Clear Facebook / Messenger app cache on iPhone – 2021

If your smartphone is performing slow then you might have noticed that this is due to some apps which are creating those problems because of the cached files in it.

The most commonly used apps are considered to have the largest cache with it. Facebook app is one of them.
To skip this problem uninstalling the app is not a good choice. Instead, you can clear cache files of the Facebook app
Facebook is one of the craziest social sites. Almost 60% of people around the world are using Facebook & very much liked it.

Why not?… It is very easy to use and has all the required features just like sharing, messaging, calling, etc.

That is why Facebook users are increasing day by day and one of the main reasons is the Smartphone. But, it is needed sometimes to clear cache files to lose heavy load on smartphones.

💡 Tip: Facebook developed its Messenger and Facebook app for users to consume low data while using Facebook in the best possible way on both iPhone and Android.

Why should You Clear Facebook Cache?

There are multiple reasons to clear the cache of the Facebook app–

  1. If your phone is getting slow just find the Facebook app data storage. If it is huge then just free the space by clearing the cache.
  2. If the FB app stopped to load some images on Facebook and hangs too much then it may be due to the cache files.
  3. Clearing the cache of the Facebook app helps the app to perform better. Any problems created in this app due to the cache will be solved.

These are some of those problems which you may have solved by clearing the cache files.

Clear Facebook Cache Files on iPhone or iPad

The best way to clear the cache on Facebook for iOS is to delete the Facebook app and then reinstalling it again.
Just follow the steps to clear cache for the Facebook Messenger app on iPhone:

  1. First of all, go to: Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Now move to – Manage Storage on TOP.
  3. Select the Facebook Messenger App.
  4. Now tap on Delete Data for the App.
Note: Before deleting the app just find the ‘Documents & Data’ storage which shown in MB. If this app consumes a lot of space then only deleting the app will be helpful for you. To use the app, just install the app again.

Clear Facebook Cache Files on Android

Now, just follow these easy steps which are given below–

At first, go to your ‘settings’ option and click on it.


Then go to the ‘Application manager’ option and click on it.

Then find out the ‘Facebook’ app and click on it.

Then here you will see the ‘clear cache’ button. Then click on it.

facebook cache cleared

After clicking on that button your all Facebook cache files will be deleted in just a few seconds and you will get it as a cache free Facebook app. Hence, you will realize that your mobile phone will work faster than before.

🔥 Note: Once you have cleared the cached files, it will again start to consume the cache when you start to use it again. So, it is recommended to have the cache files cleared when you feel the getting slower of your smartphone. If you wish to clear cache for other apps (e.g. Facebook Messenger) then just choose the app from the list and follow the same method.

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