How to Trace a Fake TikTok Account? – Who is Behind

By judging many factors such as the activities, by way of handling the account, and fewer followers with recent join date, anyone can easily say, it’s a fake account.

The person with a “Fake” TikTok account usually makes spam subjects such as promoting spam links or spam subscriptions, also the follower’s count will look abnormal.

If someone created a fake account, then there are certain ways by which police can track accounts on TikTok.

Apart from all these hints, with the help of an online location tracing tool– “Grabify. link tool“, one can surely trace a fake account.

In this article, you will know whether the particular TikTok account is fake or not, along with the tools to trace the fake account.

How Can You Tell if Someone Has a Fake TikTok?

By looking at the few signs and activities one can tell if the account is fake or not.

Let’s go through some of the doubtful activities and sign:

  1. Often, a fake account has a default profile photo, i.e., no that person’s, or same as the other account, a random internet photo, or rarely, no photo.
  2. Misspelling is another tactic used by fake accounts. An incorrectly written name is another common stratagem used to create a fake account on TikTok.
  3. No proper friends or contact in the follower’s list. You will find only the targeted accounts in the list, no friends or genuine contacts.
  4. Profile descriptions are usually with more promising words and same as another trending business account. As soon as you read the bio, you will get a feel of make-up things.
  5. Last, the uploads and posts would either be similar to some accounts or uneven with no proper style or design.

Apart from these low followers count, recent join dates, the addition of special characters, are also the common signs of a fake account.

How to Tell If It’s a Fake TikTok Account?

If you want to find out a fake TikTok account then you can look up a few things.


Let’s check out the below points:

1. Seeing at the Profile Stuff

The users with a genuine account post stuff related to their life, background, experience and majorly follow a style and design with a type of caption. You will get a vibe of genuineness from such accounts. Whereas in the case of a Fake account, the first thing that will stick to your mind would be ‘random posts with multiple users’.


Either the profile will have exactly the same posts and upload as some account or any random posts, one from this account and the next from another account. You won’t have any proper trend of caption or design in upload.

2. Promoting Spam

A fake account mostly promotes spam activities. They promote spam links and subscriptions such as the subscription of Netflix or Amazon prime at a very low cost or selling clothes in the name of a trending business page.

This is a sign that you can count in.

3. Check Followers

A celebrity or famous business account will never have low followers count. However, most of the fake accounts have low numbers of followers that too look abnormal.

Check Followers

Mostly they target users with a public account and majorly to new teens who desire more followers on TikTok. As on public account, they can easily keep eye on the activities and copy them to look real.

How To Trace Location of Fake TikTok User?

Tracing locations to catch a suspect has always been accurate and thrilling.

Let’s now learn to trace a fake TikTok user using his location:

1. Finding Country

A person operating a Fake TikTok account, will either add the name of some third country or will post every to anything related to one place and country. Thus, if any person is posting or say, promoting every smallest thing related to one particular place, then he surely belongs to that country. Because no one can depict the real emotions by just reading and collecting stuff from Google.

Grabify is an IP tracker tool, that helps to find and track the IP address of any person or TikTok user within just a few simple steps:

  1. Shorten long link
  2. Share the short link with another user
  3. Grab the IP address after the user clicks on your short link

Grabify IP Logger URL & Shortener works with some of the most advanced analytical techniques and helps the user with detailed statistical data and metadata. One can easily find out information about fake TikTok users or any other user’s IP address, location tracker (country, city).

It is an open user-friendly source.

Steps to Track an IP Address using Tool:

Step 1: Visit the official site: “Grabify IP Logger & URL Shortener.

Step 2: Enter a URL of the TikTok account on the search bar, that you want to track and tap on “Create URL”.


Step 3: In a while “Tracking & Logs” – Link Information, will be generated a new URL.


Step 4: From there, you have to copy the “Tracking code”, and come back to the home page and paste.


Step 5: Next, Enter the tracking code on the search bar and click on “Tracking Code” to see all the information captured.


The Bottom Lines:

This article just explained all the points that you have to check with to find out a fake TikTok profile or who is behind the profile. You can get the details above and also some steps to track this fake TikTok user.

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