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Well, there are certain ways that can tell whether this Facebook account is fake or not. But, if you want to do it through any online tools then that can be done through the fake account checker tools.

You can also manually scan a Facebook profile to make sure if it’s real by seeing more private stuff on it.

If you want to find out whether a Facebook profile is fake or not, you have the best Facebook account checker apps that might help you to look for the reality of such a profile.

You just have to copy the URL of that Facebook profile and put it on the finder app then it’ll automatically run with some tests and show you the exact results.

If you’re aware of the Facebook settings and other stuff, you can do some tests to spot a fake Facebook account. That is the game of your intellect if you trying to capture the brain of the person who is behind that profile.

In this context, you have the best fake account finder tools and how to use those for recognizing a fake Facebook ID and actions that can be taken on such profiles.

Facebook Fake Account Finder

If you’re looking for some best fake account checkers use these.


Here are some of the fake account finders to automate the process: 

1. FAKE FB Extension – Fake Account Checker

This Fake FB profile finder on your chrome can find out all of the fake profiles.

To find out fake profiles from Facebook and applicable on all random profiles using English as their default language.

Outcome Results:
Analyzed 158 profiles that are already suspected to be fake and this tool performed well. The success rate is 91%. 

The extension works with the suspected behavior of people with a fake profile and lists them out on the fake profile list. If you want a special automatic fake profile check then this FAKE FB chrome extension should be on your list.

Fake FB chrome

To use this extension just follow the steps:

Step 1: Just install FAKE FB on your chrome.
Step 2: Now open a Facebook profile on your browser and click on the extension.
Step 3: On a simple pop-up, this will automatically show if the profile is ORIGINAL or Fake. 

2. FB Checker v2.9.0 – Facebook Fake Account Checker

FB Checker is a free Facebook fake account checker tool that finds similar images from the web and determines if the profile that is using that image is fake or not.

To check the profile if using fake pictures on the profile. This FB checker only analyzes the fake pictures if available online. 

Outcome Results:
We have analyzed over 103 profile pictures with this tool and the outcome is 73% accurate.

If you want to analyze automatically with the image search then go with this check, it’s free. You have to install this on your PC to use the features of this tool.

fb checker

To use FB checker follow the steps:

Step 1: Install this desktop software on your PC. 
Step 2: Now, run the test with a profile link. 
Step 3: This tool will automatically analyze the images used on the profile and show you the results if it’s fake

3. Reversee for iOS

Reversee‘ is an iOS app that helps to find out the other location of the image on the web.

To find the profile images if available anywhere else to know if the person is stealing someone’s image for that profile to show it as the original. 

Outcome Results:
Analyzed 54 random profile pictures and this tool able to provide accurate results 89% of the time.

Once you run the app on any image whether this is timeline photos or profile pictures, this tool will show you the other location of the same image and this confirms if the image is reused.

fake finder ios

To use the Reversee app just download it from the apple store and follow the steps:

Step 1: Install on your iPad or iPhone and browse the Facebook timeline or a suspected profile. 
Step 2: Now, for an image, tap on it and enable reverse image search through Yahoo or Google. 
Step 3: This tool will display all of the results to confirm if the account is fake and has used other people’s images.

4. Fake Account Checker for Facebook

Fake Account Checker is the open-source fake account finder that works on the profile picture and tracks the timeline activity of a person you suspect to be fake.

Fake Account Checker also depends on the same algorithm that detects similar images from the web. This Fake Account Checker tells you if the person is using someone else’s picture on his/her profile plus scans the timeline activity as well. 

Outcome Results:
With Fake Account Checker, have analyzed over the 600+ profiles and the success rate is 91%-95%.

Over the year Fake Account Checker got millions of installs and this is the most trusted app to find fake Facebook profiles.

To use Fake Account Checker, follow the steps:

Step 1: Install on your mobile and add a profile link.
Step 2: Wait, while the scan is running and the profile displayed with real-time results.
Step 3: Now, check the boxes that appear on the windows & confirm and you will see if this is a fake account.

Finding & Recognizing a Fake Facebook Account:

If you want to recognize a fake Facebook account then you have to find a few factors that will help you understand to know either this Facebook account is fake or not.

Not having an original DP on a Facebook profile does not mean that the profile is fake. Sometimes people who are actually the real profile holder don’t add the real images on their profile and this is very common that you don’t want to show yourself online when you feel unsafe.

Now to recognize a fake account you have to chat simultaneously with that person and ask for some personal questions that can only be answered by the original person if you know him well, but if he or she replies back.

Rather than checking with the Facebook fake account finders, you can try this method if you know the person very well and suspect of being a fake Facebook profile. 

How Can You Report a Fake Profile on Facebook?

If you want to know if there any fake ID exists on Facebook on your name then you can take action and find with these fake account finder tools.

You will find out all of the listed fake accounts in your name if you are doing this for yourself.

After you find all of the profiles then you don’t need to re-verify this as if it’s your picture that was added to the profile. Once you’re sure that the fake accounts opened in your name then you can inform or report to Facebook about what is happening there.

To inform Facebook about the fake profile just go to the Facebook help section and fill out the form and inform them about the fake account with the links to those profiles that you suspect to be fake and Facebook will take action on this after verifying the real details from you.

The Bottom Lines:

This article explained the best tools that you can use in order to find fake profiles. The final words on these fake account finders that don’t add any personal details i.e. login ID & password and all other credentials. If you have found a fake account with your name then you can report that to Facebook.

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