How To Tell If Someone Deleted Their Instagram

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To find out if a person still exists on Instagram by the profile username is not that much correct as maybe the person has changed his username on Instagram.

In both cases, you would not find his profile on Instagram but that does not mean that the person blocked you or deactivated your profile.

From your Instagram profile bookmark list, if you suddenly see a profile showing some error to open, might be an issue with changing the username.

Maybe either the person has blocked you or deactivated his profile. The thing was really simple to find it out if the person really blocked you.

You would get the steps that you can apply to know if a person just deactivated the Instagram profile or blocked you on Instagram.

You may see the profile as Instagrammer or Instagram User (as it may be blocked or deactivated).

There are a few things you would notice when someone deactivates his Instagram.

How To Tell If Someone Deleted Their Instagram:

If you want to know whether you are blocked on Instagram, then you have to check with a few stages that get changed when someone blocks you on Instagram.

Let’s check out the indications that confirm if you’re blocked:

1. Instagram Account Status Checker

🔴 How To Use:

Step 1: First of all, open the Instagram Account Status Checker tool.

Step 2: Then, enter the username of the Instagram account you want to check.

Step 3: After that, click on the ‘Check If Deleted’ button. Now click on the link to ‘Continue’ and if the account is available, will be visible.

2. Find his profile

You have to check with settings like looking at the profile of the person whom you suspect either blocked your profile through an incognito window on your browser. If you are able to find him without an account then be sure that the person has blocked you on Instagram.

blocked on Instagram

Not being able to find him out does not mean the person is not available on Instagram and if you know the other people on his follower list whose profile is public, you can find him out by logging out of your profile. Once you figure out the person on the list, you won the game.

P.S. If you still can’t find the person on the list may be the person who blocked many users on Instagram, in that case, you have to find out the user from the direct message section on Instagram.

3. Look at Following List [IF HE Restricted YOU]

If the person has blocked you or he changed the username, in both cases you will not be able to view the posts they upload on Instagram.


Now, whenever you want to tag someone on an Instagram post you will notice, that it would not show the person’s name suggestions on the tag list. If you see the hashtags of the profile were used previously upon clicking on that, you will get an error message like ‘User Not Found‘.

Here you can read the detailed guide on what it means for ‘User Not Found’ on Instagram.

If you have any links to his post, that will be the only way to find him out.

Now, if the link says – the page isn’t available, be sure the person removed it or deleted his profile. People do this whenever they are trying to merge two Instagram accounts by reposting the stuff they had on the previous profile.

4. Check Shared Stuff

Another quickest check you can take is by spying on their other social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook profile. If the person has shared any stuff on there, get the link copied even if it’s a private account, and can find his profile.

Most probably if the person switched to a new Instagram, will add that account on the other social media platforms and be updated about that.

How to Know if Someone Deactivated Instagram Account:

You will notice these things below:

1. DP Goes Blank

Often when users deactivate their accounts, others mistakenly think that the person has blocked them. Here’s how you need to check whether the person has deactivated his account or not. You need to check for his profile picture on the chat section to see if it appears or not.

If you find that the messages are not there and you’re not able to see the display picture of the user, then the person has deactivated his Instagram account.

🔴 Check:

◘ Open the Instagram application. Make sure that you’re connected to a WiFi network or that your data connection is turned on.

◘ Next, you need to log in to your Instagram account. Click on the message icon from the homepage at the top right corner.

◘ Then you’ll be able to see the chat list of your account. You need to open the chat of the user and then check if the DP is showing or not.

 DP Goes Blank

◘ If it appears blank and gray, the user has deactivated the account.

2. Profile Shows User Not Found

You also need to check the profile page of the user by clicking on the username from the top of the chat screen to check if you’re able to see the stuff on the profile page or not. If it shows the message User Not Found on the profile page with a blank display picture icon and no posts it means that the user is no longer on Instagram.

As he has deactivated his account, so you’re unable to see the posts and display pictures that were earlier available on the profile.

🔴 Check:

◘ Open the Instagram application. Log in to your account.

◘ Then, go to the message section. Click and open the chat page of the user.

◘ Next, you need to click on the username to go to the profile page.

Profile Shows User Not Found

◘ Check if it says User Not Found or not.

3. Sent Messages Return Error & Fails

You can also send messages to the user to see if it fails to get sent or not. When you try to send messages to a deactivated account, it doesn’t get sent to the user as the account is no longer available to be sent. Instead, the text or picture fails to be sent showing error messages. Furthermore, when you’re blocked, you won’t be able to type to send messages to the user which is the prominent difference between blocked and deactivated accounts.

🔴 Check:

◘ Open the Instagram application after turning on the mobile data or connecting to a WiFi network.

◘ Then you need to log into your Instagram account. Next, you need to go to the chat section and then click on the chat to open the chat screen.

◘ Type the message in the message box. Then click on the send button to send it.

Sent Messages Return Error

If it shows an error message and fails to get sent, it means that the account is deactivated.

4. All His Posts You Saved Are Gone

You need to check the Saved section of Instagram to see if all the saved posts of the user are gone or not.

When someone deactivated his account, his posts or pictures are no longer available to be viewed on Instagram by others which is why you’ll find that all the posts that you’ve saved from the user’s profile previously are no longer available to see in the Saved section.

It will disappear without any kind of notification.

How to Tell if Someone Deleted Instagram or Blocked You:

If you want to find out whether someone has deactivated his profile or has blocked your Instagram then you have to check with a few techniques that will really figure out if you are blocked or if the person just deactivated his profile on Instagram.

Now in both cases, you will not be able to find the person from your Instagram account but if you just logged out of your profile and then from the profile URL of that person you would notice the person’s profile has blocked you rather not deactivate his profile.

Let’s find out through some indications that will also be helpful for you to get things out:

1. Check the Profile of that Person

First of all, you have to check with some basic level of investigation by checking the profile of the person who has blocked you or if you are just not sure if he has deleted his Instagram account, go to your Instagram account, copy the profile URL of that person and open his profile on the web or from your mobile device.

If the person has deleted or deactivated his profile, you would see a message ‘Sorry, that page isn’t available’, on the other hand, if you’re blocked you will see zero stuff on this profile showing a ‘no posts yet’ stamp with a ‘User Not Found’ error on that profile tab.

2. Verify with Filter of Changed Username

If the person has just changed his username on the Instagram profile, you would not be able to find out him with the previous URL. Now, if you’re just checking his profile on the basis of URL and wonder whether you’re blocked on not then look at the profile from your ‘Following’ list on your Instagram profile.

If you can find him out there on the list, you got this error because he changed the username of his account.

Now, if you can’t see him on the following list and can’t find his profile while logged out that means the person has deactivated his Instagram account. 

3. Look at the profile without an account

You have to check the profile from your desktop or mobile browser without an account to see whether this profile exists or not. Now, to find this Instagram profile just make sure you’re logged out and then copy the URL of the profile and open it on the browser.

Once you type & hit the URL to open and it shows the profile, which generally means neither he had deactivated nor changed his username rather the person blocked you on Instagram which is why you were not able to see him on Instagram.

profile available

On the contrary, if you can see the person’s profile says ‘Sorry, this page isn’t available’ then it’s clear that the person has deactivated his Instagram profile.

4. Finding out the hashtags

Another indication is that you can look for hashtags on Instagram. If you can find the profile through the hashtags it was using and once you see the page is not opening that means the person who blocked you just deleted his profile.

In both cases, you have to find out what exactly happened on your account, for this, you just have to take the hashtags link and open it from your friend’s profile or on an incognito window of your browser.

If you can see the posts with the hashtags available from your friend’s Instagram profile, means clearly the person has blocked you but if you can’t see the same hashtags when you are using a different account or your friend’s account that means the person has deactivated his profile.

If you see another profile with the same name that could mean the person has opened a new Instagram account, remember that Instagram does not allow you to merge between accounts.

5. Check your Saved list for Media

If you just had multiple posts of someone else on your Instagram account and looking for those ones but you see those are not available on your list, that means the person either has deleted the posts or just blocked you from Instagram that causing the removal of the posts of the person. 

Now if you just saved the bookmark of a post then you can try checking the post using that URL without an account and if you can see the post that means the person actually blocked you on Instagram which causes the removal of your saved post.

6. Ask your Friends to Investigate

The final solution is to check that profile from your friend’s account if you know a person who has mutual followers and you have to ask that person to send you the profile whom you suspect has blocked you.

Now if your friend can send you the link or can find out his profile that’s enough to understand the person who blocked you. That is why the profile was not openable from your account but your friend was able to find out and see all of the stuff he has on his profile.

deactivated Instagram Profile

But from your friend’s account if you can’t see the person that means he has deactivated or deleted his Instagram profile to confirm this just check with the previous filters to confirm what really happened and the ‘hashtag method’ actually does the job very well.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. If someone deleted their Instagram can you still see messages?

When somebody deletes their Instagram account, then the message in their chat history gets deleted permanently too.

You won’t be able to see the previous chats with them from your account and the user will not be able to get them back even after opening a new account as deletion of an account is a permanent action.

2. If someone deactivated their Instagram do you lose a follower?

Yes, if someone from your followers’ list deactivates their Instagram account, you’ll lose one follower for that. The account won’t be available on Instagram anymore and you won’t be able to find the account in the list of followers of your account.

If you see a decrease in your number of followers then it might be because someone has unfollowed you or deactivated their account.

3. If someone deactivates their Instagram, do their likes disappear?

Yes, after the account gets deactivated, all the likes of the account disappear from the posts too. You won’t be able to see the comments from the account on others’ posts either.

You won’t be able to see the user’s posts on Instagram anymore. It doesn’t leave any kind of notifications but just disappears all of a sudden.

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