow the use of any kind of third-party tools or apps on Snapchat profiles as these aren’t verified and authorized by Snapchat. If you’ve previously used any such tools on your account there is a good chance that it has caused the permanent lock of your account. 

Why would a Snapchat account be permanently locked:

These are the reasons below:

1. For Faking Someone

If you’re using your account on Snapchat for faking your identity and pretending to be someone else then you’re deceiving the other users on Snapchat.  This is against the rules and guidelines of Snapchat. If you pretend to be someone else to cheat on people using your Snapchat account, your account might get reported by other Snapchatters after which Snapchat may block it permanently. 

Many users pretend to be celebrities or from organizations to cheat other people. Sometimes these activities are done to get money out of them, knowing their bank account details, and locational information, or even to blackmail them with their private pictures or details.

If your account is found to engage in these kinds of activities, Snapchat will lock your account and you’ll never be able to use it again. 

2. Doing Illegal Activities

Snapchat needs its users to abide by its guidelines which is why you can’t use your Snapchat account for engaging in any kind of illegal activities. If Snapchat detects that your account is involved in illegal activities such as buying or selling drugs, illegal weapons, contraband, or counterfeit goods, it will immediately lock your account permanently so that you can’t log into it again. 

Even if you engage in bullying others, or sharing others’ private information without their permission, Snapchat considers it to be illegal and offensive.

You should never use your account to threaten or abuse others, promoting suicide, self-injury, or even disorders as Snapchat bans accounts for this kind of activity. If you use your account for activities related to cybercrimes, terrorism, etc it will get banned for sure too. 

3. Promoting Spam

Snapchat will permanently lock your account if you overuse the message features of Snapchat and promote spam. You’re not supposed to use any kind of messaging system on Snapchat to send text messages to recipients or Snapchat friends. This is considered spam activity and can get your account banned too. 

If you’re using your account to send promotional text to a large number of Snapchat users for marketing purposes you’re overusing the messages feature of Snapchat.

Snapchat suspects the use of a bot on your account after which it will warn you by temporarily locking your account twice or thrice. If you don’t stop overusing the message features for sending spamming messages, Snapchat will ultimately block your account permanently.  

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