What Does Bump Mean on Facebook?

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Bump on Facebook means Being Up My Post. It’s an internet term that’s posted by users in the comments so that the important posts can be pointed out. 

If a post needs a little extra attention, it needs bumping. Bumping will increase the engagement of the post and will make it appear on the newsfeed of other users even if they don’t search for it. 

As more and more people comment BUMP on a Facebook post, the algorithm of Facebook gets to realize that the post is important and prioritize it. 

However, there are other ways to bump a post too. It can be done by liking and sharing. You need to like the post as well as share it for bumping it.

You can also share the link of the post to other social media platforms including Messenger so that it can reach more people.

Ask them to like, comment, and share the post to bump it more. After a post gets bumped enough, it moves to the top temporarily.

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What does Bump mean on Facebook?

For the ones who aren’t much familiar with social media words and slang, here’s the full form of Bump. It stands for Bring Up My Post. Usually, you’ll get to see this word in the comment section of some posts. It means increasing the engagement on the post so that it can be seen by many other Facebook users on their newsfeed. When you see BUMP in the comments of the post, it signifies that the engagement of the post needs to go up more. 

As more people comment on BUMP, it increases the chances to appear on the other’s feeds too. Facebook only prioritizes posts with higher engagement. When you comment BUMP, the algorithm thinks it is an important post and gets it circulated more. 

Therefore, if you think that any post is important then you can comment BUMP on the post to attract more eyes to the post. 

Usually, informative posts, some news, or any new fact that needs to go viral, requires more engagement. Therefore, people comment BUMP on these posts as they think it’s useful and needs to get spread among others too. 

By bumping the post, you’re ensuring that more people can see it. 

You can try some customizing tools to style your Facebook Post.

What does it mean when someone says bump on a post?

Users usually comment Bump on those posts which need to have a higher engagement rate so that they can reach more people. It’s done to make people understand that the posts need their attention. Even when someone comments a bump on the post, it’s also indirectly asking the other viewers of the posts to comment the same so that it can have a higher engagement rate.

Many aren’t familiar with the internet slang and Bump is one of those. It’s one of those comments that indicates moving the post to the top so that it can reach more audience. 

Normally, when you see Bump in the comments of a post, most of the time it’s followed by others posting the same comment. This word suggests that the post needs some extra attention and only a series of bumps in the comments can do that so that it gets higher on everyone’s feeds. 

How to Bump a post without Commenting?

If you want to bump a post without commenting BUMP on it, you’ll just need to increase its engagement manually by liking the post and then sharing it on your Facebook wall. You can also circulate it more by putting it on WhatsApp status or even by sharing it on Instagram’s story.

You can also share the link of the posts via your WhatsApp to other people on your contact to check it out. Once they check the post out, you can ask them to bump the post either by commenting BUMP on it or they can like and share it more with others so that it can keep on circulating and reaching more eyes. 

You can also share the link of the post to other users via Messenger so that they can check it out if they haven’t come across the post yet. The main point of bumping a post is to increase its engagement so that it can reach more and more people. 

You also need to like your own post so that you can give it some extra nudge and bump it that way.  

How to Bump a Post on Facebook & Does Bump work? 

Bumping a post to help it to reach more users is a very popular way to attract more eyes to a post. It’s usually done for group posts so that more people get to watch it in their feeds. It’s a very simple process.

You just need to comment Bump on the post and then post it. Seeing the comment would make others interested in reading the post as well as bumping it. You also need to like and share the post on your Facebook wall to boost its popularity apart from commenting on it.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Open the Facebook application and then log in to your account. 

Step 2: Next, if you want to upload a post in a group you need to search for the group and then post the material that you want to bump.

Step 3: But, you can also post it on your Facebook wall too.

Comment on a post

Step 4: After it’s done, you need to like the post and comment BUMP on it.

tab on send

Step 5: Next, click on the paper icon button to send the comment. 

Step 6: If you want to bump some other post that was uploaded by other users, you need to comment BUMP on it so that it can attract the eyes of other users too. 

write bump comment sms

Step 7: Seeing your comment, others would also do the same to make the post reach the top. 

Step 8: Yes, bumping does work in bringing a post to the attention of others so that it can be seen and shared by more people on Facebook. It will appear on the feed of the users and they don’t have to search for it separately once a post gets bumped. 

What Does Bump Mean on Facebook Messenger?

Bump mean on Messenger

On any social media platform, BUMP stands for Bring My Post Up. If you see the comment BUMP on a post, you’ll usually find that multiple users have commented BUMP on the post too. It’s a technique to move a post to the top by posting comments. 

This acronym has become very common these days as there are many posts on Facebook which are very informative and need extra attention than others. Therefore, to point out a post as important, it needs to be bumped. You can bump a post by commenting on it as well as put some effort into sharing it with others. As you are sharing the post, it’s helping more in bumping the post. 

However, only the posts that need to be bumped or are worth enough to bump, should be bumped for engagement. You should not comment BUMP on posts that aren’t helpful to the community at large. 

The Bottom Lines:

This BUMP on Facebook helps in increasing the engagement of a post so that more people can see it on their news feed. Informative and awareness posts are bumped so that they can reach others’ attention. When someone comments ‘Bump‘ on a post, it means that the post requires more attention and is also asking others to comment the same on the posts too.

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