Find Email Address From Facebook – Steps

Facebook has come a long way from just being the chatting app to the prominent medium of marketing to promote businesses. But connecting with intended users becomes a challenge as finding email addresses of all of them is quite a tough task to accomplish. To find the email ID from a Facebook user’s profile, try … Read more

Change Language Settings On Facebook – Steps

Facebook has more than 110 languages for its users in different countries. Although, it is now auto-set depending on your location. But if you wish to change it back to English then you can proceed with some steps. To change the language on Facebook, you just have to go ‘Language‘ settings option under ‘Settings & … Read more

Recover Permanently Deleted Messages on Facebook

Permanently deleted messages on Facebook can be recovered. If you’ve deleted some chats on Facebook you can recover them using different methods. Often messages or chats aren’t deleted but are stored in the archived section. Therefore you can try to get into the archived section of Messenger and then unarchive the hidden chats from there. … Read more

How to Connect Facebook to Twitter?

It’s possible to link your Twitter account with your Facebook. But there’s no one-tap option that you can take to link your Twitter account with Facebook. Facebook has a helpful option that enables the user to add social links to other social media platforms to link accounts. To link your Twitter account you have to … Read more