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You can use the tool to find LinkedIn emails, which come with affordable costs and accurate results.

SalesQL is another useful extension that you can use as an email finder.

Use the tool to manage remote and local data. is also famous for searching emails by name and domain.

Lusha comes with the top features for finding email addresses.

Best LinkedIn Email Finder:

Try the following tools:


⭐️ Features of

◘ Your email can be automatically verified with Reply’s advanced technology.

◘ You can search for sales navigators, LinkedIn recruiters, and bulk emails on LinkedIn.

◘ Affordable plans are available so that you can buy and use them.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Open the Chrome browser, search for the extension, enter the official page and click Add to Chrome.

click Add to Chrome

Step 2: After the extension has been added to Chrome, open it by clicking on the extension’s icon in the top-right corner of the browser.

extension's icon in the top-right

Step 3: During the first launch, the extension opens a browser tab with your Gmail account; everything is ready to begin prospecting.

Step 4: You can click the Find emails button to see how the extension searches for emails, or you can also Sign in to start using all options.

click the Find emails button

2. SalesQL

⭐️ Features of SalesQL:

◘ It is very easy to use, and you can find personal and business emails in Linkedin profiles for free.

◘ You can extract bulk emails directly from LinkedIn search pages and

◘ You can manage someone’s contacts on their dashboard.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Open your Chrome extension page and search for the SalesQL extension there.


Step 2: Add this extension to your Chrome browser, and the SalesQL icon will be added to the address bar.

Step 3: Now open LinkedIn, search for any profile, click the SalesQL icon and extract the email address.

3. Getprospect

⭐️ Features of Getprospect:

◘ Inbuilt resources and platforms are provided there.

◘ You can find an email address by searching the person’s name or domain.

◘ You can also use the bulk email finder and verifier features.

⭐️ Advantage:

◘ It works smartly and filters out bogus emails.


Free: You can search for 50 emails and 100 verifications for $0.

Starter: 1000 emails and 2000 verifications for $49 monthly.

Basic: For $99 per month, you will get 5000 emails and 10000 verifications.

Plus: You can verify 40000 accounts with 20000 emails for $199 per month.

Pro: The final plan includes 50000 email searches and 100000 verifications for $399/month.



⭐️ Features of

◘ It has lead Scoring, content management, workflow management, Call List management, and a huge base of team management.

◘ They do call monitoring, email automation, and other spying activities.

⭐️ Advantage:

You can easily manage users’ remote and local data at an affordable price.

💲Pricing: Monthly

Free: $0 for searching 50 email credits per month.

Basic: $49 for searching 200 email credits per month.

Professional: $99 for searching unlimited email credits per month.



Free: $0 for searching 50 email credits per month.

Basic: $39/month(200 email credits per month).

Professional: $79/month(Unlimited email credits , 50 mobile numbers/month)



⭐️ Features of

◘ It contains the domain and third-party email search and validation features.

◘ Email findings from names and drip campaigns are also available here.

◘ You can search for a company’s profile, technology checker, and track emails.

⭐️ Advantages:

You can make your outreach quick and effortless using this tool.


S: $33 per month for 1000 credits and 5000 unique recipients.
M: $83/month for 10000 unique recipients and 5000 credits.
L: Pay $158 per month and search for 20000 credits and 30000 unique reports.
XL: You get more credits and unique reports and use other features for $308.
XXL: You can also use the most relevant features for the price of $615/month.

6. LeadLeaper

⭐️ Features of LeadLeaper:

◘ You can pay monthly and yearly, and the deployment is cloud-based.

◘ It is available on mobiles, a desktop app, and a Windows web.

◘ You can find reports of social media accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

⭐️ Advantages:

It comes with affordable prices along with end-to-end solutions.


Prospector: It includes 300 leads per month and 1000 outbound daily emails for $90/month.

Prospector Plus: For $110 per month, you can do 500 leads per month and 5000 outbound emails daily.

Prospector Pro: This offer includes 10000 outbound emails per day, 1000 leads per month, and other features for $125/month.


7. Lusha

⭐️ Features of Lusha:

◘ It provides a CRM, a content database, a dashboard and almost all kinds of features.

◘ You can import and export data with the filter search feature.

◘ You can extract someone’s social media platform details like location, email address etc.

⭐️ Advantage:

It can find emails and phone numbers more accurately, so thousands of large and small companies trust it.


Free: Per person gets 5 credits for $0.

Pro: You will get many features and 480 credits per person for $348.

Premium: Get 960 credits per user for $612, along with other features.


8. Aeroleads:

⭐️ Features of Aeroleads:

◘ It is a context-based lead generation software available on the web.

◘ It is the fastest tool that can give you the result in a matter of seconds.

◘ Customizable with import and export data feature.

◘ You can get real-time search reports of social media accounts with filters.

⭐️ Advantage:

It is perfect for B2B and lead generation businesses because it provides accurate data quickly.


Take Off: Pay $49 per month and get 2000 credits, max users are 1, and it supports email.
Climb: It supports chats and emails and provides 8000 credits with a max of 5 users for $149 per month.
Cruise: With an unlimited users facility, it provides 30000 credits and supports chats, phones, and emails for $499 per month.
Enterprise: You can get credits per your requirement and the same facilities; the price will be determined based on your needs.


9. Voila Norbert

⭐️ Features of Voila Norbert:

◘ The lead enrichment of Voila Norbert is very high.

◘ It can track the email addresses of social media accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

◘ It helps you to do bulk searches meaning you can extract multiple domain names from a list.

⭐️ Advantage:

Considered the most accurate bulk email tool and is renowned for its success rate.


Valet: You have to pay $49 per month, and you can search for 1000 leads per month.
Butler: For $99 per month, you can search for 5000 leads per month.
Advisor: After paying $249, you can search for 15000 leads.
Counselor: You can search for 50000 leads for $499 per month.

Voila Norbert

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