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Do you want to view the saved WiFi password? There are many settings available in your Windows PC that can help you to find saved WiFi password.

But, if you want to reveal all of your saved passwords without handling any settings, you can do it using the software.

There are many tools available that can help you to view the saved WiFi password. Among those tools, WirelessKeyView is the best tool.

WirelessKeyView software can show saved WiFi password on your Windows PC.

WirelessKeyView is the best tool to view saved WiFi password on your Windows PC. WirelessKeyView, the perfect wireless key viewer is available in both 34-bit and 64-bit for Windows OS.

This tiny size (75kb) tool can be downloaded quickly to install it in few seconds and start the scanning process to see the WiFi password. You will be able to figure out the password instantly once you run the tool on your computer. This tool automatically shows all the saved networks and password keys by a list.

WirelessKeyView also displays the security types (WPA, WPA2-PSK) for the networks. This tool is very useful and shows the results quickly. Let’s discuss some features of this tool in details.

WirelessKeyView Features:

  1. WirelessKeyView can run on Windows OS in both 32-bit and 64-bit.
  2. This tool shows the passwords of all networks in plain text. There is nothing to change to see the saved key.
  3. WirelessKeyView displays all passwords for connected and disconnected networks as well. The process is automatic.
  4. The size of this tool is really light. It is as tiny as 75kb in size.

WiFi password Show using WirelessKeyView Software

WirelessKeyView v2.05 should be the first choice as a tool to view the saved WiFi network security key. You just have to download the tool on your Windows PC. You can search ‘WirelessKeyView Download’ on the internet to download the software. We have also given the download page below. Just follow the guide step-by-step:

This program will scan your all windows registry and then extract all saved Wi-Fi passwords from that computer.

At first, Download WirelessKeyView software.

Download Third-Party Tool_WirelessKeyView

On the download page, you will see Download WirelessKeyView 32-bit & 64-bit, just download and complete the installation.

Then open it and you will see WirelessKeyView application. Just double-click on the file. Then click on ‘Run‘ option as it is a zipped file.

Find Saved WiFi Password using Third-Party Tool | WirelessKeyView

After that, you will find all saved Wi-Fi passwords for the connected or disconnected networks which were saved on your PC previously.

Find all Saved WiFi Passwords on PC by software

Now, Complete!

Our Words:
If you want the quickest solution to get the saved WiFi password then just download this tool as a first choice to start the process.

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