How To Transfer Amazon Gift Card To Another Account

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Transferring an Amazon Gift Card to another account is technically not possible but it offers many redemption methods that you can use to purchase items from Amazon. There are even other sites that allow the use of Amazon Gift Cards to pay for things.

You can use the trick of ordering something using your Gift Card and then cancel the order to get the refund in your Amazon wallet.

You can request Customer Support to transfer your Amazon wallet’s balance to your bank account. By doing this only, you can transfer Amazon Gift Cards to your bank account.

If you do not know the worth of the gift card, there is a process to check its balance.

You need to know that you can only purchase the eligible items using Gift Cards. For the non-eligible items, you won’t be able to get the option of using your Gift Card balance.

Moreover, you can never transfer your Amazon GC balance to someone else’s wallet but you can buy things for them using your Gift Card by putting their home address as the delivery address to make the item reach them.

Although, there are certain steps to take to undo the redemption if you have done.

🔯 Can You Transfer an Amazon Gift Card to Another Account?

It’s not possible to transfer your Amazon Gift Card to your second account.

◘ If you have got an Amazon Gift card that you want to transfer to your other account, there’s no direct way that allows you to do that but redeem methods can help you purchase with the card.

◘ It supports many redemption methods that include purchasing items from the Amazon app where you can use your Gift Card. You can even visit other sites or apps that allow the use of Gift Cards to purchase items with them.

◘ Many online shopping apps have started to accept Amazon Gift Cards while buying items. Therefore, you can redeem your Gift Card and pay for the items that you shop for using your Amazon Gift Card on those apps.

◘ You need to first add your Gift Card by clicking on Add Gift Card while purchasing items from Amazon and then purchase your items with it. However, it can only help you in purchasing the eligible goods or services that are available on Amazon.

How To Transfer Gift Card Amazon To Another Account:

There’s no direct way that you can follow or use to transfer your Amazon Gift Card to your bank account. Though, you can do an indirect trick where you need to order an eligible item using your Amazon Gift Card.

After placing the order you need to cancel or return the item. Your refund will be paid back to your Amazon wallet. You can request customer service to transfer the amount that is in your Amazon wallet to a bank account. Thus the amount will be transferred and added to your bank account. But this process can take up to a few days and is not available in all countries.

Amazon has a fair policy of sending refunds to their customers after they’ve canceled or returned any items. You need to take advantage of this policy to transfer your Gift Card to your bank account.

Amazon credits its refund amount to the Amazon wallet of the customers and not directly into the bank account when the purchase is made using a Gift Card. But the amount in the wallet can be transferred to your linked bank account.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Open the Amazon application.

 Amazon application

Step 2: You need to search for an item that you want to buy.

 you want to buy

Step 3: Next, click on the item from the result list and then click on Buy Now.

Step 4: It will take you to the Payment Method page, where you’ll find the option Add a Gift Card, Promotion Code. Click on it and enter your code and then place your order.

Gift Card or Promo Code.

Step 5: After placing the order, you need to cancel it from the Your orders section after selecting any possible reason.

Step 6: Send a refund request to Amazon. Amazon will send you the refund back into your wallet within a few days. 

Step 7: Next, you need to request to transfer the amount in your wallet to your bank account which is done through Customer Support.

🔯 How to Revive a Gift Card From Expiry:

You can revive a Gift Card from expiry by redeeming it before the expiry date. For every Amazon Gift Card or voucher that you get, there’s a fixed expiry date after which the Gift Card cannot be used. You need to first know the date of expiry of your Gift Card and then redeem the code of your Gift Card to purchase things before the expiry date.

However, if you find that your Gift Card has expired, you can take help from Customer Support and request them if they can revalidate your expired Gift Card. Sometimes, they might not be able to accept your request for the revalidation of your expired Gift Card because of certain terms and policy but often the requests are granted after verification.

🔴 Steps To Redeem Gift Card:

Step 1: On the Amazon app, you need to first claim the code of your Gift Card.

Amazone your Gift Card

Step 2: Next, you’ll have to head on to Redeem a Gift Card.

Redeem a Gift Card

Step 3: You need to enter the ‘claim code’ and then click on Apply to Your Balance.

Apply to Your Balance

Step 4: You can even enter the code on the Payment Method page by clicking on Add a Gift Card … while buying an item to use your Gift Card.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can you Buy all Products with a Gift Card?

Not all products are eligible to be brought using an Amazon Gift Card. Although most of the products on Amazon are available to be bought using Gift Cards, there are few or selected products for which you can’t use Gift Cards to pay.

When you’re buying a product that’s eligible to be bought using a Gift Card, you’ll be able to get the option of using an Amazon Gift Card on the Payment Method page. It will permit you to use your Gift Card balance to pay for the price of the item you’ve chosen to buy.

But when you’ve chosen an item that’s not eligible to be bought using Gift Cards, you’ll not have the option to ‘Add a Gift Card ..‘ on the Payment Method page. Seeing it, you’ll be able to know that the item you’ve chosen isn’t an eligible one and you need to select another item to buy using your Amazon Gift Card.

The Amazon app has a long and clear list of Terms & Conditions where you’ll be able to read and know about the products that are eligible to be bought using Gift Cards. It shows the user the category list which can be brought using the Gift Card balance.

If you don’t want to read the whole list of categories of eligible items, you can simply choose the item you want to buy and see if it provides you the option to use your Gift Card to buy it.

2. Can the Gift Card be Transferred to another’s wallet?

If you have got an Amazon Gift Card, you cannot transfer your Gift Card to someone else’s wallet for that person to use. There’s no possible way that can help you in transferring your Amazon Gift Card to somebody else because it’s not permitted.

However, if you want to let someone use your Amazon Gift Card, you can do it indirectly by ordering the item for that person using your Amazon Gift Card on the Amazon app.

As you cannot let others use or transfer your Amazon Gift Card to someone else, you can still let the person get the benefit of it by buying him or her the item he or she wants using your Gift Card. You need to put the home address of the person for whom you’re buying the item as the delivery address and then place the order. This will help the person get the item he or she wants by using your Amazon Gift Card indirectly.

The Bottom Lines:

This article explained the method that you can use to transfer your Gift Card to another account. Transferring of Gift Card balance to Amazon is possible by canceling the order and requesting the refund to be transferred from the wallet to the bank account.

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