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You might see some profiles as ‘User Not Found’ while you tap on the name from DM or from an old link. You can keep the profile URL on your bookmarks and if these are available, open the profiles.

The reasons behind this ‘User Not Found’ error are many i.e. if you misspell the username or if the profile is deactivated, you will see this error message on that profile.

Not only that, sometimes you may have seen the person whose account was banned by Instagram itself, shows this type of message to others whenever opens his profile on Instagram.

Usually, Instagram shows you the number of posts, followers, and following list even if the profile is private or without an account. But here would not see any post count on that profile and if so, what does that ‘User Not Found’ means!

What does it Mean for ‘User not Found’:

‘User Not Found’ gets displayed when someone either just deleted his Instagram profile or changed his username. That means, there is no profile with the URL on Instagram.

Also, in case he has just blocked you, you will see the same error.


If you’ve just changed your username or password and see such an error then look back to the search bar to search your username there.

Not found?… This error actually happens due to many reasons. Most probably, if Instagram has banned your account which is why you’re seeing your profile picture on the account along with the ‘User Not Found’ error, you need to request a review to Instagram to restore your access.

If you see the profile picture along with the ‘User Not Found’ error, be sure that the person has no access to his account for either Instagram blocked his account or he had just temporarily deactivated his Instagram.

Now, in a few cases, when a user gets banned by Instagram or disables the profile, you will still be able to see the old profile picture on DM.

Instagram User Not Found means Blocked or Deactivated?

If you see the ‘User Not Found’ error on your Instagram while you are trying to open someone’s profile then this can happen due to several reasons on your Instagram. If you just mistyped any username on Instagram to open someone’s profile, the same will be directed in the wrong direction that will show you the user not found.

Also, either the user just changed his username or just deleted his profile. In both cases, such an error happens while you’re trying to open his profile from your Instagram account.

Now let’s find out what are the reasons that create the problem ‘User Not Found’ issue on your Instagram:

1. User May have deleted His profile

The ‘User Not Found’ means the person is not accessible on Instagram from your profile. Now, this situation occurs whenever a person deletes his Instagram profile.

Here you can read the guide to find out if the person has deleted his Instagram account.

Let’s come to the point & talk about the ‘User Not Found’ issue:

First of all, you must be sure if a person has deleted his profile or not. If you can see his profile picture whenever you open his Instagram profile from your Instagram app or on the desktop then this might be a clear indication that the person either has blocked you or just removed his details from Instagram just by deactivating his account.

2. Maybe the person changed the Username

Now in another case, if the person just changed the username and you’ve the old profile link then this could show you this error.


You should know that the person will only be available only if he has not blocked you rather he just changed only the username of his Instagram profile, in this case, all of your likes and comments to his posts will be available and you will not be removed from his follower list.

3. You have Mistyped the Username

This is the most common error that you do by yourself by Mistyping the username of someone’s profile link.

Whenever you open your profile on your desktop try checking the URL correctly to open the exact link.

You can search the person from the followers or followings tab and then go to his profile.

4. User May have Disabled His Instagram

If the user has temporarily deactivated his Instagram account in that case you will see the profile picture on his name and the error message ‘User Not Found’.

When you see this type of message on someone’s Instagram profile then be sure that the person has deleted his Instagram profile rather he has blocked you if you find him from your friend’s profile the same.


5. Maybe Instagram Banned the Account for Spam

There is another reason that comes to that end showing ‘User Not Found’ if the person has excessively spammed on Instagram. In that case, Instagram will block his profile for a limited period of time or may ban his Instagram profile permanently.

The person is suspected on Instagram of violating any community standard guidelines that Instagram took action on that person by blocking his actions and the whole profile (sometimes for a temporary period of time).

If such a situation happens to someone you will see his profile under the error message ‘User Not Found’ and the fix to the problem is automatic. After a few days, you will see the profile again on Instagram after the ban is removed from the profile.

6. The page no longer exists

If you have just the link of the profile just type that on your mobile browser or desktop browser window without an account logged in and check what it shows for that link.

If you see an error message like this page isn’t available or the user does not exist then this is due to the link being broken as the person is not available on Instagram or just deleted his Instagram profile.

TIP: Whenever you see this kind of error first of all ‘Fact check’ the situation. If you see a profile has ‘User Not Found’ instead of the name but you can see the Follow button, and post count on the profile that means the user is tricking by changing his name to that error.

Instagram User not Found but Can See Profile Picture

If you want to fix the ‘User Not Found’ problem on your Instagram then you have to take a few steps to fix this issue from your Instagram account.

Many people have experienced that whenever they changed their username, their Instagram was automatically banned by mistake, or due to some policy violation on Instagram, the account got suspended temporarily.

But if you see the problem for other people, the same will be restored by Instagram itself at the request of that person.

The best fixes that might be helpful in restoring an Instagram account that shows as User Not Found:

1. Delete Third-party Apps

If you are using any third-party tools to automate your Instagram for your likes & post comments or for the follower list gain then this can be an issue of spam for which Instagram may ban your account permanently or for a temporary period.

To fix the touch issue in the future you have to delete all of such third-party apps that take your Instagram credentials to use your account by a bot automatically. It is recommended that you uninstall all of such third-party apps or don’t use any online tools to do any spam, to be safe on Instagram, and also to change your password to recover your account from this hack.

2. Wait for a Week

A few Instagram accounts get restored after a few days, and Instagram will automatically restore all of your access to the account to do all activity again. If you wait for a while like for a week, you can see the account access will be restored automatically.

When Instagram bans your account for a temporary period of time like 7 days, remember the time of blocking period of your account may be 7 days to a few weeks long, and the same is determined on the basis of the activity you have been doing on your account till the date.

3. Request a Review on Instagram

The final solution is, by contacting the Instagram team for a review request. If you’re supposed to be blocked by Instagram for spam or abuse and if you feel that was an error then you can request a review from the Instagram team, they can give your account back to you if they find out the problem is not serious, explain well if they ask for a clarification to restore your account on an urgent basis.


The Bottom Lines:

This article explained that this type of error could be the meaning of either the person who has blocked you or your Instagram banned your profile. In both cases, you have you can solve the issue by requesting the Instagram team to restore your account access if you feel that was in an error or if this is for a temporary period of time for your own account then you have to wait till the problem gets fixed automatically during that time.

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