How to Stop Auto-Download in WhatsApp Web? – Ways

Auto-download on WhatsApp web can be stopped, when things go out of hand with media and photos, we often close the auto-download option from our phone.  There are some tricks that you can follow to save your computer space from getting filled up with tons of unwanted WhatsApp media. To stop auto-downloading in the WhatsApp … Read more

Get Unblocked from the Marketplace on Facebook – Steps

If your Facebook marketplace is blocked, you can unblock it. There may be several issues that have resulted in this situation.  But it’s possible to get unblocked. Facebook provides a diverse range of options where users can sell and buy stuff. This online platform has helped to gain local audiences online. But misusing can result … Read more

How to Remove the Restriction on Facebook Account?

Sometimes Facebook puts its users under some restrictions. These restrictions are the result of any inappropriate activity from using your Facebook account that may target the standards of any community. These Facebook restrictions prevent users from posting any kind of inappropriate content on the Facebook platform.  The restriction may prevent you from viewing certain posts, … Read more

Facebook Story Downloader – Online

You might want to save the Facebook story video and reshare it on your account or just keep it to view offline whenever you want. But because of platform limitations, you lose some good content. Here you can download them using a third-party tool to view them offline or reshare them. However, Facebook doesn’t feature … Read more

Recover Suspended Twitter Account – For Age, Copyright, Violations

You can get back your suspended Twitter accounts unless it’s the case of permanent suspension. Many times Twitter suspends accounts for common reasons like spamming or other suspicious activity, violation of their rules, etc. You cannot use your suspended account, but it’s not deactivated either. So it’s just inoperable.  As it’s not accessible during the … Read more