How to Check Amazon Gift Card Balance without Redeeming

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To check the Amazon Gift card balance, you can put the Gift card code into the box and then click on the ‘Check’ button to get the balance value. You can also proceed to get items with the GC and you would find out what the value it does worth.

You can use the gift voucher to purchase any items on or you can include the card amount into your gift card wallet to utilize it on future orders.

In any case, if you need to check the balance only, you can do it easily from the gift card option. You must be cautious of the gift voucher doesn’t get redeemed while checking the balance.


If you have got an Amazon Gift card and want to check the balance before selecting a product according to it then you have a few indirect ways to check the gift card balance.

If you’re going to redeem the GC while purchasing a product then you might get the balance displayed on the checkout page and it is not redeemed until you have made any purchases with it.

A person can send an Amazon gift card in many ways and if you need to check the balance then you need to understand that the gift vouchers are only redeemable at the site.

You can just send the Gift card amount to your bank account with a few steps.

Along these lines, here right now you will learn the methods to check your Amazon gift card balance without redeeming.

How Much is the Amazon gift card worth: Check the Amount:

Amazon team has their own suggestions on checking the balance of gift cards, you can check here the conversation screenshots for the guide.


You will be able to check the E-Gift card balance and physical gift card balance as well in this process.


You can see by contacting customer service your issue will get resolved to check the gift card balance even without redeeming, all you need is just the Gift Card ID.

But, for now, is no longer showing that option.

You can apply these alternative ways that will be helpful in the same way to check gift card balance and your core intention behind checking the Amazon gift card balance will be resolved with this.

However, if you want to buy a product from Amazon and pay later with no interest you can avail Amazon Monthly Payments option.

🏷 Create an Amazon account for Gift Card/Reloadable card

To open an Amazon account you have to go to the respective Amazon website.

You can use any combination of Amazon domains for registering an Amazon account.

Like if you are registering on the same username and password can be used for login on other Amazon websites like, etc.

Step 1: First of all, just go to at first.

Step 2: Now register with your name, email ID, and mobile number, and instantly your Amazon account will be created. You may have to verify your email ID or phone number if you have added it to your account at the time of the registration process.

Step 3: Once you have done all of these, just set up your profile with the necessary details like address, zip code, and profile picture.

Your account is now ready to use and you can add money to your gift card wallet for using it on your orders.

How to Check Amazon Gift Card Balance:

Now to check the gift card balance, you have to follow some methods that are described below, so let’s dive in.

1. Check Gift card balance through Amazon app:

If you are on the Amazon app on your mobile then you have the chance to check your gift card balance from your mobile:

Stage 1: For this, you have to update your Amazon app to the latest then after login, just go to the ‘Your Account’ section. You will find the option from the left menu bar by tapping on the three-line icon.

Stage 2: Now scroll to the bottom and tap on the gift card option from the listed items. You will have the add balance option. Just tap on it and you will be asked to enter the claim code of your gift card.

Stage 3: Once you enter your claim code you will be redirected to the next window where your gift card balance will be popped up in front of you. Now, you have to confirm the message to add that to your account.

You can cancel before it gets redeemed otherwise this task cannot be reversed.

Note: The settings or the direction may be slightly different as per the country you are living in. Otherwise, the process is almost the same and you can use this in any country you’re in.

⭐️ Choosing the target country on Amazon App:

If you want to check the gift card that belongs to other countries then you have to select the Amazon website of that country.

Further, the login information will be the same but the website combination will be different (like,,, etc).

Step 1: To change your country just step on the left side three-line icon and scroll to the bottom.

Step 2: Now from the list just tap on the ‘Change Country’ option.

There you will see lots of countries listed on the next window.

country 3

Just select your target country from the list and complete the next action that is asked.

(This may ask you to complete the further process through your mobile browsers).

Once you select your target country you can confirm it in the top left corner.

2. Check Gift Card Balance Online on Amazon:

If you are on your PC then you can check your Amazon gift card balance by visiting the website

(Note: For different countries, change the .com to .ae or .ca respectively as per the country)

Just follow the step-by-step guide below:

Step 1: First of all, go to (if it is an gift card) and log in with your credentials. Now from the dropdown menu just select the ‘Your Account’ option from the list.

Step 2: After that, you will see the ‘Gift cards’ option that you have to select for the next steps.

amazon redeem 2

Step 3: Now you will see there are two different options one is related to your balance and another one is redeeming a gift card. To check your gift card balance just tap or click on the ‘Redeem a Gift Card’ button.

amazon gc

Step 4: Now you will see a next window that will ask you to enter the gift card claim code. Just enter the claim code without any dashes and click on the ‘Apply to your balance’ button.

amazon redeem 4

Step 5: Now once you click on the button ‘Check‘, you will see the gift card amount. 

[However, Amazon removed this feature for now. Try this alternative instead]

Note that if you confirm that claim code, the gift card will be credited to your account.

🔯 Can you Transfer the Gift Card Balance to the Friend’s Account?

Amazon does not provide such a feature to transfer your gift card balance to other Amazon users.

Your gift card can only be redeemed to purchase a new book or to buy something from Amazon websites. If you want to send a gift card to your friend then you have the choice to send it online through Amazon eGift card.

The process to send the gift card to your friend’s email ID is by purchasing a new one with your prepaid card.

How to Check if the Amazon gift card has been Redeemed:

If you have an old gift card and you are not sure about the value it is worth then you can add this gift card to your Amazon account if the validity of this gift card is not much time left or tomorrow, shoot a check if the gift card has been redeemed on Amazon.

It is better to redeem such a gift card that is about to expire on the next day rather than check the balance and kept in your pocket again.

To buy a new gift card, you have to use a prepaid debit or credit card. You cannot use your gift card balance to shop for a gift card from Amazon.

If the expiry of your gift card is soon then just open and add the gift card to your gift card balance. Once you added it to the balance, you will see the expiry date of that amount, so better to use it before that time period.

🔯 Is it possible to use G.C. on website?

If you are purchasing a gift card on for gifting someone, the same you and your friends have to use to purchase any goods using that gift card amount.

If you are sending an eGift card to someone who is using or other Amazon websites from different countries then the gift card cannot be used to purchase from those websites.

Amazon US and Amazon Canada are operated separately which is why the gift card management and other account credits are totally different.

If you can’t use the gift card that does not mean that you cannot really add it to your account.

While you are on, you can still open from your browser and log in with the same login credentials.

Now you have to follow the same method to add a gift card to your gift card balance for gifting that amount to someone else who is living in that country.

That saves your card from expiry or non-use.

🔯 Fixing the Claim code issue for Gift Cards:

If your GC is not working then maybe it is already used or the claim code you are entering is incorrect.

Did you damage the claim code while scratching it to unlock the GC claim code?

fix claim code

Then you have to contact Amazon with your 16-digit gift card serial number that is pasted on the front of your physical gift card.

Soon an Amazon representative will contact you for further information if needed and will sort out your problem quickly.

You will get help from Amazon only, otherwise, there is no chance that your gift card can be restored.

The Bottom Lines:

This article explained that if you want to check the Gift Card balance without redeeming it, you will get it done. But, you should redeem it before its expiry and remember, a Gift card balance is applicable to selected items to purchase from Amazon, you cannot buy a Gift card with the gift card balance.

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