How To Read Unsent Messages On Messenger

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Messages can be unsent by the sender on Messenger but there’s no way you can directly read an unsent message.

If the receiver has turned on email notifications for messages, every time an incoming message is delivered, the receiver would get email notifications, from where the incoming messages can be read even if they’re later deleted by the sender.

You can also use different third-party applications like Notisave, FilterBox, and Notification History Log. These are the apps that record, manage and save every notification that you receive on your phone so that you don’t miss them to see later.

As soon as a new message enters your Messenger, these notification manager apps record and save the message from the notification bar. Therefore, even if the message is deleted from Messenger, later on, it remains saved in these notification manager apps from where you can read it.

These are the things you will face if you delete a conversation on Messenger.

🔯 Can you Undo Unsent Messages on Messenger?

If you want to get back your unsent messages on Messenger you can’t do that. Messenger doesn’t allow users to undo unsent messages.

After you send a message on Messenger, you’ll be able to remove it by deleting it for everyone. You need to hold the message that you want to undo and then click on Remove. It will provide you with two options, from which you need to click on Unsend and that particular message would be deleted from both the sender and the receiver.

Once you unsent it, you can’t get it back directly on Messenger, because the message has been deleted and removed permanently and unfortunately there’s no option provided by Messenger that can help you undo it. The receiver too won’t be able to see or read the message anymore on the chat screen as it is deleted for both sender and receiver.

[As Facebook treats like not keeping the deleted stuff on their server in order to decrease the load]

Apps to See Unsent Messages on Messenger:

Here are the best notification saver apps that store and save the notifications you receive on your mobile including all Messenger messages to read it later.

The top three notifications saver applications are listed below:

1. Notisave:

Notisave is a notification saver app that checks and saves all the notifications that you receive on your devices. Therefore, if you miss any notification, you will be able to see and read it from inside the Notisave app. The app, as soon as you receive any message on Messenger, records and saves it. Therefore, even if the sender deletes the message, you can still read it from the notification saved inside the Notisave app.

⭐️ Features:

The app is designed with some of the best features which are listed below:

◘ It has a simple interface that is easy to read and manage.

◘ It saves the notifications automatically that appear in the notification panel.

◘ Helps in keeping the notification panel clean.

◘ It auto searches for new notifications from all apps at once.

◘ Notisave supports social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, etc, and autosaves every status and message.

◘ You can reply to WhatsApp messages by using this app.

🔴 Steps To Use:

Step 1: Install the Notisave app from Google Play Store and then open it.

Notisave google store

Step 2: Grant the app permission to have access to your notifications.

Step 3: Once any notification is received on your phone, it will be immediately saved by the Notisave app so that you can view it by opening the app.

Step 4: On the main interface of Notisave, you’ll be able to see two different sections. One is Unread and another is Saved.

another is Saved

You can read all the unread notifications from the Unread section. You need to scroll and check for the saved notifications of Messenger and open it to read the deleted messages.

2. Notification History Log – for Android:

Another application that you can use is the Notification History Log which helps you keep track of all your notifications. It autosaves all the incoming notifications of every app. It has some advanced features to offer to its users so that users don’t miss out on any important notification or message.

⭐️ Features:

◘ The notifications history log helps in restoring all the deleted messages.

◘ You can easily manage the notifications by sorting them.

◘ You can see the notification history anywhere and anytime.

◘ It offers a bunch of themes to choose from that, make the app fancier.

◘ You’ll be able to use it for free or get yourself the premium version.

◘ You can export the notification list and history in a text file or excel file.

◘ You can block several apps whose notifications you want to ignore and put them on the blacklist.

◘ You can create backups of your notification data to restore them later.

◘ The app offers a separate section to view all the media files.

🔴 Steps To Use:

Step 1: You need to first install the app from Google Play Store and open it.

Step 2: You need to click on Enable Permission and grant access to the app.

 click on Enable Permission

Step 3: Click on Continue.

Click on Continue

Step 4: The app will start to operate on your device and track all your notifications.

Step 5: You can click on Advanced History.

click on Advanced History

On the Advanced History page, you’ll find all your notifications displayed. You need to look for Messenger and then click on it to read the messages that the sender has removed.

3. FilterBox:

You can also use the app named FilterBox which is a notification manager application that helps you in keeping track of every notification received on your device. The app records and stores all your message notifications, therefore, if any messages are deleted on Messenger, you can read them from the notifications saved by the FilterBox app.

⭐️ Features:

Its features are listed below:

◘ It offers a history where all the notifications are displayed following a timeline.

◘ You can customize your own filter rules to mute, or dismiss any notification.

◘ You can block the apps whose notifications you don’t want the app to save.

◘ You can recover and restore the last twenty notifications to your notification panel.

◘ It’s a password-protected app, which supports face unlock, passcode and fingerprint unlock.

🔴 Steps To Use:

Step 1: First of all, install the FilterBox app on your mobile.

After installation of the app, open the application on your device.

Step 2: You need to first provide permission to the app to access your notifications.

Step 3: You’ll need to click on ALL SET, START USING.

 click on All Set Start using

Step 4: On the main interface, you’ll be able to see all the incoming notifications.

Step 5: You need to click on the yellow Search icon ( magnifying glass) to search for Messenger.

magnifying glass

You’ll be displayed with all the saved notifications from Messenger. You can click on the saved notification to read the unsent messages.

🔯 How to See Messages that Someone else Deleted for Everyone:

If you want to read some incoming messages that someone has sent and then deleted, you can do it by reading them from the email (if available).

Facebook allows you to receive email notifications for messages too. Therefore, if you turn on the email notification from your account settings, you’ll be able to receive notifications for each time any incoming message is delivered to your Messenger account.

However, from the email notification, you’ll be able to know only about the incoming messages and not any part of the outgoing messages. Even if the sender deletes the message from everyone (both sender and receiver) and it disappears from your chat, you will be able to read it from the email notification that you received when the message got delivered to your account in the first place.

If you haven’t turned on email notification yet, here are the steps following which you can do it:

Step 1: Open the Facebook application.

Step 2: You’ll need to head on to the Settings and Privacy section of the application.

Settings and Privacy on facebook

Step 3: On the Settings and Privacy section, there’s the Notification option which you need to tap on.

Notification on facebook

Step 4: You need to scroll down the page to tap on Email.

email on facebook

Step 5: Next, click on Email Frequently.

click on Email Frequently

Step 6: Then click on All.

click on All

The Bottom Lines:

You can read the unsent message that has been deleted by the sender by reading it from the email notifications. There are other third-party applications available to install that track and record every notification and save it. The best of those apps are Notisave, FilterBox, and Notification History Log.

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