DIY Wireless Printer – Making USB Printer Wireless

Printing wirelessly allows multiple users to use the same printer for their personal printing purpose. I had two types of printers on my desk, one is USB printer another is Network Ready printer that I was using for only my use.
I thought what could I solved if I turn that USB printer into a wireless printer, everyone including me will have secondary option & easy use for my laptop that I wanted to take anywhere in my room.
I looked upon many ways and experimented with a few things that actually worked for me to make a wireless printer from a USB printer.
You can follow two methods where you have to just use Raspberry Pi on your USB printer and connect it with all device wirelessly. To turn a USB printer into a wireless printer you can connect it also with a router and then add the printer on your Windows 10 PC on the same wireless network.
Both the method are DIY but then either you need a router or the Raspberry Pi for the successful wireless connection. Raspberry Pi is the best way to use when your router temporarily goes out of power.
In this article, I will share both methods to turn the USB printer into a wireless printed and you can follow the same steps whichever suits you.

How does DIY Wireless Printer work?

If your mind is thinking if a wired printer can act like wireless, it’s possible. The router is the medium between the devices connected to it and the printer with the LAN from the router.
The router will automatically provide the IP address to the printer giving access from all derived on the same router network wirelessly. In your PC (Windows 10), you can add the printer to print out just after the set up you complete with the printer IP address.

Wireless Print Server for USB Printer:

Creating a wireless printer for your work is not a tough thing and this is helpful whenever you want to move your laptop to a different place. If you want to turn a wired printer into a wireless printer then you can follow the two different methods by using a router and another through the Raspberry Pi.
The methods are very simple and you can complete this within 20 minutes each of this. Now, let’s follow the step-by-step guide that I have described in this article:

Using Router to Print Wirelessly:

If you are trying to print out with a wireless router then first you have to connect the printer with your router with the ethernet cable directly to its LAN port and then you can get that printer revised on your PC and paint it down without any wired connection.
Now, here is the part that you have to get a wired connection with the router to a printer and this is mandatory but you don’t have to connect your printer with the PC and this will work wirelessly to print any document.

Connect Printer to Router through Ethernet:

If you want to do wireless printing from your device then your printer should be connected to the router through the ethernet cable on its port. After that, the wireless router will act as a medium between the laptop and the printer. You will only need an ethernet cable and the existing router to set up with.
Just by simple steps, you can connect the printer to the router:
i) Get a two-port ethernet cable and fit one part to the router and another to the printer. Now, from the printer’s IP settings find out the associated IP given the router.
ii) Now, go to your PC and from the settings find the option ‘Printers & Scanners‘ under ‘Devices‘ section and add that printing device by adding the IP address.
usb printer to wireless printer
Once the set up is done, while you are printing any document from the device you will see the option to select that printer to print from wirelessly. 
This same method I used for my Printer model that was previously working with USB, just make sure the IP you added to set up the printer on your laptop or PC is permanent as on restart of printer that may get changed. That is why set the IP to its default as permanent settings.

Print wirelessly using a PC connected to Router:

Now the part comes to make the wireless printer to work on your PC. You have to set up the printer correctly on your PC to get the print is done through the wireless. I took just 10 minutes or less turn the wired printer into wireless by using my existing router and I have only two devices now connected to the router (you can add many). The process I will discuss step-by-step:
1. First of all, once you connected LAN port and got the IP address of your router, come to PC and set up the printer.
2. In case your PC don’t have wireless access to the router connected it with an external driver.
3. Now, open the document you want to print, just press CTRL + P and on the pop-up just select the printer you set up just for wireless printing.
This is all to complete the print process. These stages are simple and you can follow the exact same process to turn your wired USB printer into wireless though your home router.

Raspberry Pi to Make a USB printer Wireless

Raspberry Pi is a computer board that you can install of any model on your printer, this needs a MicroSD card to use as harddrive for it. If you want to know that how does the Raspberry Pi work then this is the computer board that actually connect the printer and make it wireless and your original device like your laptop or PC will be connected to this circuit wirelessly to help you print out any document without any wired connection.
You can install the Raspberry Pi on your printer of any model and then you have to install the software through USB that I will share in this step by step guide.
Raspberry Pi Compatibility:
In this process, you will need the Raspbian software and this is only available on Linux or Windows 10, you cannot operate this in other versions older than Windows 10. You will be needed a USB cable and A MicroSD card and this is mandatory & used to install a recipient software inside it that will work to connect with devices for the wireless printing.
Raspberry Pi 4 Model-B

Steps to Raspberry Pi to Make Wireless Printer: CUPS

The steps to configure that through a USB printer is very simple, all you have to do just get a Raspberry Pi of any model and follow the simple 4 steps:
 At first, you have to install the Raspberry Pi on your printer and you can use the USB with the micro SD card inside and install the image file of Raspbian software that will enable the Raspberry Pi on your printer to operate wirelessly.
➋ On the next step, you have to install the ‘Common Unix Printing System’ that is required to run the Raspberry Pi with the printer. You have just had to type the two commands on the terminal.
  • sudo apt install samba
  • sudo apt install cups
Next, to allow the permission  for printing, you have to finally enter the command:
  • sudo usermod -aG lpadmin pi
 Now in the next, you have to allow all of the devices present nearby to the printer to give the printing permission to this wireless printer and for this, you have to type a command on the terminal:
  • cupsctl –remote-admin –remote-anyshare-printers
 Open  to login into the PI administration. Your username is ‘pi’ and the password will be ‘raspberry’ as default. Now add the printer from the Administration page selecting the correct driver (if not present, get it from the update by clicking on the ‘Windows update’ button and this will do either automatically).
Once you have completed the setup, your wireless printer is ready to print wirelessly.
The Bottom Lines:
You have the two ways, you can apply any of these either through the router or the Raspberry Pi to print wirelessly. The steps I have discussed in this article are very simple and you can easily execute if you have the tools that required to perform the action, just follow the guide and get your wireless printer running.

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