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We specialize in identifying and handling online harassment and impersonation by using forensic analysis to trace the origins of malicious websites and social media activity.

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We help individuals and businesses tackle online harassment, impersonation, and all other cyber issues.




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We set ourselves apart as the more reliable solution for combating online harassment and impersonation. Advanced forensic techniques and website analysis to identify and understand the sources of online threats.

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Social Media Investigation

We offer specialized social media investigation services to assist individuals and businesses affected by online bullying, harassment, extortion, and impersonation.

Cyber Fraud Investigation

We offer expert assistance in addressing and resolving online scams and cyber fraud issues. We use advanced techniques to investigate incidents and identify the individuals behind them.

Website Analysis

We specialize in finding the entities behind fraudulent websites, helping you avoid unsafe investments and unauthorized content use.

Online Reputation Management

Our service protects a company’s digital identity and reputation by guarding against counterfeiters, cyber squatters, and unauthorized use and ensuring continued customer trust.

Asset Recovery

We provide specialized asset recovery services for victims of scams and fraud. Using our advanced investigative techniques, we not only identify the offenders but also help in recovering lost assets.

Expert Opinion

Our experts are skilled in compiling professional reports and providing admissible evidence suitable for court cases, and other legal matters, backed by expert opinions.

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” TechniqueHow has been a game-changer for us. Their ability to swiftly identify the perpetrators and assist in recovering the assets not only saved us from significant financial losses but also preserved our reputation among clients. “

Melissa Franklin

Insurance Company manager

” I recently fell victim to a complex trade scam, and I was struggling to see a way out until I engaged the services of TechniqueHow. Their team provided a detailed report that not only identified the offenders but also outlined their operations, giving me crucial insights into the scam’s mechanics. “

Matthew Carroll

Pro Trader

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