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To track an Instagram profile to find out whether that Instagram profile is fake or not, you have to look into different things.

Normally a fake Instagram account will have a list of all work and not any personal branding on the profile rather it is used to sell products only.

To know if it is a fake Instagram profile, you might see the following & the followers list on the profile.

If the following list is larger than the followers of the Instagram profile then this might be a fake Instagram account.

If there are no personal photos of that person then it does not prove the authenticity of the profile.

There would be certain things on a real Instagram profile. You can spy on a few things to find out if the Instagram account is real.

Instagram Fake account Finder:

If you looking for one such tool that helps you to track Instagram accounts or detects fake account holder names, you should try this one.

1. Fake Instagram Finder

2. TrendHero

You can go with TrendHero which uses superior analytics for detecting similar influencers and filtering fraudulent profiles.

TrendHero for detecting fake accounts or shortlisting those profiles.

The trendHERO is free for one Account to try out as a trial and to use to find a fake account holder’s name.


Step 1: First, register on trendHERO ( for free with all of your details.

Step 2: On the navigation bar of the dashboard, tap on the My Lists Menu.

tap on the My Lists Menu

Step 3: At the top of the page, click on the drop-down menu and scroll down. Type your name in the blank box.

See all accounts

Step 4: Search for influencers. To do so, click on the Discovery menu and select a category out of 13 sub-categories.

Step 5: You will find a list of influencers. Select the ones that you want to add and click on the bookmark icon next on the left-hand side.

Step 6: You can always access it by selecting the My List option from the drop-down menu on the right-hand side.

That’s all you must follow to look into a fake Instagram account holder’s name.

3. FakeFind – Clean Fake Followers

FakeFind is a free and effective app that you can use on your Android device to find out whether an Instagram account is fake or real when an Instagram user follows you.

πŸ”— Link:

Step 1: First of all, install FakeFind on your mobile device.

install FakeFind

Step 2: Now log in with your credentials.

Step 3: Now, this app actually pushes notifications when someone follows you or you follow someone on Instagram.

Step 4: The app actually scans the images or the profile picture and other stuff like shared stories to determine whether the account is fake or not and push a final notification.

πŸ”― How To Know Who Made a Fake Instagram Account:

In identifying a fake Instagram account, the following and followers list on the Instagram account plays a huge role. Here are a few points discussed in order to find a fake Instagram account:

1. Compare the number of followers an Instagram user has and the posts, and comments shared by him/her. Provided that it is a fake account, you will get to see an unrealistic scenario.

2. A profile with 12K followers will unlikely have ten to fifteen Instagram posts. Instagram Accounts get purchased by the influencers.

3. As such, creating several accounts can be a money-making strategy for people. Instagram limits the number of following accounts to 7500, but it does not mean that all the profiles with 7500 followers are fake.

Follower counts of Instagram profiles might increase dramatically. There is a chance that the account is fake or the user gets followers from other Instagram Accounts that appear authentic apparently.

How To Track Location of The Person Behind Fake Account:

You can track someone’s location by making a trackable link using and sending it to the person. As their IP will get recorded when they open the link, you will know their location.

Step 1: Go to and shorten the link

First, you have to copy the link of a video or an article that you can send to the individual. Then go to on your web browser and paste the link you copied earlier into the text box you will find. Click on “Create URL” and then agree to the terms and conditions.

Click on create link

Step 2: Share the link

After clicking on “I Agree & Create URL”, a new page will appear; copy the shortened link which is next to “New URL”. You can do so by long pressing on the link and clicking on “Copy”. Go to Instagram, and in the DM section, find the fake account. Paste this link into the text box and send it as a message.

click on copy

Step 3: Wait for the link to be opened

After sharing the trackable, shortened link with them, all you can do is wait for them to open their DMs and click on the link. As soon as they open the link, their IP address will be recorded and can be easily checked by you.

Click on send

Step 4: View from Access link and Track IP address

Below the shortened URL, you will find the tracking link next to “Access Link”. Click on it, and you will be led to the page using which you can track the fake account holder.

Click on access link

You can see their IP and country location here, but if you want the specifics, you can use third-party apps to convert IP into location.

See all ip address

How to Find out the Email of a Fake Instagram account:

You can find out the email address associated with a fake Instagram account you may have created simply with the help of the Instagram login page. However, you need to at least have an inkling of the used email address for this method to work.

Step 1: Go to Login page on Instagram

You have to open your Instagram application. If you have just installed the app, you will be on the login page. If not, long press on your profile picture icon at the bottom left and click on “Add account” to reach the page.

Step 2: Click on ‘Forgot password’

On the login page, you will be asked to type in your username and password. Here, you will also find the “Forgot password?” option. You have to click on that, and you will be taken to a new page.

Click on 'Forgot password'

Step 3: Enter Email ID & Send login link

On the next page that will appear, you will be asked to type in your email address, phone number, or username so that you can access your account via a link that will be sent to you. Type in the email address over here and click on “Next”.

Enter Email ID & Send login link

Step 4: Will show ‘Sent’ or ‘No user found’

If there is any account related to that email address, a page will appear asking you to choose a way in which you can be sent the account access link.

Send code to email

If the fake account is not associated with this email address, an error will show in red saying “No user found”.

Not found in email

How to Tell if an Instagram account is Fake:

To identify an Instagram account you have to check many things like followers, the profile picture on the profile, and other stuff like Instagram stories.

If you want to check the profile then first you might look at the Age of that Instagram profile. A new profile with fewer details tends to come out fake.

If the profile is not personal or it is a company profile that tries to sell their products and there is no particular person visible or on the comments, it proves to be fake, not from real people then you might be sure that the profile may be a fake profile just to generate traffic for sales.

Well, it is not hard to track such profiles. These are some of the hints to know that it is fake.

1. Profile picture/bio Proves an Instagram Account standard

One way by which you can figure out whether an account is fake is by looking at the profile picture/ bio. Profile bio used by them looks fabricated or generic. You will likely find images of good-looking boys/girls to make the profile look appealing.

Profile picturebio Proves an Instagram Account standard

If you get a profile to have seemed like something else that may be either deleted or deactivated, find it right here.

2. Followers talks a lot about a Fake account

A fake Instagram profile will have a large following list than it has the followers on the profile. Fake accounts get created for following people or accounts that purchase followers. They likely follow a ton of people. They follow the maximum no of accounts. Such profiles may follow each other to look more authentic.

Followers talks a lot about a Fake account

3. Comments can really Reveal a fake Instagram account

If you come across accounts having thousands of followers but few comments or likes, they might be fake. Real followers will be keen on what they share. They will engage or interact with the accounts they follow.

Comments can really Reveal a fake Instagram account

πŸ”― How to Find Out if a Fake Account is Messaging You?

Do the following to find out if a fake Instagram account is messaging you or not:

1. Check their engagement to follower ratio with the DMPro app. If their engagement rate is lower than 1%, then there is a good chance that they are fake.

2. If their engagement rate is very high, then it could be a fake account.

3. Fake users use bots to get an excessive amount of super generic comments. Fake bots may send irrelevant DMs with different content like marketing and other things.

4. You can analyze their audience quality with some free IG Audit tools. Normal users won’t have a 100% real followers estimate.

So, if their audience quality is quite high, then there is a chance that they are fake.

πŸ”― Tool to Find Fake Instagram Accounts:

You can also try this:

β… . Open the Instagram fake profile finder on your device.

β…‘. Enter the Instagram Username onto the tool page.

β…’. This will show you if the account is fake depending on a few factors.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to Find Phone Number Behind an Instagram Account?

You can first check their profile to see if they have agreed to share their contacts, if yes, then you can get in touch with them. Use the Instagram DM or Message feature to have a good conversation with others and then take their number.

You can check the bio of the business account and have a link to their website. You can also get their number through their website links, which were mentioned in their bio.

You will not find anyone’s phone number from any personal or public account unless the user approves Instagram, and this can only be done on a business account. For personal accounts, you can use a third-party mobile number finder tool to find someone’s number.

2. Can Police Track Fake Instagram Accounts?

Yes, they can trace them by their IP address on their computer or internet connection which they used to create an account. The police can track them with their IP address. In addition to the IP address, they can track the details of the phone made from such a device. By tracking the IP address, they can take you to the exact home or phone where the account is being used.

3. How to find out if someone has a secret Instagram account?

Finding out if someone has a secret Instagram account is only possible if they have used their phone number to create the account, and you possess that phone number. If such is the case, you can simply sync your phone contacts with Instagram. As a result, you will see the secret account.

4. How to Find the Number behind an Instagram account?

To find the number, go to the login page and click on “Forgot password?”. A page will open as a result and you will be asked to type in your phone number or email address related to your Instagram account. Type in one of your phone numbers, if it takes you to a new tab, this is the correct phone number, if not, it will show “No user found”.

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