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If you see the profile picture that is locked then you can see the DP but that would not take your click on it to enlarge. If you want to download and save it on your PC then you can follow different methods in order to capture the locked profile picture from someone’s Facebook. Note that no automatic tools can download the Facebook profile picture that is locked.

Although, there are some ways to view the Facebook locked profile picture that you can do using the basic techniques.

To download the profile picture from a Facebook profile that is locked, you have to extract the profile picture URL using the chrome developer tool and you have to open it in a new tab and from there you can just download the profile picture. However, you can open the ‘mbasic mode of Facebook’ on mobile and the locked profile picture will be downloaded.

But, in both cases, you will get only a low-quality image and in order to get the full-size DP you have to send the person a friend request, and once he accepts that, you will be able to see the profile picture.

In this article, I will explain the methods in more detailed steps and this will help you execute the issue to download the Facebook locked profile picture.

Download Facebook Locked Profile Picture

If you want to download the Facebook user’s full-size profile picture without sending a friend request then you have another way that you can use by viewing the profile from old classic mode. You just have to make changes to the URL and this will be opened in that way to be able to download the image.

In that process, you have to do this from your mobile as it results best to show you the best resolution image. You just have to follow a few steps in order to download the Facebook profile picture of someone who has locked his/her profile.

To download that locked profile picture on Facebook,

  1. First of all, log in to your Facebook account from mobile.
  2. Then go to his profile whose profile picture you want to download.
  3. Next, the URL will look like:, and you have to turn that to: then open that.
  4. The profile will be opened in classic, just tap onto the picture & open in a new tab.Download locked profile picture
  5. Finally, you can tap into that and download that image on your device.

Note: The profile classic mode ( can also be opened from your Facebook for desktop or PC.

Send Him a Friend Request on Facebook

If you want to download the locked profile picture on Facebook then you have to add the person to your friend list and then view the profile picture by opening it in a new tab. If you see a Facebook profile is locked then you just have to add the person on the friend list and then you can easily access the profile picture and all other stuff on his profile.

To download the Facebook profile picture,

  1. First of all, you have to send the person a friend request on Facebook.add friend facebook
  2. Now, once the person accepts your request then you’re added to his friend list.
  3. Now, his profile picture is visible and you can right-click to download & save on on your device.

If you’re just friends with the person then not only the profile picture, you can access all the stuff shared on his profile and the previous profile pictures as well. As the tricks here will only unlock the current profile picture of the person but becoming a friend will unlock everything on his/her profile.

If you don’t want to be his friend to view locked profiles then you can just make a fake Facebook account and send a friend request. If you get follow button instead of Add friend then you first add a mutual friend of that person then the button will be visible as it is just a privacy reason.

Find the Profile picture URL and Download

You can view the profile picture on Facebook to download it on the device. You can use the chrome developer tool turned on to see the URLs on the Facebook profile and from there find the URL to the original image.

Now, note that if the person is not on your friend list then you will see only the smaller pixel URL, and otherwise if he is in you will definitely see the full-size URL to download that profile picture from that locked profile.

  • If you want to get to the chrome developer tool, just go to the Three vertical dots>>More Tools>>Developer Tools, and then it will be opened in HTML.developer tools chrome
  • You can use developer tools extension for your chrome and this will make your work easier and all you have to do is, enable the image source visibility.
  • Now once you go to anyone’s Facebook profile and move the cursor to the profile picture, it will display the image URL link, just tap on that and the profile picture will be opened into the new tab.

This happens even when the Facebook profile is locked.

Screenshots the Profile Picture to Save

Note that this is just an alternative and this is not exactly will fulfill what you’re looking for.

Another way is by taking screenshots of the profile picture that is visible on the DP in smaller pixels. You just have to use the screenshot feature of your device to download or save the profile picture. You can do it on your both devices either it’s a PC or a Mobile.

Note that you can do it without adding the person on friend and if the profile is even locked you have to take the screenshot and save it on your device.

The Bottom Lines:

This article explained the easiest ways that you can use to download & save the Facebook profile picture and you can do this just by following the steps mentioned above.

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