How to Create and Use a Facebook Avatar?

Your Quick Answer: To create and use a Facebook avatar, you have to follow a bit long process because you can choose each tiny detail of your face in your Avatar. In addition, it can be added to outfits, headwear, and accessories.  To get your own Facebook Avatars, you need first to get the latest … Read more

How To Create a Poll on Facebook?

Your Quick Answer:  To create a poll on Facebook, you cannot do it from a personal account or Facebook page, rather you can only create polls on Facebook groups. First, open Facebook and go to the ‘Groups’ section to create a poll. Open this section and go to the ‘Groups you manage’ section. Select one … Read more

How to Recover Suspended Facebook Account?

Your Quick Answer: To recover the suspended Facebook account, firstly, go and log in to your Facebook account. After, logging in, you will be asked to either submit an identity proof or enter the information asked related to your Facebook account, such as your date of birth, etc. Thereafter, set a new password and open … Read more