WORKING attrib Command to Remove Shortcut Virus

Is your laptop or PC attacked by the shortcut virus? These are viruses that do not go away easily.

We know you have tried many methods but failed to remove shortcut virus.

Now you can easily delete all of your shortcut viruses using these commands and tools.

These shortcut viruses on PC can also send unwanted emails to people without your permission. That situation should be taken care of at first. Also, changing the computer to check the pen drive would not resolve your issue easily.

The mistake people do, you should not do…

Some persons assume that–the files became infected and turned into shortcut virus. Thus, they go for formatting and lose all the data and the virus again comes back to its place.

Remove Shortcut Virus on Your PC:

The perfect approach is to go with some methods which will help you to remove shortcut virus from your computer and get back your file as was before.

Sending out spam emails from your laptop without your permission by such virus is an old issue. The best way to protect this by scanning your PC with a genuine Antivirus product for Windows. Also, don’t forget to set an extra security layer for your email account.

Types of Shortcut Virus:

Such shortcut virus comes in frequent formats like: ‘.exe’, ‘.vbs’, ‘.lnk’, ‘.ini‘ etc. Most known threats are W32/sality.AB2 and Trojan.Gen.2.

However, the shortcut virus has two types in the original.

i) Folder Type Virus 

ii) File Type Virus

How does the Shortcut Virus Spread and Harm Drives?

The shortcut virus is created to spread online and PC to PC. A new PC is infected by such a virus while transferring data from one computer to another. Whether it is a PC or pen drive the shortcut virus do its work by dashing all the files and filling the drive with malware. Once you click those files it will start installing unwanted files in PC to do the bad job.

Now, to help you we have shown some the easiest ways in this article to remove shortcut virus from both your PC hard-drive and pen drive.

We are going to discuss two methods for the solution. Number one is with Command Prompt and another is using USBFIX tool.

Remove Virus using attrib Command

It is an easier method to remove shortcut virus from your drive within 1 minute. So, to get virus-free computers and pen drive, one should follow these steps which are shown below-


At first, go to the start menu and open the ‘Run’ option. You can also press Windows key + R.


Then type “cmd” into the box and press OK button to run the command prompt.

cmd to remove virus


Then, make sure your infected volume Letter (either: Pen drive or hard drive.. C, D, E).


Once the details are kept ready for the infected removable drive just type this following command in Command Prompt:  attrib -r -a -s -h /s /d H:*.*  (Where H is the removable drive) and press Enter.


Now you can copy your valid data from your removable drive because the shortcut virus is fixed now.

After saving the data, now format your removable drive completely.

(However, try the alternative command to delete the viruses. Change to H drive and run command: del *.lnk)

Once your removable drive is formatted then copy all data back to your removable drive.

Note: All the shortcut viruses will be fixed and you can now use your removable drive tension free.

Use USBFIX Software to Remove Shortcut Virus

You will find lots of shortcut removable software but we recommend you to use USBFIX software to fix all types of malware. Because it takes minimum time to remove shortcut virus in an easy way. So to know how to use USBFIX just follow these steps which are given below–


At first, download USBFIX software and install it.


After installation, close the entire running program before launching this software. Because it may close your all running program and you may also lose your running data from your program.

usbfix remove virus pendrive


Now launch the software and connect your infected removable drive to your computer. Then click on the clean option of  ‘USBFIX.

Just wait some minutes then all viruses will be fixed automatically.

USBFIX removes all the shortcut viruses automatically quickly but remember don’t forget to restart your computer after doing this work. Because there are some changes to be made in windows directory automatically.

These are the simple processes to remove such dangerous shortcut viruses. Just follow these steps to make your removable drive virus-free.

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