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How To Unblock Someone On Venmo & What If You Do

✎ Key Takes:

» You can unblock someone on Venmo by accessing the app’s settings and selecting the user from the list of blocked accounts.
» Using caution when blocking someone, as it hides both users from each other’s lists, preventing payment transactions and profile visibility.
» However, If you suspect you’ve been blocked and want to confirm, search for the user from a different account. If the profile appears on the second account but not the first, it indicates that your initial account has been blocked by the user.

click on the Unblock

If You Unblock Someone On Venmo Will They Know:

This means that when you unblock someone on Venmo, they won’t receive a notification or any indication that you have unblocked them.

If you notice any changes in your interactions with the unblocked person, such as their ability to send you payment requests or see your transactions, it’s important to address the issue directly with them and communicate your preferences.

Also, remember that unblocking someone doesn’t automatically restore your previous transaction history or payment preferences with that person. However, it allows you to freely interact and transact with them again on the Venmo platform.

How to Unblock Someone On Venmo:

You can easily unblock someone that you’ve previously blocked on Venmo from your account.

1. From Venmo Settings

Venmo users often by mistake can block accounts but can be easily unblocked too from the settings of the app.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Here are the guiding steps for you to follow and unblock someone on Venmo:

Step 1: Open the Venmo application.

Step 2: You’ve to click the three lines icon to get to the next page.

 click the three lines icon

Step 3: Scroll down the page and then need to click and open Settings.

 click and open Settings

Step 4: Next, click on Privacy.

click on Privacy

Step 5: You’ll see the Blocked Users option, tapping on it will show you the list of users you’ve blocked on Venmo.

Blocked Users

Step 6: Now, just tap on Blocked users.

Click on Blocked users venmo

Step 7: You’ll find the whole list of blocked users, from where click on the name of the profile that you want to unblock.

Step 8: You’ll need to click on the three dots icon that’s on the upper right corner of the screen.

upper right corner

Step 9: Next, click on the Unblock option.

click on the Unblock

Then confirm it to unblock the user.

2. Using Venmo Support

You can try using Venmo Support to unblock someone:

Step 1: First, search for “Venmo Support” on Google or visit www.venmo.com/support.

Step 2: After that, contact Venmo Support through the available channels such as email or phone.

Step 3: Next, explain your issue and request to unblock the specific user.

Step 4: Finally, take on what the support team asks to complete the unblocking process.

3. Contact Venmo Customer Support

You should contact Venmo Customer Support directly to unblock someone:

Step 1: First of all, open the Venmo app on your device.

Step 2: Then, go to the “Settings” or “Menu” option.

Step 3: Next, look for the “Contact Us” or “Customer Support” option.

Step 4: Finally, reach out to Venmo Customer Support and explain your situation, requesting assistance in unblocking the specific user.

What If you block someone on Venmo:

There are a few things you will notice when you block someone on Venmo.

Let’s see what are these:

1. Hidden from Their List

The first and foremost effect of blocking someone’s account on Venmo is that you’re hidden from their list.

Venmo doesn’t send notifications to users who are blocked by you. Therefore, when you block someone they won’t be able to directly know about it, but there are a few different outcomes of blocking someone on Venmo.

After you block a user, the app will automatically hide you from their list, and even searching for your profile won’t help them to find you. They will not find you on their list again until you unblock them.

2. He wouldn’t find you on the search

After you block someone on Venmo, they wouldn’t be able to see your profile. Even if they search for the account using the search box of the app, it wouldn’t show your profile.

When anyone deletes their own profile, it doesn’t show any profile picture, or profile name on the account, the account simply appears to be blank.

Therefore, they may not be able to understand that you’ve blocked them and can keep on thinking that you’ve deleted your profile. Moreover, the individual account that you’ve blocked on Venmo can no longer see any of your Venmo account information.

3. Not able to send and receive payments

When you block anyone from your profile, you will not be able to send or receive payments to the blocked user.

After you block someone, the app would restrict you from sending payments to that user. Even your account details will be hidden from the blocked profiles so that they cannot send you payments.

Only when you unblock them, you’ll be able to send and receive payments from the user again. If you try to send payments after you’ve blocked the user, it will be canceled.

Thus before you try to send and receive payments from someone, you should be sure that you’ve unblocked him or are not blocked, as blocking the user would decline any kind of transaction between you and him.

🔯 Would the other person know if you block Someone on Venmo?

If you block someone on Venmo, they would not be alerted nor receive any notifications for that. Rather the user wouldn’t be able to find your profile anymore on their list or using the search box.

Your profile picture and information will become blank and it will look as if the account has been closed by the owner. Most of the time when you block someone, they either think that your account has been deleted or you’re no longer on Venmo.

Thus, you should know that if you block someone they wouldn’t know about it, and neither will they get to know when you unblock the user later on. You can unblock someone only if the profile is still valid. When you unblock the profile, they won’t get notifications about it either but can find your profile again by searching it. 

🔯 How to Know if Someone Has Blocked you on Venmo?

To find out if someone has blocked you on Venmo or not, you need to first:

◘ Search for the user’s account on Venmo. Searching for the user’s account by using his profile name would help you know if the account is available for you to visit or not.

◘ If you find the account after searching, you can be sure that the user hasn’t blocked you on Venmo, but if you don’t find it you need to register a new account to further check it.

◘ To open a new Venmo account, you will need your email address and other details.

◘ If you don’t find the profile from the new account too, it would be clear that the user hasn’t blocked you but has deleted his own profile or is simply not available on Venmo. But if you find the profile, you can be sure that your previous account has been blocked by him.

You can use your new account to get in touch with the user and then convince him or her to unblock you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What happens when you block someone on Venmo?

When you block someone on Venmo, they are unable to send you payments or requests, and their profile will not appear in your search results or friends list.

2. How do I unblock someone on Venmo?

To unblock someone on Venmo, go to your profile settings, select “Privacy” and then select “Blocked Users”. From there, select the user you want to unblock and click “Unblock”.

3. Can I still see my transactions with someone I’ve blocked on Venmo?

You can still see your transactions with someone you’ve blocked on Venmo. However, you will not be able to interact with them on the app in any way.

4. What if I accidentally blocked someone on Venmo?

If you accidentally blocked someone on Venmo, you can easily unblock them by going to your profile settings, selecting “Privacy” and then selecting “Blocked Users”. From there, select the user you want to unblock and click “Unblock”.

5. Will unblocking someone on Venmo automatically restore our precious friendship?

Unblocking someone on Venmo will not automatically restore your previous friendship. However, it will allow you to interact with them on the app again if you choose to do so.

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