Download Large files from Google Drive [without Zipping]

Google drive is mostly used to store files for cloud access to data. The files can dependably be large or medium and can be downloaded with or without zipping. Although a zip file can be opened thorough zip unlocker tool, you can download the large Google drive files without zipping it using Google drive tool. … Read more

Stop Autosaving WhatsApp Photos – How to Save on Mobile?

WhatsApp normally saves the media files including videos or photos to phone memory and the disadvantages of this, when you uninstall your WhatsApp the media files also get deleted. ☛ You can read what you can lose if you uninstall WhatsApp or delete profile. Personally, I faced this situation when I just uninstalled my WhatsApp … Read more

View Locked/Private Facebook Profiles Online

Sometimes, people share these photos publicly or privately with few ones on Facebook. I was looking for my close one’s profile if she is present on Facebook. Yes, I found her and then the target was to view the hidden photos that were posted on her profile. To view hidden/private Facebook photos or posts of … Read more