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  1. To check the last seen of someone on Instagram using an online tracker, first of all, install the InstaOnline Last Seen Activity Tracker on your android or iOS device.
  2. Then put the username of the Instagram profile & search, you will find the most recent activities for that profile and the last posted time which is his last active time.
  3. If you want to track the online status or last seen time of someone on Instagram then you can check it through an Instagram app where Instagram allows you to do so, but that may not be visible to those people who hide it.
  4. If you are on Instagram and you want to check the last seen of your friend then you can find his online or last active status from the Direct messages section on your Instagram but you can see their last active status if they are on your inbox or made the status public.
  5. There are some apps that can do such things for you and show you who’s online on Instagram by checking into their activities on your Instagram profile.

Although, if you want to proceed with the direct steps then there are certain steps to check the last seen of an Instagram user.

This article will mention the best apps that will help you track the online status of someone else and you will also get to know how to get it done from the Instagram app itself.

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Best Instagram Last Seen Checker:

Let’s look at the features and the steps for these tools.

1. Instagram Last Seen Tracker

If you’re looking for a website that can tell if someone is online on Instagram or to see the last active time of a user then the Instagram direct message is the best way to do that. Now, if you want to view the status then you can visit the direct message URL from your PC, and then you can easily view them from the Instagram website after logging in.

The Instagram direct message is another feature that you can take advantage of in order to track the last seen time or online status of the person. There are some ways to track if someone is online on Instagram.

To track the person’s last seen you have to send the person a direct message (DM) and if the person views it and his online status public then you will be able to see his online last seen time or else if he is online.

⦿ Steps To Do:

To check the last active time from the PC,

  1. Firstly, make sure you’re logged in & open Instagram direct message section from your PC.
  2. Now, send the person a message and if the person’s online status is public, you will see the last active time.
instagram direct message last active time

You can view the last active time of someone and when he had viewed your messages from the Direct Message section on Instagram.

If the person had made his status public or he is on your follower’s list you can easily see his last seen time or last active time.

2. InstaOnline Last Seen Activity Tracker

InstaOnline Tracker app is the best last seen checker available to track the last active time of an Instagram user and this is done by tracking the ID and its posted stuff.

InstaOnline Last Seen Activity tracker works by using the Instagram username and then you can find the status or view the profile stuff, this app just tracks the last posted posts on the profile and from that, it gets the data of the last active time.

First, you just install the app and then just put the username of the profile, and then the app will look for the activity status for that Instagram profile.

⦿ Features:

You must know the other features of this app, these are some features of the apps below:

  • InstaOnline can track the profile using only the profile ID.
  • You can see the posts on the profile and the time it was posted.
  • This app can show you the activities for the public profile.

⦿ Steps To Do:

To track the last seen using this online tracker,

  • First of all, install the InstaOnline Last Seen Activity Tracker on your mobile.InstaOnline Last Seen Activity Tracker app
  • Then put the username of the Instagram profile and search.
  • Now this will display the posts and the date it was published.

Note that this app will show you the activities on that profile, and using that details you can find the last active time of that person.

3. Ins Tracker – Instagram Profile Tracker

Ins Tracker is another app that can tell you the last seen time someone seeing at the posts. You can just view the posts of an Instagram user and download the posts using this app.

Ins Tracker is able to track down an Instagram profile but it can also show & download the posts from any Instagram profile just by using the username of the profile. You can view the posts that someone publishes on your profile and using that tools you can even save them.

Now, in the case of online status, this app also works in that same way by seeing the last activity or posts and then getting the data in order to confirm when the person was last active. This only can be done if the person had made his profile public and the steps may not be accurate to see the last active time but a proof to say when other things are not present.

⦿ Features:

The features for the apps are:

  • This app can track the profile using the username and show you the posts.
  • The Ins-Tracker app can download the post from any Instagram profile.
  • Can only access the public profiles.

⦿ Steps To Do:

To track the Instagram profile,

  • First of all, you have to install the Ins Tracker app on your android device.Ins Tracker app
  • Then just add the username of the profile and find the profile of the person using it.
  • You can download the posts also if you want and this is an additional feature of this app.
infographic_Instagram Last Seen Checker

The Bottom Lines:

This article mentioned the different apps or tools that you can use in order to check the last seen of someone on Instagram and also to track the Instagram user if he is online.

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