Blocked but iMessage says Delivered [Final Conclusion]

Sending urgent messages is an important thing. But, when didn’t get a reply back, this is the time when the situation gets worse.

If you have your time to find out what happens to your messages which were sent through iMessage, here you go.

If you are looking for the clues to check what does iMessage shows upon getting blocked or will iMessage be delivered if blocked, you should know that the sending iMessage in updated iOS 12 if you get a blue message saying delivered then you’re not blocked.

Note that for an iMessage,

  • If the previous iMessage shows Delivered but recent ones don’t: Then you’re blocked.
  • If iMessage does not show the ‘Delivered‘ or ‘Read‘ receipts: Then you have been blocked.
  • If the iMessage marked as blue and shows ‘Delivered‘: You’re not blocked.
This normally says that your iMessage is delivered but does not show up to that person. It also happens if someone has blocked you on the iPhone.
So, this normally means that you must add some more filters to test out what is actually happened to their iMessage.
Ok, Before going into details let’s talk about green messages that appear on your iPhone.

Why Do I see Green Messages on iPhone?

This does not mean you’re blocked if you see green messages on your iPhone. Note that iMessage is for all iOS users (iPhone, iPad) which means these blue messages will turn into green if you send normal text messages to other users (i.e. Android or Windows phone users), it will show as green.

Can I Archive Entire iMessage Conversation?

If you want to save an entire conversation on iMessage you can archive that on your iPhone.
You can just copy the conversation and save it to any file or cloud storage. It does not have the archive option manually present.
Now, this article will help you to find out if someone has blocked you on iMessage. Here you go with these methods mentioned below:

1. See if blocked by Sending an iMessage:

The first and easy way to check if you are blocked on iMessage by someone, sending a message through iMessage to his/her phone number. However, on iOS 12 the iMessage you send shows as delivered.
How to know then?…
Yes, there are two things to make sure.
On your iOS 12, once the iMessage is sent to the person and if he has blocked you then be sure that you would not get the ‘Read’ receipt anyway.
no receipt on MacBook
Another way you can do by opening the iMessage on Macbook. There are several issues that happen with Macbook. The fact is, while the iMessage on your iPhone if shows as ‘Delivered‘, the MacBook does not show any delivery receipt for the messages on iMessage.
So, if you still see the iMessage as ‘Delivered’ on your MacBook. Then, maybe the person has not blocked you. Wait for the read receipt to appear for confirming this.

2. Check by sending iMessage [Lower version than iOS 12]:

On the lower version than iOS 12, the detection becomes easier. You can check if you have been blocked by someone just by sending an iMessage to that number. If the outgoing message fails to send and shows as a green bubble asking to send an as normal message. Then you can be sure that the person has blocked you.
Only one condition, just check your internet connection is turned on & working well.
Even if you send the message instead, that message also will not be shown to the person even if it is delivered. So, failing to send an iMessage is a clear indication that your number is blocked.

3. Check by Directly calling the Number:

The iMessage gets blocked if the person has blocked your number on iPhone. That is why, just by calling that mobile number, you can be sure of it.
If the call directly forwarded to the voicemail after a single ring or without any ring, this might be another sign that the person blocked your number on his/her iPhone.
Well, if you think this might be for the temporary settings for all callers, then just call the person later or check with another number. If the call rings then be sure that you’re blocked by the person.

How to Check if the person activated DND?

If your all numbers are known to the person then this might not be helpful as all of your numbers can be blocked by him. In that case, just hide your caller ID and call again.
iPhone DND
On a few carriers, this feature is available and on some not. There is also another setting that is rejecting the repeated calls only. Still, you can use virtual numbers instead of this check.
What can be done in this case?…
If you seek urgency to send any info to the person and calls get auto-rejected, the only thing you can do is by sending a social media message on WhatsApp or Facebook. If you send any voicemail to the person, those also get blocked and stored in the ‘Blocked Messages’ section under voicemail. There will be no notification to that person who blocked you.
Final Verdict:
If you want to know if you’re blocked on iMessage, method 1 which includes the trick using your MacBook is the best way to check with. Still, if you don’t have the MacBook then calling the number is another solution to check if blocked or not. However, there are many tools that can check this as well as easily.

1. Do green messages always mean you are blocked?

The green messages show up on your iMessage when it is failed to send. This may be due to your internet connection is turned off. If this is considered then this may be a sign of being blocked.

2. What happens when you send a text to a blocked number?

If you send a normal message to a person’s number who has blocked you then he will not get any notification of your sent message. He or she will never receive that message.

3. How do I see blocked Voicemails & others on iPhone?

The message you send to the blocker is stored in the blocked section of that app.
For FaceTime, Go to Settings>> FaceTime>> Blocked and you will find the messages.
For normal messages, Go to Settings>> Phone>> Call Blocking & Identification and find the SMS there.
For Voicemail, Go to Voicemail>> Blocked Messages.

4. What does it mean if your iMessage doesn’t say Delivered?

This includes three situations.
i) Maybe the phone is switched off.
ii) Out of internet connection.
iii) Activated DND.
iv) Person blocked your number.

5. Will iMessage say Delivered if the Phone is off?

No. The message you send will not show as delivered if the phone is turned off. The iMessage can be sent as a normal message in a green bubble it will appear.

6. Can I delete an iMessage before it’s Delivered?

You can not stop the process from sending any message from your phone once it is sent. The only thing if your internet connection was turned off while attempting the process then you can stop the app and reset it to skip the process. But, if your messages once go to apple server then you can only alternate that message through a normal text message.

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