Download & Save Images from Copy-Protected Websites

If you need an image from the web content but you cannot then most probably the image is locked. In addition, if you are seeing an error message like ‘The image is protected’ or ‘The content is locked’ that assures it that the website owner doesn’t want you to copy the images.

So, how to download the images from protected websites?…

…yes, you can save pictures from a copy-protected website if you follow the methods we have discussed in this article.

However, if you need the whole content you have to copy the protected texts in another way.

Now, let’s discuss a few points about the copy-protected pictures on a webpage.

What are the Protected Images on a Webpage?

A few website owners do not make the images available to download on your drive to prevent unauthorized use of those images. That is why the webpage is made through some of the critical HTML codes that restrict you from saving that picture on your device.

Is it Possible to download that Image?

If you need to download the protected images you have to open the image in a new tab. You can save the copy-protected images using the LightShot tool or opening the developer mode on chrome, then opening the image from the source URL in a new tab.
While the image is protected, the right-click is disabled and you can not open the image in a new tab.

However, this does not end here.

You can use any of these methods mentioned below to get the photos saved in Full resolution:

💡 Note: Don’t use any copyright images for your work, you may get a copyright-strike. Just consider reading this article as an educational guide.


Methods to Download Images from Protected Websites

If you want to download a copy protected image from a webpage then you have two methods to execute.

Either you can press the print screen button from your keyboard on PC or you can directly inspect the hidden image URL and download the image from that URL.

1. Download Protected Images using PrtSc SysRq button

Whenever you see that the website does not allow you to copy or save the images on your desktop just take the steps to get that image:

  • Step 1:
    First of all, just keep the image visible on your desktop screen through the live URL and press the ‘PrtSc SysRq‘ button from your computer keyboard.PrtScr
  • Step 2: Now if you pressed that button, the total viewable area is copied in the clipboard. Now just open the paint program from your Windows PC and press ‘Ctrl v’ to paste the total view.
  • Step 3: From the total screenshot, you can select the area of that image and delete other unwanted portions.
  • Step 4: Now finally save that image on your computer drive as a new file.

That’s all done, this is how you can easily save the protected images from the right-click disabled website.

2. Using LightShot software on Windows or Mac

If you want to exclude the editing on any program that you can use this third-party tool to take the screenshot on the exact image position and save that in your PC. Just follow the below step-by-step guide:

Step 1
Just search the LightShot tool on the web and install it on your PC whether it is Windows or Mac OS.

lightshot application pc

Go to: LightShot Download

Step 2
Now after installing it, this will be activated for all of your browsers likely the Chrome browser. Just press the same PrtSc SysRq button from the computer keyboard and this will ask you to select the portion you want to save as screenshot on your PC.

Step 3
Now you have to save the image screenshot on your computer drive. There is no father editing is needed in this case.

This is how you can save the images from copy-protected websites on your desktop.

3. Download Copy Protected images from Websites on Chrome

If you wondering how you can download the original images you can do this easily on your Chrome browser. You just need to open the image URL that you can find through the developer tool on your Google Chrome browser.

  1. For this, first of all, you need to install the developer tool extension on your Google Chrome browser.
  2. Now after opening the copy-protected website page just enable developer tool and click on the ‘View Image Information’ option.copy protected photos
  3. This will instantly show the original image URL that you need to open in a new tab.
  4. After opening the images just right click on your tab and save the image on your computer hard drive.

Note that this method helps you to get the image in HD quality and this is the original image that uploaded by the website owner.

Save Copy Protected Images on your Mobile

If you are on your mobile device then you can also save the locked images from copy-protected websites on your mobile.

This trick goes as the same as you did previously, just the direction of us changes.

For taking screenshots on mobile you have to press the power and volume up button or you can tap on the screenshot icon by sliding down the menu bar.

If you take the full screenshot you will need to edit that image on your mobile image editor to select only the image portions and save that image on your mobile device.

If you take the help of the screenshot option from the menu bar, you can select the image position to save on your mobile device

That’s all you need to do to save a copy protected image on your mobile device.

The Bottom Lines:

Either you’re in a mobile device or PC you can download the images for free. But, better to avoid such images from using to stay away from any copyright strike.

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