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How To View Instagram Stories Anonymously In Airplane Mode

By Pranab Sen

✎ Key Points:

» Instagram stories are something that everyone shares & last for 24 hours. The main topic here to discuss is the story viewers list.
» When someone just added to his/her stories and you just viewed that then the person can see your name on the story viewers list.
» To view the Instagram stories without them knowing you can either do it from the app just by turning on the Airplane mode and seeing the story or you can use the story viewer tools to watch those anonymously.

How To View Instagram Stories Anonymously In Airplane Mode:

Follow the methods below:

1. Airplane Mode

This method, you can say is a trick that is more often used to view the stories on Instagram and this trick is played to become anonymous while watching the story.

This hides you from the story viewers list of that person if you have not opened the app still the story is expired.

Follow the step-by-step guide to read Instagram stories using airplane mode:

1. Open the Instagram app on your smartphone. (make sure you’re logged in)

2. Wait for seconds for all the available Instagram stories to load.

3. Turn on airplane mode.

4. Go back to the Instagram app to view the stories.

Now close the app and don’t open it until the story is removed after 24 hours of its stay.

This is an excellent way in order to view the story without getting caught by the person on Instagram.

The stories get pre-loaded on your phone. You can read them without using the internet.
Since the Aeroplane mode is on, Instagram won’t count your view.

2. Fake Instagram Account

This will not be so easy to find you unless they know the ways to find a fake Instagram account.

To stalk an Instagram account, you can create a fake Instagram account and send follow requests to the person to add them first. You can also use an automated tool to stalk an Instagram account.

These are the advantages of using Third-party apps like the Private Instagram viewer.

◘ The app does not keep logs of the profile that you will visit.

◘ The Instagram Viewer app does not store your password. None will ask you for it.

◘ The username also remains Secret.

Now if you want to spy on someone’s stories on Instagram,

1. You can just create a fake Instagram ID and see his/her stories from that account.

2. Instagram App allows you to sign in to multiple accounts within the same app, so this would not be so hard to do that.

3. If the account is private you just have to send the person a follow request to add her to your list moreover when the person uploads any stories you can just view those using that fake account, not the real one.

What is Instagram’s Airplane Mode Trick?

The Instagram airplane mode trick helps you view Instagram stories anonymously. You can even take screenshots of the stories when you’re viewing it in Airplane mode.

The trick is to open the Instagram application and then turn on airplane mode before clicking on any Instagram stories. After turning on airplane mode, click on the story that you like to see, your name won’t be recorded under the viewers’ list as your device is on airplane mode.

You can even screenshot any story you want when you’re viewing it in airplane mode. As your device is in airplane mode, none of these activities get updated on the Instagram server. You’ll need to uninstall the application before you turn off the airplane mode and then again reinstall it.

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