YouTube Video Paused Continue Watching – How To Fix

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You can fix the issue in YouTube for desktop using the YouTube nonstop tool.

In order to get rid of this issue just tap on the ‘YES’ while the pop-up shows to you or you can use the extensions like YouTube Nonstop that will let you play YouTube videos continuously without any restrictions.

To stop seeing the ‘Video Paused. Continue Watching’ error, just get the Premium on YouTube and that will solve the issue with many more other useful features.

If you just play a mixed playlist on YouTube, will notice that when the YouTube video started playing continuously this automatically gets stuck after 40-45 minutes if no click or action is done on that window.

video paused. continue watching - fixed

You can definitely fix the error that pops up on your Android mobile and play YouTube videos without any pause.

To get continue watching videos on YouTube that would not pause,

◘ First of all, clear your cache for the YouTube app just by going to the app settings.

◘ You just install the ‘DON’T PAUSE‘ apk on your Android mobile.

don't pause apk

◘ Next, just turn on the app DON’T PAUSE tapping on the play icon and this will monitor your YouTube that won’t let it pause.

◘ Now, play the YouTube videos from the app and this will not be paused anymore on your mobile phone.

There are some tools that you should install on chrome to auto-play videos without pause.

YouTube Auto-Pause Blocker – Best Apps:

You can try these alternatives:

1. YouTube Auto-Pause Blocker

2. YouTube MOD Apk

⭐️ Features of YouTube MOD Apk:

◘ It provides a straightforward interface and has a powerful search engine.

◘ You can freely explore the massive video library and control video references.

◘ For the content creators, this MOD Apk will help upload and manage.

🔗 Link:

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Download and install the app.

YouTube MOD Apk

Step 2: Set up your device requirements. You can also download it from the Play Store, and it is helpful to play songs or videos on Youtube without any pauses or restrictions.

3. Non-Stop YT Apk

⭐️ Features of Non-Stop YT Apk:

◘ You can play your videos while doing other things such as chatting, surfing the internet, or whatever you want.

◘ This apk is mainly created to play YouTube videos in the background, so listening to music and podcasts is good.

◘ It is convenient to use, but as it is not designed to watch YouTube videos, rotation or fullscreen are useless and won’t work.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Download and install the app.

Non-Stop YT Apk

Step 2: Then you can use it and play videos in the background without any pause or restrictions.

4. Youtube Premium Mod Apk

⭐️ Features of Youtube Premium Mod Apk:

◘ It has a background play feature that supports videos and music playing in the background.

◘ You can change the resolution of the video, and you have intuitive shipping controls.

◘ Using this app, users can skip the annoying ads that interrupt them.

◘ Additionally, you can change to different themes, auto-repeat videos, zoom in and out your videos and choose the playback speeds.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Install & open the app.

 Youtube Premium Mod Apk

Step 2: Now follow the instructions to set up the app, and you will be ready to use it and not be interrupted during playing videos.

Youtube Premium Mod Apk

Why Does YouTube show Video paused Continue watching:

There are only two reasons (playing music on auto-play or playing a mixed playlist ) that let this situation occur, let’s explain in more detail:

1. No action or click on that YouTube window

Video paused, continue watching is a new video prompt feature of YouTube. This feature pops up in the background when a video has been left unattended in the background for a certain time interval.

This mostly happens when you listen to your playlist on YouTube and leave it in the grey zone of your device. As soon as you leave it and try to go back to the same YouTube playlist, it shows the option of, ‘Video paused, continue watching’.

2. Playing Auto-play videos for a long time

When a YouTube user plays an autoplay video for a long time up to 45 minutes and leaves it open in the background, it shows the same option of video paused, continue watching.

The only possible reason for this pop-up is that when a playing video is left on an inactive page, just a reminder to the user about the page being left unattended.

How To Fix YouTube Auto-pause while Playing Videos:

You have these fixes for this issue:

1. Go For YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium has a lot of features that are attractive to users and helpful also. People prefer to avoid interruption during their work, so YouTube premium will be an excellent option for them; it skips the ads, auto-pausing problems, downloading options, etc. To get YouTube premium:

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Open your YouTube app, log in with your Gmail credentials and click on the profile icon from the top right corner.

profile icon

Step 2: Click on the Get YouTube Premium option, on the next page, click “Try it free”, and then click on the “1 month free” highlighted text.

Click on the Get YouTube Premium
click on the 1 month free

Step 3: You will be redirected to Google Play Store, complete your payment, and you are done. You can also choose the family or student pack to save your money. For that pack, instead of clicking on the “Try it free” option, click the highlighted family and student plan text and verify your identity.

 clicking on the Try it free youtube

2. Tapping the Airpods (To Continue)

If you are using Airpods and YouTube is connected, you can easily control the Pause Play features of YouTube videos.

Ensure that your Airpods support touch to play feature, and then without touching the phone, just tapping two times on the Airpods, you can pause and play the video.

How To Disable Auto-pause on Mobile – iPhone & Android:

Disabling the auto-pause on any mobile device be it Android or even iPhone is impossible. YouTube doesn’t have any inbuilt option in its settings to disable this video prompt feature.

That means ideally you cannot disable this auto-pause option on your mobile phones.

But, if you don’t want to face such a situation on Android then you might do these things:

Step 1: First, open the window of YouTube on your browser if you’re playing YouTube on a chrome browser.

Step 2: If you’re on your YouTube playlist you just touch on the YouTube app frequently that will let your music video play continuously.

However, if you’re on your Android or iPhone you cannot exit the window in order to keep playing your YouTube videos continuously, although you can try alternative YouTube music to do so.

YouTube Auto-Pause Blocked – Best Extensions:

If you’re on YouTube on PC then there are a few extensions that will let you play the YouTube video or music continuously.

1. Youtube Auto Pause Blocker

Youtube Auto Pause Blocker is an extension that you have to add to your Google Chrome browser in order to block the auto-play and play YouTube videos seamlessly.

Step 1: First of all, install the Youtube Auto Pause Blocker extension on your browser and add it to your desktop.

install the Youtube Auto Pause Blocker extension

Step 2: This YouTube auto-pause blocker only works on personal computers and laptops.

Step 3: It does not support any other device like your Android and iPhone mobile phones.

Step 4: Once you click it n add it to the desktop, the extension automatically blocks the ‘video paused, continue watching’ prompt video pop-up on YouTube.

Step 5: This feature completely blocks the pop-up menu box from appearing and allows you to enjoy your video without any interruption.

Step 6: This YouTube auto-pause blocker works perfectly with all the viewing modes on YouTube.

You need not worry anymore about the prompt video pop-up on YouTube. So what if the settings on YouTube don’t provide you with the option of blocking it, we have an extension to block it.

2. YouTube NonStop Extension

YouTube NonStop is another best extension that you can use to disable the auto-pause on YouTube.

To use the YouTube NonStop extension to disable the auto-pause on YouTube,

Step 1: First of all, install the YouTube NonStop extension on your Google Chrome extension and add this extension to the desktop of your personal computer.

YouTube NonStop Extension

Step 2: Once added to the desktop, the ‘YouTube NonStop extension’ will put an end to the confirmation of ‘Video paused. Continue watching’ the pop-up.

Step 3: This extension page doesn’t allow any confirmation box to pop up. Thus the video wouldn’t be paused anymore. All thanks to the YouTube NonStop extension page.

Step 4: This extension page supports both YouTube and also YouTube music apps.

Step 5: This is a free extension page.

Step 6: It works on full-screen view and mini-screen view.

That’s all you’ve to do to use the extension.

How to Disable Auto-pause on Mac:

There is no option available to disable the auto-pause on YouTube. No mobile phone will show you the option to disable the pop-up of the Video prompt on YouTube. No hidden or pirated app will allow or help you to disable it on your mobile phone.

This disabling feature only works on your Mac. If you are using YouTube on your personal computer and play auto Play video for a long time and leave it open in the background, the video paused pops up.

To disable the auto-pause on your YouTube,

1. First of all, add an extension to your existing chrome browser, that you use for opening YouTube on your personal computer.

2. Open the extension page. Click on ‘Add extension‘ to confirm

3. Adding an extension page on your Chrome browser is as simple as it is said here.

4. After adding the extension page, the video prompt is disabled.

But if you use Chrome on other devices, you can turn on the ‘ sync’ button, so that even the extension page is synced.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What Are the Reasons for Auto-pause on YouTube?

No interactivity on YouTube for a long time up to 45 minutes.

2. Can I disable YouTube Auto-pause on Mobile?

You cannot disable it on mobile but you can tap on YouTube play just scrolling for a second, and that keeps playing your YouTube.

3. Do the extensions work to disable the autoblock on YouTube?

Extensions are used on Google Chrome in order to disable the auto-pause on YouTube and these tools work really perfectly on your MacBook or Windows PC (if you’re using the Google Chrome browser).

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