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How To Find Out Who Is Behind A Fake TikTok Account

By TechniqueHow Team

To find out if this is a fake TikTok account, you have to judge many factors such as the activities, way of handling the account, and fewer followers with a recent join date, then you can easily say, it’s a fake account.

The person with a “Fake” TikTok account usually makes spam subjects such as promoting spam links or subscriptions, and the follower count will look abnormal.

If someone created a fake account, then there are certain ways by which police can track accounts on TikTok.

How To Find Out Who Is Behind A Fake TikTok Account:

If you want to find out about a fake TikTok account then you can look up a few things.

Who Is Behind A Fake TikTok

Let’s check out the below points:

1. Seeing The Profile Stuff

The users with a genuine account post stuff related to their life, backgrounds, and experiences and mainly follow a style and design with a type of caption.


You will get a vibe of genuineness from such accounts. Whereas in the case of a Fake account, the first thing that will stick to your mind would be ‘random posts with multiple users’.

Either the profile will have the same posts and upload as some account or any random posts, one from this account and the next from another account. You won’t have any proper trend of caption or design in the upload.

2. If He Is Promoting Spam

A fake account mostly promotes spam activities.

They promote spam links and subscriptions such as the subscription of Netflix or Amazon Prime at a very low cost or selling clothes in the name of a trending business page.

This is a sign that you can count on.

3. Check Followers

A celebrity or famous business account will never have a low follower count. However, most of the fake accounts have low numbers of followers that too look abnormal.

Check Followers

Mostly they target users with a public account and majorly to new teens who desire more followers on TikTok. As on public accounts, they can easily keep an eye on the activities and copy them to look real.

Fake Account Finder: How To Spot A Fake Tiktok Account

You have to look at these things to spot a fake TikTok account:

1. Other Social Media Handles

Other Social Media Handles Linked with TikTok Profile

If you want to find out whether an account is fake or real on TikTok, you need to look out for some clues to find it. When a user is real or uses a real username, he must also have other social media handles linked with his TikTok profile.

Even if the username of his TikTok profile is related to his name, there is a good chance that he uses the same username on his Instagram and Twitter profiles too. You can search on Twitter and Instagram to check if there exists any profile on that name or not.

If you find accounts under the same username, then it’s clear that the user is real and uses a real account.

2. Real People might be using their Face

Another clue you can look for in finding out whether an account is real or fake is to see and check its posts and profile pictures. When an account is real then the user might use his real picture as the display picture.

Therefore, check if the user has his real picture as his profile picture or uses other fake pictures. Check his TikTok posts and videos. If you find that you can see real videos on his account instead of fake or song videos, it means that the account is real.

However, if you can’t find the user’s picture in the DP, or see the random video in the post there is a good chance that the account is fake. But you can’t be sure until you check it using the next clue too.

3. Huge Followers and Those are Also Real Faces

Huge Followers

When a profile on TikTok is real, the account will always have a significant number of followers. Even the followers are also real profiles with their display pictures and posts.

If you’re suspicious about an account being fake, you need to check his followers’ list and the followers’ account too. If you see that the user follows thousands of profiles that have random names and it has only a few followers, then it is a fake profile.

But if the account has a huge number of followers, then check the list of followers to see if those users are real or fake. If you find that the followers are real and have actual pictures and posts on their accounts, it means that the followers are not fake either.

4. Will Have Verified Badge on TikTok Profile

Will Have Verified

The last clue that you need to look for is the verified badge of TikTok. TikTok verifies the account only when its authenticity is proven. It would never verify an account without being one hundred percent sure that the account is real and is used by a real person.

You’ll never find the blue verified badge of TikTok on fake accounts. A large number of followers of any account doesn’t guarantee that it will get verified by TikTok unless its authenticity is proven. TikTok doesn’t look for your views or followers count to verify your account.

Although only the brand, companies, celebrities, and influencers get verified, you need to look to see if the account is verified or not. If you see that the account is verified, you can be one hundred percent sure that it’s a real account.

Why can’t I find someone on TikTok?

If you can’t find someone on TikTok, then the user may no longer be available under that username. There is also the possibility that you’ve been blocked by the user or you’ve blocked the user out of your account. Therefore check your block list on TikTok to see if you can find the account there. If you find it, unblock the user to follow him again on TikTok.


Spotting the person who is behind a fake TikTok account can be done by looking at some key factors. By analyzing their activities, and account management style, and checking for low follower counts all at once with a recent account creation date, can tell if it’s a fraudulent profile.

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    • Hello, Mr. Hamilton! You cannot pretend to be someone by using his DP. People use celeb DP on their profile but does not pretend to be them. There are some action to be taken if it is detected for impersonation or performing crime.

    • Hi, Dan! You can directly Google search the name and find all similar accounts and check if any profile matches your query. Also, please read through our whole article, we have explained how to look at such incidents. If the person may have blocked you, you can make a second account to find that ID or ask your friend to share his profile link from where he received messages.


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