How to Unblock an Email ID on Gmail? [FULL Guide]

If you have blocked someone on Gmail then you would see the future messages of that person on your spam folder. 
You have many ways to unblock that person you can choose from the settings for the spam folder. The easiest method you can do it from the spam folder if you still receiving the messages from the person.
unblock gmail

To unblock someone from your Gmail account:

1. Login with email id & password on Gmail.
2. Now go to the spam folder and find the messages from the person.
3. Once you open the email, click on the button ‘Unblock sender’.
4. Tap on the ‘Unblock sender’ button and the person will be unblocked from your Gmail account.

Also, if you have mistakenly blocked someone, you can unblock that Gmail ID just by following a few more methods.

You can also take some necessary steps from your local authorities suggested by Gmail if someone harassing you via emails and Gmail strongly against these spam activities.

Before going with this method, if you’re not receiving any messages from the person-check if you’re not blocked and then proceed with this guide.


…, if you are getting such emails in your inbox then block those without wasting any time. If you have sent an email to anyone by mistake then I have also written how you can retrieve a sent email in Gmail.


How to Unblock Someone from your Gmail?

If you blocked someone on your Gmail account and then realised that you did not want to block that person. There is another way to unblock the person.

Then don’t worry. Gmail also has the feature to unblock any person you have blocked whenever you want.

Follow the steps one by one perfectly then you can easily unblock someone in Gmail —

  1. At first, sign in to your Gmail account and then go to the gear icon then click on it which you can find on the right side of the page and after that, there will appear a new dialogue box and here you can see a settings option then click on it.


    how to unblock on gmail
  2. After clicking on settings there will appear a new window then find out the “Filters and Blocked Addresses” and click on it. get filtered contatcs
  3. After clicking on this, there will come a list of those blocked persons. Then there you can unblock that person which you want to unblock. Just give tick mark on the left side of the blocked person and then click on unblock which you can find below of the page.
select and unblock on gmail

Now, Done!….

These were the simple steps you can use to control any email id in your Gmail contact. So, if you want to block anyone you can do this by following the steps and also unblock them whenever you want.

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