How To View Instagram Stories Without Them Knowing – Airplane mode

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Instagram stories are something that everyone shares & last for 24 hours. The main topic here to discuss is the story viewers list.

When someone just added to his/her stories and you just viewed that then the person can see your name on the story viewers list.

People tend to find ways to become anonymous while watching IG stories but Instagram finds an alternative to beat them as well.

To view the Instagram stories without them knowing you can either do it from the app just by turning on the Airplane mode and seeing the story or you can use the story viewer tools to watch those anonymously.

You can see the stories from your desktop, and using the chrome extension can help you a lot to be anonymous while watching the stories, the IG story viewer is the best extension in that case.

You can also follow this,

1️⃣ First, open any Instagram story viewer tool.

2️⃣ Now, put the story link there onto the tool page.

3️⃣ Finally, view the story as being totally anonymous.

🔯 What is Instagram’s Airplane Mode Trick?

Instagram airplane mode trick helps you view Instagram stories anonymously. You can even take screenshots of the stories when you’re viewing it on Airplane mode.

The trick is to open the Instagram application and then turn on airplane mode before clicking on any Instagram stories. After turning on airplane mode, click on the story that you like to see, your name won’t be recorded under the viewers’ list as your device is on airplane mode.

You can even screenshot any story you want when you’re viewing it on airplane mode. As your device is on airplane mode, none of these activities gets updated to the Instagram server. You’ll need to uninstall the application before you turn off the airplane mode and then again reinstall it.

To view the Instagram stories without them knowing using the app,

Step 1: First, install the Story Saver app and sign in with your Instagram account with this application.
Story Saver app

Step 2:: Now, open your dashboard on the app.

Step 3: You’ve to type the Instagram profile name in the search box.

Step 4: Next, tap on the Autosave updates button on the Story Saver app.

Step 5: Now, tap on the View button to view the Instagram stories privately. Finally, tap on the download button to download the Instagram stories.

That’s all you’ve to get the story on your mobile, then you can watch it without him knowing (the Instagram user).

How To View Instagram Stories Without Them Knowing:

Follow the methods below:

1. Instagram Story Viewer Tool Online

This story viewer tool can help you to view the stories without login and you can implement the tool for everyone who is on Instagram for more than a week.

There are many tools online to show you the stories of your friends even without them knowing that you’ve seen their stories.

The best one is StoriesDown Tool. StoriesDown is an online tool that asks you to enter the username of an Instagram account. It takes all recent updates posted by the user along with active stories and is provided in front of you.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

In order to use the StoriesDown, follow the simple steps:

Step 1: First of all, go to the StoriesDown Instagram story viewer tool.
storiesdown tool online

Step 2: Next, there a text box appears on the screen. Enter the Instagram username of a profile that you want to see the stories from.

Step 3: Now StoriesDown sends you Instagram stories and updates posted by the user.

Step 4: There are individual tabs for posts and stories. Tap on the Stories tab to watch Instagram stories, this time anonymously.

Step 5: It tells the time when the story got posted, just click on the link to download Instagram Story.

That’s all a few steps with the StoriesDown tool online.

2. Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously on Chrome

If you want to watch Instagram stories anonymously on the Chrome browser then you can do it using the Chrome IG Story extension. The Chrome IG Story can help you view your friend’s story directly from the browser. If you are an Instagram user, you will know that people sharing stories will be able to track who viewed their stories in normal mode. But, there are two or more browser extensions that allow you to take a look at the Instagram stories of your friends without letting them know about it.

What it does is, let you view the stories from your browser.

To use the Chrome IG Story extension to watch Instagram stories anonymously on Chrome,

Step 1: Firstly, head on to Chrome Web Store and install the Chrome IG Story extension.
chrome IG story extension

Step 2: There is an Add to Chrome button on the top-right corner of the screen. Click on the button.

Step 3: Once the extension is installed, there is an Eye-shaped icon in the story on your browser tab.

Step 4: Now, this enables anonymously viewing stories and allows you to watch Instagram stories without them knowing.

That’s all you’ve to do and these are the features of the chrome extension.

3. Airplane Mode for Viewing the Instagram Story

This method, you can say is a trick that is more often used to view the stories on Instagram and this trick is played to become anonymous while watching the story.

This actually hides you from the story viewers list of that person if you have not opened the app still the story is expired.

Follow the step-by-step guide to read Instagram stories using airplane mode:

1. Open the Instagram app on your smartphone. (make sure you’re logged in)

2. Wait for seconds for all the available Instagram stories to load.

3. Turn on airplane mode.

4. Go back to the Instagram app to view the stories.

Now close the app and don’t open it until the story is removed after 24 hours of its stay.

This is an excellent way in order to view the story without getting caught by the person on Instagram.

The stories get pre-loaded on your phone. You can read them without using the internet.
Since the Aeroplane mode is on, Instagram won’t count your view.

4. Fake Instagram Account to Stalk on Stories

This will not be so easy to find you unless they know the ways to find a fake Instagram account.

To stalk an Instagram account, you can create a fake Instagram account and send follow requests to the person to add them first. You can also use an automated tool to stalk an Instagram account.

These are the advantages of using Third-party apps like the Private Instagram viewer.

◘ The app does not keep logs of the profile that you will visit.

◘ The Instagram Viewer app does not store your password. None will ask you for it

◘ The username also remains Secret.

Now if you want to spy on someone’s stories on Instagram,

1. You can just create a fake Instagram ID and see his/her stories from that account.

2. Instagram App allows you to sign in to multiple accounts within the same app, so this would not be so hard to do that.

3. If the account is private you just have to send the person a follow request in order to add her to your list moreover when the person uploads any stories you can just view those using that fake account, not the real one.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to tell if someone is viewing Instagram stories via third-party tools?

When someone is using story viewer tools to view your Instagram stories, their account names won’t get added to the viewers’ list. You won’t be able to understand or find out who has viewed your Instagram stories via third-party applications as these websites or tools are completely anonymous.

However, you can know the names of the viewers who have viewed your story on Instagram.

To do that you need to click on your profile picture icon at the top left of the home page.
Then as the story appears, you’ll be able to click on the eye icon to see the viewers’ list.
Here on the viewers’ list, you’ll be able to see the names of the viewers who haven’t used any third-party apps to view your story.

To prevent other users from viewing your Instagram stories using third-party apps, you need to switch your profile to private mode or you can post the stories after making them for only friends from the privacy section. These third-party story viewer apps or tools can’t access private stories.

2. Sometimes Airplane Mode Story doesn’t Work – Why

Instagram preloads the story so that when you click on the story you’ll be able to view it even if you’re on airplane mode. If you don’t let Instagram preload the stories this technique won’t work.

Therefore, you need to make sure that when you open Instagram you’re connected to a stable data connection or a WiFi network so that Instagram can preload the stories to be viewed without WiFi or Mobile data. Before you click on the story that you want to view, you’ll need to have to turn on airplane mode so that your name doesn’t get added to the viewers’ list.

After turning off airplane mode if you view the story, the user won’t be able to know that you’ve viewed it as the Instagram server cannot update it because your device is on airplane mode. Make sure to uninstall the Instagram app before turning off airplane mode so that your activities don’t get updated on the Instagram server.

3. If I stalk Someone on Instagram will They Know:

Instagram doesn’t directly notify users when you stalk their profile. If you are worried about getting caught you shouldn’t be. You need to know that you can stalk people on Instagram and see their old reels and posts without them getting to know that you’ve been stalking them.

However, if you click on any existing stories of the user your name will get added to the viewers’ list. If your name gets added the user will be able to know that you’ve seen the existing story, but there’s no way that they can know if you were stalking his or her old posts or not.

When you’re stalking a person’s old posts and videos on Instagram, you should not by mistake like or comment on the posts otherwise the user will know that you’ve been stalking them.

You cannot stalk the private profiles unless you’re a follower of the profile but the public profiles can be stalked by anyone anytime.

4. If I stalk Someone on Instagram will I be Suggested:

If you stalk someone on Instagram you may be displayed as suggestions to them as Instagram makes suggestions and recommendations based on who you search for and other activities. But, this does not indicate to them that you’re spying on him/her.

Instagram makes suggestions and recommendations regarding whom to follow on Instagram. However, it doesn’t count your stalkers to be on the suggestion list.

Suggestions are also made based on the linked contacts. If you’ve uploaded your contact book on Instagram, it will show you the accounts linked with those contact numbers to present them to you as recommendations of accounts to follow.

Even it suggests accounts based on other accounts that you follow, like, or comment on. It even shows accounts that Instagram thinks you’re interested in.

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