How to Identify a Fake Account on Instagram?

Your Quick Answer:  To report and take action against a fake account, you’ll first need to screenshot it and then report the account by clicking on the three dots icon, clicking on Report, and then selecting ‘It’s a spam’. Next, you’ll need to get into the Settings of Instagram and then click on Help.  You’ll … Read more

Why Can’t You Follow People on Instagram?

Your Quick Answers: If you can’t follow the people on Instagram, then maybe the person might have kept his account “Private” because of which you cannot follow him. For this reason, you first have to send him a “Follow Request”. To send a “follow request” go to his/her Instagram account, hit the “Follow” button, and … Read more

How to Fix Instagram Stories Not Showing Up?

Your Quick Answer: The reason for Instagram stories not showing up can be, i. The Instagram server is not working, slow internet connection, Zero followings on your account, and uses of Music stickers.  To fix the issue, first of all, check the internet connection or connect to a fast network.  The second major setting you … Read more