Instagram Fake Account Finder – Who Is Behind A Fake Account

To track an Instagram profile to find out whether that Instagram profile is fake or not, you have to look into different things.

Normally a fake Instagram account will have a list of all work and not any personal branding on the profile rather it is used to sell products only.

To know if it is a fake Instagram profile, you might see the following & the followers list on the profile.

If the following list is larger than the followers of the Instagram profile then this might be a fake Instagram account.

If there are no personal photos of that person then it does not prove the authenticity of the profile.

There would be certain things on a real Instagram profile. You can spy on a few things to find out if the Instagram account is real.

Instagram Fake account Finder:

If you looking for one such tool that helps you to track Instagram accounts or detects fake account holder names, you should try this one.

1. Fake Instagram Finder

🔴 How To Use:

Step 1: First, open the “Fake Instagram Finder” tool.

Step 2: Enter the desired account’s Instagram username into the search bar.

Step 3: The third step is to click the “Fake Check” button to start the search.

Step 4: Following the tool’s analysis of the account, a report indicating whether the account is fake or not will be displayed.

Step 5: If the account is fake, the tool will typically explain why it is fake, such as shady follower behavior, erratic posting patterns, or other telltale signs of fraud.

Step 6: If the tool determines that the account is legitimate and is not fake, it will let you know. It may also give you more details like the number of followers, posts, and engagement.

You can choose to follow the Instagram account or take other actions depending on the report provided by the tool.

2. TrendHero

You can go with TrendHero which uses superior analytics for detecting similar influencers and filtering fraudulent profiles.

TrendHero for detecting fake accounts or shortlisting those profiles.

The trendHERO is free for one Account to try out as a trial and to use to find a fake account holder’s name.


Step 1: First, register on trendHERO ( for free with all of your details.

Step 2: On the navigation bar of the dashboard, tap on the My Lists Menu.

tap on the My Lists Menu

Step 3: At the top of the page, click on the drop-down menu and scroll down. Type your name in the blank box.

See all accounts

Step 4: Search for influencers. To do so, click on the Discovery menu and select a category out of 13 sub-categories.

Step 5: You will find a list of influencers. Select the ones that you want to add and click on the bookmark icon next on the left-hand side.

Step 6: You can always access it by selecting the My List option from the drop-down menu on the right-hand side.

That’s all you must follow to look into a fake Instagram account holder’s name.

3. FakeFind – Clean Fake Followers

FakeFind is a free and effective app that you can use on your Android device to find out whether an Instagram account is fake or real when an Instagram user follows you.

🔗 Link:

Step 1: First of all, install FakeFind on your mobile device.

install FakeFind

Step 2: Now login with your credentials.

Step 3: Now, this app pushes notifications when someone follows you or you follow someone on Instagram.

Step 4: The app scans the images or the profile picture and other stuff like shared stories to determine whether the account is fake or not and push a final notification.

How To Know Who Is Behind a Fake Instagram Account:

Here are a few points discussed to find who is behind a fake Instagram account:

Look for clues in the account’s profile and activity:

💁🏽‍♂️ Does the account use a real name or a fake one?

💁🏽‍♂️ Does it have a profile picture that looks genuine or suspicious?

💁🏽‍♂️ Does the account have any posts or comments that suggest who the user might be or what their motivations are?

Use reverse image search tools to see if the profile picture or any other images associated with the account have been used elsewhere online. This can help you determine if the account is using a stolen identity or if the user has a history of creating fake accounts.

Check the account’s followers and followings to see if they are real people or other fake accounts. If the account’s network appears to be mostly fake or suspicious accounts, this can be a sign that the user is not who they claim to be.

Look for similarities or connections between the fake account and other accounts or online activity that you suspect may be related. This can help you build a case that the user is using multiple fake accounts to harass or deceive others.

Clues to look forUnderstandings
Use of a fake name or identityThe user may be trying to conceal their true identity or steal someone else’s identity.
An unusual number of followers or likesThe user may be using stock photos, stolen images, or altered images to create a false identity.
Lack of posts or personal informationThe user may be using the account for nefarious purposes and doesn’t want to reveal any personal details.
Unusual number of followers or likesThe user may have purchased followers or likes to make their account appear more legitimate.
Suspicious or spammy activityThe user may be using the account to engage in spam or other harmful activity.
Connections to other suspicious accounts or activityThe user may be using the account as part of a larger scheme to deceive or harm others.

⚠️ Report the account to Instagram and/or law enforcement if you believe that the user is engaging in illegal or harmful activity. They may have more tools and resources to help identify and track down the user.

How To Track Location of The Person Behind Fake Account:

You can track someone’s location by making a trackable link using and sending it to the person. As their IP will get recorded when they open the link, you will know their location.

Step 1: Go to and shorten the link

First, you have to copy the link of a video or an article that you can send to the individual. Then go to on your web browser and paste the link you copied earlier into the text box you will find. Click on “Create URL” and then agree to the terms and conditions.

Click on create link

Step 2: Share the link

After clicking on “I Agree & Create URL”, a new page will appear; copy the shortened link which is next to “New URL”. You can do so by long pressing on the link and clicking on “Copy”. Go to Instagram, and in the DM section, find the fake account. Paste this link into the text box and send it as a message.

click on copy

Step 3: Wait for the link to be opened

After sharing the trackable, shortened link with them, all you can do is wait for them to open their DMs and click on the link. As soon as they open the link, their IP address will be recorded and can be easily checked by you.

Click on send

Step 4: View from Access link and Track IP address

Below the shortened URL, you will find the tracking link next to “Access Link”. Click on it, and you will be led to the page using which you can track the fake account holder.

Click on access link

You can see their IP and country location here, but if you want the specifics, you can use third-party apps to convert IP into location.

See all ip address

How to Tell if an Instagram account is Fake:

To identify an Instagram account you have to check many things like followers, the profile picture on the profile, and other stuff like Instagram stories.

If you want to check the profile then first you might look at the Age of that Instagram profile. A new profile with fewer details tends to come out fake.

If the profile is not personal or it is a company profile that tries to sell their products and there is no particular person visible or on the comments, it proves to be fake, not from real people then you might be sure that the profile may be fake just to generate traffic for sales.

Well, it is not hard to track such profiles. These are some of the hints to know that it is fake.

1. Profile picture/bio Proves an Instagram Account standard

One way by which you can figure out whether an account is fake is by looking at the profile picture/ bio. Profile bio used by them looks fabricated or generic. You will likely find images of good-looking boys/girls to make the profile look appealing.

Profile picturebio Proves an Instagram Account standard

If you get a profile to have seemed like something else that may be either deleted or deactivated, find it right here.

2. Followers talks a lot about a Fake account

A fake Instagram profile will have a large following list than it has the followers on the profile. Fake accounts get created for following people or accounts that purchase followers. They likely follow a ton of people. They follow the maximum no of accounts. Such profiles may follow each other to look more authentic.

Followers talks a lot about a Fake account

3. Comments can really Reveal a fake Instagram account

If you come across accounts having thousands of followers but few comments or likes, they might be fake. Real followers will be keen on what they share. They will engage or interact with the accounts they follow.

Comments can really Reveal a fake Instagram account

💁🏽‍♂️ Other Tools to Find Fake Instagram Accounts:

You can also try this:

Ⅰ. Open the Instagram fake profile finder on your device.

Ⅱ. Enter the Instagram Username onto the tool page.

Ⅲ. This will show you if the account is fake depending on a few factors.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can a fake Instagram account be traced?

In some cases, it may be possible to trace a fake Instagram account, depending on the level of anonymity the user has created. Instagram may also have ways to detect and remove fake accounts.

2. How to find the real person behind a fake Instagram account?

It can be difficult to find the real person behind a fake Instagram account, especially if they have taken steps to protect their anonymity. However, if you have reason to believe that someone is using a fake account to harass or harm you, you can report the account to Instagram or take help from law enforcement.

3. Can anyone identify a fake account on Instagram?

Some fake Instagram accounts may be obvious, while others may be more difficult to identify. However, certain signs may indicate a fake account, such as a lack of posts or personal information, suspicious or spammy activity, or an unusual number of followers or likes.

4. Can police track fake Instagram accounts?

Yes, in some cases, police can track fake Instagram accounts if they have a legal reason to do so. However, this generally requires a court order or other legal process.

5. What is the punishment for a fake Instagram account?

The punishment for creating and using a fake Instagram account can vary depending on the severity of the offense and local laws. In some cases, it may be considered a form of identity theft or fraud, which can result in fines or even imprisonment.

6. Can you track the IP address of an Instagram account?

It may be possible to track the IP address of an Instagram account in certain circumstances, such as if the account has engaged in illegal activity. However, this generally requires a court order or other legal process.

7. Can I be tracked on Instagram?

Instagram may collect information about your location, device, and other activity for security and advertising purposes. However, this information is generally not shared with the public unless required by law.

8. How do you get rid of a fake Instagram account?

If you believe that someone has created a fake Instagram account using your name or personal information, you can report the account to Instagram. You may also be able to have the account removed by filing a copyright or trademark infringement claim.

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